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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 41


Episode 41

I didn't know whether to scream my head off or not but I wasn't happy to see Cindy. Her face was over made up as usual and almost patched to hide the dark circles around her eyes. She had lost weight over the years and her clothes seemed to hang on her small frame.
I mumbled my greetings to her but she didn't seem to be in a hurry to go.
"I looked all over for you but heard that you were in the village." she started.
" You were well informed. I had things to sort out there." I replied hoping that she got my drift and leave.
"somebody said you got ditched again," she gave out one of her loud laughs like a hyena that had people look in our direction.
"If you don't mind I have work to do. " I was trying so hard not to lose it.
" Work? you call this work? hmm let me tell you something,I have waited to give you some home truths. Stay away from me and my man you witch. I know what you did to me so that I shouldn't get pregnant. God will shame you till the day you die because He will give me a dozen." This drama queen though always trying to cause trouble.
"Which man are you talking about? don't tell me you are humming about my left over Ben?" If she wanted to play mean, I would give her the full dose.
It hit home,before I knew it she pushed me and I almost landed on my back making the contents of the customer's shopping bag that I was packing fly in all directions. I could hear ooh-aahs and a red switch inside my head turned on. I went full force on her and started beating the living day lights out of her. All the anger and frustrations I had harbored over the years came flooding back. This woman was the reason I had entangled myself in Ben problems. The vengeance spirit in me rose so high it felt like every blow,every slap gave me a breath of relief. In the background somebody called security and the next thing I realised was some big and powerful hands dragging me off her. I was panting like a bull dog while she was wailing like a well paid actress in a Nigerian movie. Her face was a river of blood, the nose and mouth being the source. Next time she would learn to keep her mouth shut. People were taking pictures, I was sure in no time they would flood the social media I prayed Peter wouldn't get hold of it yet. The security guard led us outside and I watched Cindy going into her Range Rover and drove off. It was a good thing she had a drive because in the state she was,she couldn't have been able to drive herself.
" Wangu Banda in my office now!" The manager bellowed behind me. I was so ashamed of myself for causing such a scene on my first day at work as I walked past people. Marble gave me a smile almost looking proud of me,she had heard every word and I could see that she couldn't wait to ask me for complete details.
Before I could even close the door of his office he started shouting.
" What you did is unreasonable and uncalled for. The media will be on our tails now thanks to you. Have you ever heard of self control? I don't think so ...You have just put me in an awkward situation with my boss for failing to control my overzealous junior who think is a wife to John Cena. Customers will be afraid to come here in case somebody will jump on them." He went on for the next twenty minutes. When he was done,he said " any questions?" as if he was doing an interview.
" I am sorry Sir." I managed to say.
" I won't torelate such behavior. Consider yourself dismissed until further notice. " I felt so useless standing before him. I had failed myself by losing the job I wanted so bad.I went out of the office and disappeared into the staff room to take my bag and change my clothes. There were some blood spluttered on my blouse. I went to clean my hands and splashed water on my face to calm myself down. I looked in the mirror and laughed. One day this could have happened because that girl was a fool to think she could talk to me anyhow. She didn't know I had grown wings over the years. I came out and went to Marble to say good bye. There were whispers behind me and I knew i was the hottest topic for the following weeks' gossip. We exchanged phone numbers with Marble and promised to call her for a chat at my house.
I stepped out of the Supermarket to catch a bus at the nearby bus terminal.As I walked past the car park I heard a voice.
" So you think you own the whole worldand beat people as you please?"
I froze in my tracks and looked at him. He had an evil smirk on his face and his eyes were a true reflection of the blazing pits of hell...

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