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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 43


Episode 43

If you can see the positive sides of everything, you will be able to live a much richer life than others - Celestine Chua.
I couldn't believe the stupidity of these people. Somebody just came and picked my kid from school at the expense of mere words that I sent them. Where was the seriousness of the school rules? why didn't they call me to verify? If something happened to my daughter, I swore on my father's grave that these people would pay dearly. I was standing there and she was looking at me as if I was crazy or something? let my daughter go missing for the rest of that day then they would know the crazy side of me. I didn't pass through those agonising nine months and an extra week for somebody to rip my baby off me. I started crying and telling her how irresponsible they were just to let people take kids just like that. I told her that I only had one brother and he was so far away he had never set his foot in Lilongwe. I went back to Peter and told him everything. We had to go to the headmaster's office but it was closed. We decided to go to the police station. All along tears were flowing down my cheeks and prayed for my baby's safety. She was my first born and the bond we shared was beyond imagination. She couldn't vanish just like that without somebody being behind it. A first thought came of Ben and in all the confusion of that day I realized that I didn't tell Peter what happened earlier that day. I decided to tell him starting from the incident with Cindy.
"You did what?" his voice vibrated in my ear almost making me jump.
"She started everything and I lost it before I knew it. Am really sorry love." I apologised.
"Now look what your foolishness has cost. You should really learn how to control your anger. How do you expect to find these guys.We don't know where to find them let alone their phone numbers." He was really mad at me and he kept banging on the dashboard with his left hand while driving. I remembered that I knew Ben's number by heart and could have said it in my sleep. But this wasn't a right to say that I might have fuelled his anger further. I took out my phone and dialled Ben's number but it was off. We drove to the police station and my eyes were puffy from so much crying.
We found a female officer on duty who kept on looking at Ben and flirting all the time I was giving out my statement. I could feel the urge to slap her hard. Couldn't she have some respect? I looked at Peter who seemed to enjoy the show then my voice dragged to let out a well timed and deliberate sob that saw Ben closer to me and gathered me in his arms. I saw the desperado rolling her eyes to the celling in irritation. I almost stifled a laugh.Well perhaps she could have my man one day but not in my presence. When she asked if I suspected any body to be behind it. I gave out Ben and Cindy's Names but no address. We left on a note that they would be investigating and will let us know on any new developments. This woman just wanted an excuse to have my man's number am sure she crossed out mine the moment we walked out of the door. I have never felt so empty in my life. It was like Amanda's absence created a void in my hole that couldn't be refilled. Laurent was hungry and he started crying. We hurried back home and Peter went to make him his baby food while I went to the bedroom and stared at the ceiling blankly and let the tears flow. It wasn't fair. I was here in a warm house and comfortable while my baby was there cold,alone and frightened with strange people around her. I didn't think she would recognize Ben.All the memories she had of him had faded long time ago. He had barely been there and she had forgotten him.
Oh God I don't know what to do please help me. I can't do this alone.Please keep her safe because if anything happens to her I will never forgive myself. I prayed silently.
That night I didn't sleep until the following morning.
Peter called his boss and explained the situation. He gave him one leave week leave. We took a bath and set off to meet all the people we knew for help if not for any information that might lead to finding my daughter. I was walking like a wounded soldier,anytime I was likely to drop off.
We went to see the town's worse thugs and Peter gave them money to tip us at any sight of Ben. By noon we were in the middle of town and exhausted with a baby who was crying restlessly. My mum called me and I wished I didn't speak to her. After all the pleasantries, she said," Mrs Kamanga was taken to Zomba Central Hospital upon confirmation of a psychiatrist that she wasn't mentally stable. " That was accompanied by a sarcastic laugh that irritated me so much I cut her call. When she called again I didn't pick up. I hate people who are happy at the misery of others. It's selfishness.
The second day my baby was nowhere to be found.
to be continued

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