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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 45 (Part b)


Episode 45 (Part B)

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of Them? -Abraham Lincoln
There was a look of triumph in Ben's eyes as if he had hit a jackpot. Who marvels at the pain and tears of others? Had he not cast me and his children out of his life like left overs? Okay. He had left me for another woman,I accepted it and moved on but do you also leave your children for new ones? I don't think so. If the incident with Cindy at the Supermarket was the one that had opened this can of worm,then Ben was a coward driven by the shadows of a woman. If they didn't have issues of not being able to have their own kids, it meant he wouldn't have any use for his kids.
"sweetheart take the kids to the car while I finish talking to this idiot. " I told Peter while unstrapping Laurent from my back. Upon seeing his sister he had yelped in delight.
"Not until the social worker is here. " Ben couldn't shut his trap.
"Sir can you let me do the talking. Leave your differences aside and let us talk," the officer said to Ben. Peter sat down again with the kids.
We all sat kept quite and let the officer talk. Ben was eying Peter from head to toe. This was the second time these two had been in one room. The hatred emanating from each of them filled the atmosphere.
"Mr Ben Mbewe here claims that he found this girl walking along the road all by herself ..."
"That is not true!" I shouted in interruption.
"You were not there when I found her so you know nothing. " Ben defended himself. Seriously this man was shameless.
"I know that the day she got missing, she was at school and somebody went to pick her up." I answered.
"That is not true. " Ben argued.
"Quite..." The officer said,then continued." You seem to have unresolved issues between you.perhaps you should take this matter to court."
" Not until the social worker comes here. " Ben said again. I began to wonder why he was so interested in this particular social worker.
"I think we should hear from Amanda what really happened. She is seven years old ,she can be able to say the truth. " I suggested.
"Not yet. that's your problem you don't treat her like a baby that she is.I found her and let me do the talking." Ben jumped in. Seriously he was beginning to get on my nerves.
"Let her explain. " The officer said to a disgruntled Ben. Just as I took Amanda to step forward to tell us her story,a young lady in high heels despite her long height strolled in. She didn't seem bothered by it.
" Good day everybody. Sorry am late I had to take care of some unfinished business." She spoke while sitting herself down. The look on Ben's face changed abruptly. He was smiling from ear to ear and couldn't wait to hear his saviour speak.
"Without wasting your time,I have a police order to restrain this woman here from getting near the girl basing on issues of parental negligence and psychological abuse" She spoke while handing some papers to the officer.
"Look here madam,you can't come here and produce these papers for all of us here to bown down to you." It was good for the officer to say that in time before ndinakaphula ngozi( I acted without thinking).
"Are you in anyway trying to interfere with my job officer? " She asked while pointing at him with a long red nail.
" Which police issued this?"
"It doesn't matter as long as it has a police stamp on it. This good father here is trying to take care of his daughter and you are trying to stop him." Now this was getting personal. I couldn't sit and continue watching.
"Which father? You mean this good for nothing man who knows nothing but planting a seed and disappearing for somebody to take care of his shit?" My question was directed to the lady. It was obvious she had been fed wrong information and her face was blank,she didn't know what to say anymore.
"Wangu I am warning you for the last time.I have as much right as you have into these children's lives..."
"Like hell you have! Do you think the world start moving at the snap of your fingers or what? " I was roaring like a wounded lioness that I actually was.
"This is not a fighting ground.Amanda tell us what happened." Peter who had been quite all along finally found his voice.
"Who is this thing here? You are talking on whose behalf you wretched thing? You think I am stupid because I let you take care of my children" I definitely thought this room had turned out into a battle dome to settle our personal scores.
I picked up Amanda and put her on my lap to tell her tale.
"Don't be afraid sweetheart. Mum is here and nobody will hurt you," I whispered in her ear assuringly.
"I...he.." she began. I saw Ben looking at her, passing a silent threat and frightening the life out of her with his intimidating look ...

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