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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 38


Episode 38

I realised that my hands were trembling but not in fear but in anger at what I would have done to Ben if he was standing before me and uttering that nonsense. I could feel the hatred I had for him rising the bile inside me. Who did he think he was just to waltz back in my life and expect to be treated like loyalty. Well he was in for a big shock because I would fight him to my last breath before I let him near my kids again even then my ghost would come back and haunt him for days without end. Before I blocked him I thought of going through his timeline to check what had rattled his nest. If you want to know people take a journey through their facebook timelines and you will see it all bared up. Few people I know have the decency of keeping their real life out of the fantasy of the social network. There was not much just some statuses hinting that these days he was always frustrated by some people. I laughed. It saved him right and atleast it made me strangely happy to realise that he didn't live a peaceful life like he wanted me to believe. Remember the ex's favourite quotes "hie am glad I left you. You never made me happy. " kkkkkk.
I decided to go further by going to Cathy's account through Ben's relationship status; married to Cindy Mbewe. It was all there. God I thank you because you will make the Hannah out of me by giving me Samuel and putting all the Peninahs to shame. another one read God you are never too late nor too early but just on time and I know in your time you will bless me. I laughed this time unable to stop myself. We were turning religious over night? It now made sense. Ben wanted to use my kids like pawns to take off the shame of so many years without children. These people who made fun of me without a second thought and laughed their ribs off at my distress. The bad news was they had opened my eyes and I was many things but not stupid. Immediately I blocked them both spoiling their chances of finding me unless they thought of using another account. By then I would be ready to take them head on. I was just buying time for them to knock themselves out with worry but one thing I knew they burnt the bridges long time ago for them to get back into my life.
The following morning I started making preparations to send the remaining stock of wrappers to my customer in Blantyre. I already explained my situation to him and he hoped I would be back to business before he runs out of stock. I didn't order any because I knew that I would be moving soon. I locked the shop and asked some boys to help me carry the bag. I went to Axa to send it then went to my landlady to hand back the shop keys. When I was done the sun was already up in the sky and burning really hot. I went home to start packing. I wanted to get done with my mum's stuff first before doing mine,it was nice because Beatrice was helping me. I didn't even had time to say goodbye to Peter. Part of me was sad but another was happy because goodbyes made me too emotional for my own liking.
One look at my mother made me realise all I wanted to know. She didn't want to go. I understood because Mrs Kamanga wouldn't take her return too nicely. She would give her hell and I could see through her eyes that she was terrified. I already discussed it with my Aunt, it was a silent joke we knew too well between us. She was to stay with my aunt until the coast was clear because that woman was determined to murder her in cold blood with her bare hands. That way I wasn't going to spend my whole life moowing over her because she would be in the safe and capable hands of my favourite Aunt. Blood is thicker than water because if it wasn't we would have left mum to mop her own mess.
I planned to stay for three weeks before going to Lilongwe to join Peter. I was excited because I would be close to Norah again. The last time I talked to her she had her baby boy named after the father Frank, such a cute baby from the pictures she had sent me. I was glad they were back together and he had accepted her the way she was. That atleast had taken the worry off my mind but still she said she suspected he was having an affair. Didn't she worry enough about taking the baby for a test the following month without him being another thorn in the fresh? Poor girl I couldn't wait to see her again and hear it all.
I finished packing and waited for tomorrow so we had to start off. Later in the evening we had a meeting and I thanked Janet and her husband for accommodating us in their humble abode. I know it's not fun fair to take care of people. Only God could be able to repay them with more blessings for the time and money they had spent on us especially footing my mum's hospital bills...

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