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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 39


Episode 39

we went back to Nkhatabay and I seriously wasn't looking forward to the gossip that awaited us their like a swarm of bees. Thanks to my mum for making us the centre of such unnecessary limelight. Am sure upon seeing my mum,they could wish to call Mrs Kamanga and watch the drama unfold. Ever heard of minding your own business? I don't think so. True to my thoughts, the moment we arrived at Aunt's place, wel my paternal Uncle Kondowe made an appearance to give my mother his piece of mind. It still echoes inside my head.
"You are a shameless b**** no wonder you killed my brother so that you should be left to sleep with the whole village, " he bellowed.
All the while I didn't want to get involved in this but the moment he dragged me into that conversation,well he set me off completely and made it my business.
"That's why Wangu can't even secure herself a man,like you she ain't done being the village bicycle. " His mistake. As if on auto pilot, I got up and stood in front of him, all the remaining respect I had for him vanished.
"who are you to judge? do you think you are better than all of us? who put you in charge of mankind or you are trying to play God? You pretend to be a happily married Christian yet you have infected half the girls in this village. You think the world is blind? sort out your own shit before you say somebody else's stinks." The way his mouth dropped in disbelief one could have thought he had run out of body fuel. I continued.
"Respect her for who she is and if you don't like that well am sorry but keep yourself inside your house until you learn to." All this time my mother kept a passive face while my Aunt was grinning with pride for putting this crazy man in his rightful place.
"Thank you for that but I tell you Wangu you will pay for this. Nobody talks to me like that and get away with it." I knew it was just the last few kicks of a dying horse. The moment he walked out of the door mum and aunt burst out laughing.
"For once I thought I was seeing the younger version of you,"my mum said to my aunt.
" Yeah I remember how I shouted at him when he came with his brother to pay your bride price. I wish we had a say in all those matters, all this couldn't have happened. Ofcourse Mr Kamanga could have still died but then you would have tested the best years with your true love." aunt replied.
"Enough of the past. I am going to prepare your room mum so I expect you to get out of that chair and take a bath."
"Can't I skip it today?" she asked with puppy eyes.
"I am not going to urgue with you, even Laurent knows better than trying that with me." I said jockingly and went out.
Aunt went to make tea. Tonga people love tea with a vengeance. They can take it any day and time even when the sun is scorchingly hot. I hummed to myself while changing the sheets on the bed. It felt good to be back even though I took pains at my uncle's words when he said am failing to secure my own man. Seriously I only have had two men in my life ;Ben and Peter and that wasn't so bad. Sod Ben off but Peter and I were now in good books and if things continued running smoothly I might agree when he pops the 'great question.'
Poor Wangu that man will never have enough courage to go against his mother as long as he continues behaving like a frightened school boy. I thought.
The week dragged by so quickly because I didn't have much to do. Somehow I couldn't wait to go to Lilongwe. I missed hearing Jennifer's latest gossip news inside Peter's family. I dreaded bumping into Peter's mum,I wasn't prepared for that doomsday. I was sure she could blame me for ruining Peter's picture perfect marriage if at all there was any. After a week at Aunt's place, I set off with Beatrice and Yamie to go to our house, we couldn't stay too long and at some point we had to go back. We went to do a spie's
job to make sure the coast was clear. A part of me didn't want to go but another one wanted to. It was called confronting one's fears and coming face to face with the devil himself. The sooner I got it done with the better. I was scared because as it was, mum had some questions to answer to Mr Kamanga's family. This couldn't have gone unnoticed no matter what.
We arrived at the house and it felt strange being there. We were like under watch and every now and then I kept glancing over my shoulder in case danger lurked in the shadows and jumped on me. Beatrice and Yamie went to unpack in their rooms while I was dusting the furniture. I was absorbed in my own thoughts before I was brought back by some loud voices which I realised were getting louder as the person got closer to the house.
" Did you think you were going to hide forever?. " She shouted as she banged on the door as if trying to take it down. I went to the window and saw through the curtains.
Well i was convinced we had cctv cameras in this village in form of people. She was standing there with a 5Litre gallon and a box of matches which she was waving as if it was a medallion.
Never have I seen such an angry woman before who seemed to have completely lost it...
to be continued...

Episode 39 continuation ...
I felt my legs turn to jelly as my stomach churned and threatened to topple me over. Her eyes were a mask of daggers of fire and she looked crazy enough to commit murder. There was no way I could have watched her set the house on fire again. What is wrong with black people? why do we think we can sort everything with violence?
I opened the door and stepped outside. I could feel her malice and hate clawing right under my skin.
"Where is your mother? " she asked me. Unless I was her fellow lunatic there was no way I could have given an honest answer to that question.
" I don't know." I replied with a tremor in my voice. She narrowed her eyes and looked in my face then said,"look I ain't here for games. Just tell me where she is because if you are hiding her in this house I will burn her to ashes in it without a second thought. "
" I don't know. I am not her bodyguard."
I could see that I was annoying her further but showing that I was frightened to the bone could have given her an added advantage.
"I am warning you child don't get involved in things that are not of your age. you see me and your sweet mother have scores to settle. I will not rest until I cause her the same pain she did to me and will enjoy every minute of it. I could have done that a long time ago but I now swear on my husband's grave that I will make her pay every inch of everything."
She was talking more to herself than to me.
"I told you already that I don't know where she is you can even go inside and look." I stepped aside to let her pass while Beatrice and Yamie sat on the verandah. The moment she stepped inside and started looking in the rooms, I took the keys from inside the door handle and locked it. She had the matches and the petrol but I knew she couldn't set the house on fire while inside unless she wanted to sign her own death warrant. I took out my phone and called one of the police officers who helped us when Peter's Mum sent people to set the house on fire. I explained to him hastily and told him that it was a matter of urgency because lives were at stake. He promised to be there in twenty minutes time. Excitement and fear coursed through my blood. I knew that I had just included myself in her black list and what she would do to me later would be best left to my imagination. She was inside banging the door as if to bring it down and shouting obscenities that made the devil look like a small baby.
The police came and took her. I hoped they locked her up and threw the keys in the ocean. People like her are a danger to society and they deserve to be kept away until they learnt their lessons.
When I told my Aunt what happened she said she wished she was there and teach the crazy woman a lesson she would take to her grave. I told her that she should do that if she wanted to join her in the police cell.
Days turned into weeks quickly than i had expected and I went to Lilongwe. This time I wanted to guard myself against any heartbreak even when men are said to be unpredictable. I wanted to go back to school and finish my course while that chance was still there. He had his job and I didn't want to forever be on the receiving end. I had plans of opening a boutique and employ somebody to do the job while I went to school. I didn't know how Peter was doing in helping his baby with Masozi. It was time I stepped in because I had to put to an end to this syndrome of abandoning babies. I knew how much it hurt to take care of a baby alone, accident or planned. I had plans to go there and see him myself with or without Peter's approval. I didn't want to be punished by God for being 'the other hard woman'. She was married yes but it had to come from her own mouth if she didn't want anything from him but the baby would definitely want something from his father. Hard feelings aside,we were both women and know better the sorrows of a fellow sister. I couldn't imagine the tantrums Peter's mother had thrown upon hearing news of the perfect bride she had chosen for her son. I was yet to find out...

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