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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 47


The gold medals you see are not really made of gold, they are made of sweat,determination and precious alloys called guts.
My life revolved around taking very good care of my children. I didn't mind doing anything else than being involved in each and every one of their new activities. At their new school I made clear instructions not to allow anybody else apart from Peter and me to pick them up. They didn't have to go to a school where they would stay the whole day. Peter bought me a new car and all my transport issues were sorted out. I would pick them at 1:30 pm and we would spend the rest of the day playing and laughing. I wanted to shower them with the motherly love that I never enjoyed.
My heart was at ease with Ben on remand for the past month. He had been refused bail and I went to court to take a restraining order to stop him or his psycho wife from getting near me and the kids. The court hearing was set in the following month and my lawyers were updating me on the proceedings. I now slept better and had less nightmares. Who would have believed that I was now leading a peaceful and drama free life. Nothing could beat my new found happiness. The Manager at the Supermarket I was working before I was dismissed had called me to say they would have a displinary hearing and would require my presence. Whatever they would decide later wasn't of any interest to me. It wasn't like I was getting more money from it but I just wanted working experience.
I had just finished cleaning the kids' room when the security guard knocked on the door to tell me that there was somebody at the gate looking for a job as a gardener. Since the last gardener we had,left for his home village,I told him to bring the man to the house. I went to check on the rice in the kitchen then came back to the lounge to see the visitor. Something struck my heart sharply at his presence. Even though he now kept a beard and his hair was grey, I still recognized him anyway. I stood looted on the spot,all those memories flooding back into my head. Memories i had tried unsuccessfully to lock up. I used to have nightmares of his dirty and filthy hands on me back in time. There was no way in a thousand years I could have forgotten him. Aunt Grace's husband.This man was the reason I hated men,he was the reason I almost gave up on dating and he was the reason I found myself in the unfortunate arms of Ben. He had taken away my innocence just because he felt he could do so. I couldn't defend myself against his wickedness and the beast in him led him into raping me.
"Get out of my house now I don't ever want to see you here again!" I shouted which sounded as if it coulde raise my father from the grave.
He tried to apologize frantically for something he couldn't remember doing. It was a waste of time.
"Shut up and just go." I showed him the door. He almost knelt before me which disgusted me further.
" Did you help me when I cried that night you were raping me?" I asked him. There and then recognition of who I actually was dawned on him.
"I am sorry Madam. Forgive me." I waved my hand at him to keep quite but he didn't listen.
" Ever since I did that to you I have known no any peace. The guilt I have carried all along has made me lose everything I had in this life. It is like anything I touch is cursed. Everyday I see your crying face but I didn't know where to find you to apologize". The man was crying and sweating profusely but it did nothing to stop the pain buried deep inside me.
"I hope you die and rot in hell wicked man." I said mastering my last remaining patience not to slap his face. I called the security guard to lead him out. The moment the door closed, I rushed into our bedroom and threw myself on the bed,cried so hard I thought my heart would break. I had to let go of the anger and pain that had tortured me all these years. Rape can leave people scarred and scorched for life.
Eventually I fall asleep and I woke up from a tap on my shoulder. It was Peter, he came home earlier than usual.
"What's the time sweet? " I asked while giving him a kiss.
"It's around 3pm.I know am early but I had to come home at all cost. " He said looking so downcast I felt for him,leaving aside my own worries.
"what's it hun?" I asked hugging him close.
" I don't know how to say this but I received a call from the Police in Mwanza. Masozi was found murdered at a resthouse and the police found her phone. The call log showed that I was the last person she talked to."
My mind was moving like a whirlwind. If it was true why had he called her worse still without informing me. Not that he needed my permission to do that but not telling me meant something fishy which he didn't want me to know was happening.
Oh God not another police case on our hands ...

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