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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 48 (Part B)



Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail - Ralph Waldo Emerson.
We waited while the neighbour bathed and dressed Chris. As she handed her to Peter,he let out a defeaning wail but still more we took him with us.
The moment we stepped outside,a strange woman almost run into us. Seriously I thought she was a random mad woman until she said,
"So you finally came you wicked man," to our bafflement.
"I don't think I know you." Peter said. The neighbour whispered to me that she was Masozi's mother. Never in my life did I dream of crossing her path.
" My child has died because of you.Your rejection and cruelty drove her straight into the arms of that beast. You should be ashamed of yourself because her blood is on your head. Oh Masozi if only you had come back home." She started crying and the neighbour led her inside the house. I felt sorry for her. Burying a child is considered abominable by nature and taking into the gruesome circumstances in which she died, was a bitter pill to swallow. Unlike me,Masozi had failed to accept that Peter didn't want her anymore. Walking away from him,she had wanted to prove him wrong by flinging herself at the next available Tom. Eventually she had looked for love in the wrong places with the wrong people in desperation to be loved and accepted.
We left for town and bought clothes,shoes as well as gloceries. Watching father and son playing was priceless. I was happy that he had finally got his kid and were bonding just fine. Chris in all his innocence, didn't know that he will never grow up to see his real mother. Life had it's own particular ways of doing things.
We went to leave him when we were done shopping. Peter gave the woman money for upkeep and some to help for Masozi's funeral. It was the last honourable thing he could have done for the mother of his child. The excited look on the woman's face gave her away that she had every intention of using Chris as a pawn to milk money from us. I would be a step ahead of her. Before she knew it, we would complete the adoption process and have him home with us.
He told her that in case of emergency she shouldn't hesitate to alert us. I guess she saw that as her ticket to riches.
On our way back to Lilongwe, I heard Peter talk about nothing but his son.
"Did you see how handsome my son is, he will break a few beautiful hearts when he is all grown up." I almost rolled my eyes in boredom. For once I felt jelous. I knew he was over excited and wanted to make up for the lost time as soon as possible but if not careful all his attention would divert to Chris alone forgetting that we all needed a portion of his attention. I hoped the coming of Chris won't destroy the beautiful family that we had and won't change the good man and father that he had always been. I wanted to raise this kid like my own but if he stepped in the picture and show favoritism then I won't fold my hands and watch.
We arrived in Lilongwe around midnight. I was beyond exhaustion and hungry. We decided to wait till morning to pick the kids up at Mike and Joy's place even though I missed my pumpkins so much.
I was not in the mood of cooking, so I went to the kitchen and start making noise with the pots busying myself as if I would cook. Peter called me to say I should go to bed and we will eat in the morning. Just what I wanted. We went to take a bath,after wards when I hit my head on the pillow I straight away drifted off to lala land.
I was awoken by the ringing of Peter's phone. He was not in bed. I called his name but he didn't respond. The phone continued ringing and it was impossible to go back to sleep. I was so annoyed. Who could it be calling at 6:03am? I decided to answer it. It was an unregistered number.
"Can I talk to Peter?" The person said when she realised that I wasn't the person she wanted to talk to.
"May I please know who I am talking to?" I asked as politely as possible.
"Don't ask me many questions. Just do your job. Some maids have the guts sure,"with that she hung up leaving me looking at the phone as if it could provide answers. What a way to start my day. It was impossible to get back to my beautiful slumber. I got up and started making the bed. Peter had a case to answer if he didn't want his day ruined just like mine.
I went to brush my teeth and came back to get dressed. All along I was trembling with rage. Just when I took his phone to have him explain, a message came through.
" Morning dear.I am at the hospital with my nephew, I need some money."
It was the same unregistered number...

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