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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 48 (Part A)



Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it.
The following day we found ourselves driving from Lilongwe to Mwanza. I couldn't stop countless questions from clouding my mind. Yes Peter agreed having had talked to Masozi in the morning of the previous day regarding an issue of money that the baby Chris was sick and needed to be taken to the hospital then later mid way through the day its when he received a call from the police about Masozi's murder. I was so unconvinced of this justification because I wasn't there to overhear their conversation. Trust is a serious issue in every relationship and need to be handled with kid gloves. You will agree with me how many sleepless nights have we spent worrying ourselves to death what that partner of ours is doing with an ex. They may discuss innocent issues but if an ex is involved,well it calls for proper scrutiny.
If things didn't go well,it meant that Peter had to be in a police cell to allow room for proper investigations.
We arrived around mid day and proceeded to the police station in question. After we were directed to the CID officer,we left with him to Mwanza hospital morgue to identify the body. I was a bit nervous because I had never seen a corpes before at close range let alone identify one. Peter however, kept a passive and only once or twice I caught him crenching his jaws. It was a good decision to leave the kids with Joy and Mike while we came here because I didn't want my kids in the thick of these things.
I made sure that I followed behind them when we were entering the morgue with another person who worked there. It had an overpowering stench of chemicals and the temperature changed the moment we stepped inside. Here in this place was the unfathomable mystery of death where people came to reality of the demise of their loved ones when they were prepared and put in a coffin in readiness of their final resting place for their bodies. Giving mother earth what belonged to her. Suddenly I was taken aback by memories of my own father's death. Tears misted my eyes.
"Are you sure you want to see this?" The officer asked us to the suprise of me and Peter. He nodded and I did too. We proceeded until we came to a section which had a covered body on a big trolley. He stopped there and uncovered it. My heart jumped up to the roof, immediately I regretted seeing it. The body was badly butchered and the face was swollen almost beyond recognition. Some parts were bandaged to stop the blood from running everywhere.
"oh my God..."I said that over and over.
"It's Masozi." Peter finally spoke after what seemed like an eternity of silence. He turned to me and hugged me so tightly as he sobbed so hard.
"I wasn't nice to her Wangu yet she bore me a kid.My own son who I only saw in pictures. " I let him talk for a few more minutes before he calmed down and we left.
The officer suggested we go back to the station and he update us on latest developments on the case which happened before we arrived.
All the way I held on to Peter's hand,afraid of us and afraid of the impending unknown.
The officer led us into his office and we sat down as we waited for him to take out the case file.
"Well after we managed to locate where the deceased used to live. We found out through one of the neighbours and a close friend that she had been fighting for sometime with her husband. From her statement, it must have been because of the numerous lovers she used to entertain when the husband who is a cross border truck driver is away. She left the baby with this neighbour and went to the resthhouse with a man. The husband got wind of the news before he reached Mozambique and made a u-turn journey in haste. It was like he had put people to watch her every move. As expected he went to the resthouse and caught them red handed. A fight had erupted and the lover escaped leaving Masozi to face the wrath of her husband alone. She got more than her share of punishment from the deep knife wounds which had been found on her body. She was tied to the bed post and bled to death. The resthouse officials alerted the Police and she was already dead before the ambulance and the police arrived. Such a sick world we live in."
" Has the husband been found yet? " Peter asked.
"He is still at large because the company truck he drives was found parked along the road in the wee hours of this morning."
We still had a murderer roaming out there.
"Where is the baby now?" I asked.
"We are making processes of putting him in a Children's home but now he is still with the neighbour who is the only one putting up with his tantrums so far."
Peter went ahead to tell the officer that he was Chris' biological father and the circumstances that lead to their separate if not fortunate ways.
" Officer is it okay if we can take the baby with us?"Peter asked. Seriously my mouth was agape and it rather came unexpectedly.
"We still need to investigate this case even though you don't have a case to answer. Under normal circumstances you will have to apply for adoption because you were not legally married with the deceased even though your mother paid for her bride price but you never consented to it. I will allow you to see the child for now and immediately start processing for adoption that is if her immediate family won't have any objections "
We left to see Chris and Peter was so excited about it as if it wasn't a few minutes ago when he was grumpy.
He was a bubbly kid but one could see that he lacked proper care and needed to be well fed to fill the sunken cheeks. Am happy to say he was a younger version of Peter,a chip from the block...

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