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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 50



Dreams are...illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you- Marsha Norman.
I woke up with a headache that seemed to split my bed into two. I was in my bed but I had no idea how I got in it. I felt so sick and weak with a dry throat I was afraid it would crack any minute. The incident of the previous day came back to my mind. If I say I was embarrassed, its an understatement but I was mad at myself. Have I swooped so low to degrade myself at such level? I have never acted like a bad girl in my life and didn't know what sort of grey haired demon had possessed me. I knew Peter did wrong but getting drunk wasn't a perfect solution. I really felt awful.
I made an effort to get up but I ended up slumped back on the pillows.
Peter came in carrying a tray with a cup of coffee and slices of bread.
I couldn't look him in the eye. He smiled and I failed ashamed of myself.
"Somebody is really sick." He said while smiling. Perhaps I imagined our previous morning's row. He came beside the bed and carried me to the bathroom. He took off my night dress and soaked me in the warm water in the filled tub. I just wanted the earth to open up and swallow me.
"Babe am sorry. " It really took some effort for me to say those magic words. He just nodded and smiled at me. I had lots of questions as to how I came back home,I was in one piece and that meant the car was in perfect condition but where was it?
"Where are the kids?" I asked.
" Mandy will be bringing Laurent any time soon so you better hurry and get dressed. " He left me to finish bathing.
I didn't want to let my kids see me in any awkward situation. What if they saw me in a drunken state? seriously I will never forgive myself for such tomfoolery. What sort of a mother was I becoming into? what example was I setting to my children? I didn't deserve this man. After what I got myself into I didn't deserve his kindness.
I finished bathing and got dressed before the kids came. Wow they came rushing and threw themselves on the bed.
"Mummy, dad said we must not bother you because you are sick ,is it true?" Amanda asked me. This question just further reminded me that she was growing up and I had to behave myself. I looked at Peter who winked at me.
"I want ice cream. " Laurent said.
"You always want ice cream." Mandy said.
"Alright. let's have breakfast and this little man can have all the ice cream that he wants."
" Hun don't spoil him he will have all his teeth rotten. "
"...But mummy I brush my teeth every day." Laurent defended himself.
"I know sweetheart but too much ice cream ain't good for your health." I told him while picking him in my arms.
" Eish does that mean I will die?" Laurent said to which we all burst out laughing.
We made our way to the kitchen. I was feeling much better and I took asprin for my headache. I watched them having breakfast. My phone rung. It was the Manager at the Supermarket telling me that I had to report to work the following Monday. It was a Saturday and I only had Sunday to prepare myself. I was over the moon to get back to work but when I told Peter he flatly refused. . .
to be continued...
Do you think Peter was right or wrong stopping me from going back to work?

EPISODE 50..... Continuation
There was a moment of silence between us. I didn't know how best to answer Peter without sounding offensive. I didn't know what reasons he had to stop me from working again. Was it the same issue that happened with Cindy on my first day at work? but it wasn't like I would be fighting her everyday.
"Why do you say that?" I asked him. He sensed a brewing storm so he said to Amanda,"Go and watch cartoons when you are done eating. Me and mum will be back shortly. " He said taking my arm. We made it clear that no fighting around kids no matter how quickly angry words could speed out of our mouths.
We left for the bedroom and sat on the bed.
" Listen to me carefully. it's not like I don't want you to work but find another job not at the supermarket again." He spoke with that sort of aura that said 'I am the head of this family don't dare disobey me' which I found quite offensive.
" Why? I only worked there for a day and didn't give you any reason to doubt me perhaps except that unfortunate incident with Cindy which wasn't my doing." I responded my voice raising by the minute. I don't know why but the moment am offended I don't talk quitely,I shout from the roof top and tremble from the anger. That ain't normal sure.
"I don't like the combination of you and Marble. It's either you look for another job or don't get back to the Supermarket. "
I chuckled at his words.
"You cannot dictate who I befriend. Do I choose your friends for you and you quite have annoying friends who I could happily choke but I let you hang with them" This man wasn't serious. How the hell could he even think of that.
" The state of you and your so-called friends yesterday left alot to be desired from such friendship. If you are wise you will never be near them again. What sort of friends encourage a married person to stay out as late as 01AM."
" I am not married." That came out so suddenly before I could stop it and I regretted instantly.
" I know I am not your ideal man." He said.This argument tilted in a totally different angle.
" You know what. I no longer want to prolonge this conversation but neither you nor anybody else will stop me from taking that job" I spoke with finality.
" We shall see about that." He said then stormed out banging the door so hard it shook from its hinges.
I sat down and soothed my temples. This situation wasn't helping to ease the headache. I took out my phone and called Marble. She laughed so hard at hearing my voice.
" The state of you yesterday could make drunken master look like a walk in the grass. Girl you well crazy last night." She said and continued laughing.
" What did I do? I can't remember anything." I asked her.
" We went to a party last night in Area 47 near Chez Ntemba" She began and my hand ran to my mouth involuntarily. I didn't go to parties especially when alcohol is on the menu. She laughed again and continued, "You wanted to test every drink there and we stopped you before complete damage was done. You picked a row with another girl over a remark she made to you that you had to go to bed and leave people to drink in peace. You were about to start world war when we dragged you to the car and called Peter who came to pick you up. Am bringing your car in the afternoon. " I was short of words so I told her that we would talk when we meet later.
It was a moment of reflection,character stock taking. Maybe Peter was right these girls were bad company. Wasn't I big enough to take care of myself and avoid pressure?
No. I would go back to work and prove to myself that I could survive.
Monday came so quickly. Peter gave me 'the eye' as he watched me getting ready. I had to find a maid or else enroll the kids for extra lessons so that they knocked off at 5pm, that would be sorted out when I knock off.
On this first day I received a heroine's welcome. Many people patted me on the back congratulating me for putting Cindy in her place. The place was buzzing with laughter and warmth. I learnt that the stern female supervisor left. In her place was a bubbly young woman who I heard turned a blind eye to some unruly behavior. Marble was so happy to see me. We chatted for a long time until I was called to the Manager's office,it was unbelievable that we were together the previous day.
"Sit down Miss or Mrs?" Seriously this question irritated me beyond words.
"Just call me Wangu Banda after all that is what is on my CV" I said. He took out some documents for me to sign. It was a new contract form renewable annually and a letter of employment offer. I went through both documents carefully before signing. I was being offered net salary of Fourty Thousand Kwacha during the first three probatory months subject to change upon given confirmation letter. I was happy to earn my own money. Somebody could say it was peanuts but it was mine,my sweat and I earned every penny of it.
When we were done, I shook the manager's hand and turned to leave.
"Ain't I getting any appreciation from all this?" he asked. I stood rooted on the spot.
" ...but I have already thanked you. "
" Don't act like a child, make it exciting," He almost purred the last words. He got around his desk to where I stood,a little too closer for my comfort.
"I don't understand Sir." I said politely and stepped back.
"Come on now. let me show you some good time." He said as he put his hand around my waist. One look at the door made me duck towards it. It was locked. My heart thumped so hard in my chest I almost felt dizzy.
" Don't come near me or I will scream."
He gave out a sarcastic laugh that made me wish I could bash his head inside him.
" This room is sound proof,scream your lungs out and nobody will ever hear a whisper out there. "
I eyed him defiantly and knew that I would have to fight him to my last breath if I wanted to get out in one piece, even if he wasn't a match for my small flame.One thing I was determined of was that nobody would ever do anything to my body which was against me,my dignity, my womanhood. Once was enough and as long as I breathed nothing could prove me otherwise ...

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