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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 40


Episode 40

Sometimes we get lost in the maze of the essence of life when we tend to live at pleasing others. Unless we realize the real meaning of our lives it's when we will learn to bring out the best in ourselves and the people around us will also learn to respect and accept who we are.
The pieces to my life's puzzle seemed to be falling perfectly in place yet in a strange way I was feeling a yawning abyss inside me. I felt that it was all wrong,we were living like husband and wife when we weren't married yet. I know I had not done the right thing with Ben but this time my soul yearned to do things in a different way. There was no ring to show for it not even a bride price on my head. You may say I was too ambitious but formality is very important to every woman. Who don't want to see that dream of being a smilling bride walking down the aisle to the dismay and envy of many come true? I didn't want to sound nagging but enduring the agony of waiting day in and day out when he would finally pop ' the question ' was enough to drive me on the edge of my emotions. Peter didn't seem bothered by it, in fact he didn't think anything was amiss as long as we stayed together. It was the same terrible spirit of negligence that had landed him between the thighs of Masozi and who knows what other woman had shared his bed in my absence. I didn't blame him because he wasn't the problem. I was the problem since I was the one giving him all the privileges of a wife when he had not yet made me one. He was enjoying the fruits and I could imagine him boasting of it to his friends for not having to be tied down by a woman. I hope I didn't make myself sound emotional and desperate. If we wanted to make something out of this,we had to make it official this time or else all the efforts will be in vain. It had to be right before God as well as the law.
It was strange to settle down at first. Being a stranger in the house I had once familiarized myself with. He had a house boy who stared at me rudely on first meeting and I later told Peter that we won't be needing his services any more. It troubled my mind to let him be near my kids especially my Mandy. I have heard enough stories of house boys who raped children and I didn't want mine to walk that path as I had done thanks to that overzealous relative. The following day he received his money and marching orders. I insisted on moving to a new house because the house reeked of Masozi's presence and memories which pleased me not. I saw a house to let in the newspaper and contacted the owner who said it was in Area 18. This is one of those neighborhoods where your man is at risk of falling into another woman's lap. It's nice yes but one pays a price along with it. I cancelled it out immediately. I found another one in Area 10 and fall in love with it immediately. It was expensive 100,000 Kwacha a month but this serene and posh area was worthy every penny. I talked to Peter about it and we made arrangements with the landlord to see it the following day. I called Jennifer to accompany us. It was remarkable how close we had been to each other and talked almost about everything. From nappies to men. I came to realise that her marriage wasn't as rosey as I had percepted over the years. Mike couldn't satisfy her as much as she heard other women talk about. She had thought women exaggerated but later she found out that she had pretended all along and made a good job of convincing him. Poor man.
I was bored of sitting idle. Both kids went to school and Peter had said I had to wait for his friend to return from China to give me few business tips. I already knew that I wanted to open a boutique but he said I had to get proper training and become a good beautician. I didn't want spending my days on women's hair and nails and listen to their gossip of men and the endless havoc they bring into our tranquil lives. I wanted to sell clothes,shoes, bags and cosmetics.
It was a good thing when Jennifer told me that there was a vacancy at one of her father's friend's company. He owned a chain of Supermarkets Saka's Cash and Carry. They were in need of an assistant cashier. Somebody to supervise till operators. I didn't know if he was indeed her father's friend or there was more than the ordinary eye could see. I didn't care and this job sounded so boring but I was tired of lazying around, I ended up taking it.
The house was so beautiful beyond my expectations I gasped seeing it. I fall in love with the well tended garden. My feet seemed to dissappear in the carpet on the green grass. I felt the desire to remove my shoes and run happily. I knew the kids would love it too. The house was big. Four bedroomed and ensuite. Walking around the house made me feel guilty to think at the acute poverty swallowing people at the village. My mother was way better than others. Atleast we never went to bed hungry for that I was grateful to God. By the look on Peter's face I could see he fall for it too. He got a well paying job and we could afford it smile emoticon
We left after signing a rental agreement. On the drive home I couldn't stop chattering about what flowers I would plant in the garden.
My first day at work came quicker than I had expected. I just took my Cv to that branch's manager and he took me to my supervisor before he showed me around. My supervisor was a scary woman who throughout the introduction had a permanent scroll on her face. Her name was Miss Kapenga. She was in her forties and unmarried. I quickly understood the source of her misery ; she didn't have a man to vent out her frustrations on.
She introduced me to some of the people. Four girls who were till operators and would later meet four others who were on off day. They worked in shifts and had twenty staff members. I was put on a certain girl's till to supervise. Her name was Marble. She had pimples of ten people on her small oval face but she had a nice smile and was friendly. In a few minutes we were chatting like old friends. She told me to look out for girls who gave out more change to people and later shared it. They were least bothered with stock taking because a few tears and allowing the boss inside their skirts kept them on the job. I laughed out on the absurbity of it all.
We were in the thick of things. The queue was long and i was helping Marble packing.I heard a familiar voice.
I looked up and couldn't believe who I was seeing ...

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