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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 46


Episode 46

My sixth sense told me that there was more on the ground than the eye could see. Amanda buried her face in my chest. I didn't want to further subject my baby to his torturing. It's only people who are sick upstairs like him who frighten kids for their own selfish reasons.
" Officer you should excuse this man. He should go in the other room while we hear Amanda out." I said which made Ben almost to leap out of his chair in protest.
" That won't happen. I am the one who should say something here since am the one who found her." Am sure that sounded absurd even to his own ears. From the way Amanda clutched me,I sensed that as long as Ben was present, she wasn't free to talk.
"I then suggest either he gets out of this room and get this whole thing done with or we meet again in court. I am sure everybody here would like to see the report I have from Amanda's teacher as well as the video footage of the School's cctv cameras." The officer said and I wish you could have seen the look of total puzzle on Ben's face. It was clear there were loopholes in his seemingly perfect plan.
My heart got excited, I couldn't wait to see him getting what he deserved.
"Mr Ben Mbewe what evidence do you have for us to believe that you found Amanda alone and stranded because the school confirmed that she was in there until three o'clock in the afternoon?"
"I ...er...er not now. but I will call someone who knows who was with me at that particular time. "
"We don't have all the time in the whole world. Can we see the video officer?"
"Sure enough." The officer said rising to take the video.
"Wait officer. Can we do this tomorrow. I am rushing to pick up my wife she just texted me that she is not feeling." He tried to run away.
"Mr Mbewe give me one reason why I shouldn't lock you up in jail? " The officer had a serious face on him.
"maybe we should just hear what Amanda will say." The social worker suggested.
We all sat down and listened as Amanda narrated how Ben came to school to pick her up. He told her that he was her dad's friend and came to pick her up because Mummy was in the car and not feeling well. I pictured Amanda getting worried and hurrying to the strange car to see a sick me.
Then he had taken her to a strange house out of town and she met a woman who was not her mother. She had cried and begged to be taken home but they eventually made her sit in a room with lots of toys and food which she took days before touching. Ben had asked her if she remembered him as her dad but she had said she didn't to which he had threatened her that if she didn't remember then she won't ever see her mum again. The poor kid must have cried so hard at this. It hurts to remember all those days that I had felt so much pain thinking I would never see my baby again.
I comforted her and promised that she could take a few days off from school and would never go back to that school again.
"Mr Mbewe I will have to lock you up for being suspected of kidnapping your own daughter..You will be read your rights when your lawyer arrives"
"Officer wait ...." Ben pleaded but the officer didn't have any more time to waste. He handcuffed and led him away. Tears flowed down my cheeks. I was ashamed for letting myself in that wicked man's life enough to bore him two beautiful souls who meant the world to me. It was my daily prayer for God to make them have more of me inside them than that monster's part.
Later that evening we invited Mike and Joy with their kids for a party to celebrate Amanda's homecoming. It felt good to hear the sound of my own laughter. It felt like a century had gone since the last time I had been happy. I couldn't let her out of my sight until she slept in my arms and I went to tuck her in bed. A lump in my throat reminded me the love I had for my kids and later as I went to bed that night I thanked God for fighting my battles and scattering my enemy.
I had never had a more peaceful good night's sleep that day than I had ever have in my entire life. Motherhood had never felt any better smile emoticon
Thank you Africa for your support. I love you all.have a great night.

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