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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 59



There was an awkward moment of silence as we all tried to make out what was happening.
"hello Wangu long time" Mike said to me trying to lighten the mood.
" hey Mike ...its good to see you again" I said and knew that I sounded awkward.
" baby meet my bro Peter and his woman,guys this is Marcy."
Mike made the introductions. 'baby'? so he was cheating on Joy? and how dare he introduce me as Peter's woman urgg he just made me look like i was his nanny. Maybe I was all along without even realising it. Marcy looked at me as if she had never seen me before.
" how can you bring her here when you knew mum is around?" Peter asked.It gave me the impression that he knew about his brother's side chick. These guys knew everything about each other and kept secrets. Remember how he said it was Mike who had gave Peter's number to Liz.
" Sorry bra I thought mother was home.We will be going soon,so where is she?"
"she just went out" I answered him.
He gave me the shopping bag they brought and I opened the bedside drawer and shoved them inside none too gently.
" Alright then we are off." he went over to Peter and hugged him then came to hug me too.He whispered in my ear.
" pretend you didn't see or hear all this." Then he smiled at me,took Marcy's hand and left. My eyes followed them out. I went to close the door behind them and sat on Peter's bedside.
" small world eeh?" I looked at Peter for an explaination.
" Don't accuse me of anything dear" he defended himself.
" How did they know each other?Peter come on you know that's not fair."
" That night you went to a party with the two rascals,Mike escorted me when I came to pick you up.They met but I didn't know he was serious about her. "
" It's not nice, Joy is a good person. I thought they loved each other." I said in disbelief.
" Honestly babes I didn't have an idea they were this hooked. Mum won't be happy to hear it so I suggest you keep your mouth shut and don't let it out to Joy. I dont want to cause world war."
I didn't answer him,I was lost in my own imagination. It wasn't nice to keep Joy in the dark about all this,what if it was in my case, couldnt she tell me? She had always been a good friend and was I to betray such trust? okay if I told her,what would her reaction be? would she confront him and say she had heard it from me. Even if I told her not to say she heard it from me,they will know anyway because among them all,I only could be the one to spill the beans. I was so confused as I recalled Mike's warning before he had left. I promised myself to talk to Marble so that she tell her twin to stop messing with Joy's marriage. What if she knew already? Twins don't keep secrets from each other.
I left with a clouded mind.
The following morning at work. When I arrived,I didn't waste time but called Marble aside and asked her.
I explained what I saw the previous day and she gasped in shock.I don't know whether it was real or pretense.
" You know how good Joy has been to me and I don't want her to suffer at the expense of another woman."
Her voice in reply was full of genuine concern.
"I didn't know she could scoop so low and date a married man.But how come she didn't tell me?" I truly felt sorry for her,she must have felt betrayed and left out by her twin. She took out her phone and called her.She put the call on loud speaker.
"Twin wanga"( my twin) Marcy answered jovially.
" Marcy what are you doing with Mike?" There were some silent seconds before Marcy answered.
" So Wangu couldn't afford to keep her mouth shut? I can imagine now the madam knows about her husband's side chick hahaha seriously I cant wait to meet her." How dare she make a joke out of something so serious.
" Marcy am warning you to leave him. I will tell Kelvin and let's see if he won't dump you." I sadly listened to their exchange.
" You will do me a favour,I don't know how to get rid of such a leech and...Please tell Wangu to stay out of my business." she laughed sarcastically and the line went dead. Here lay a complicated case that required the wisdom like the one God gave to Solomon.
They were twins but so different like the two sides of a coin.One so promiscuous and hopping from man to man. the other, living the life of a nun while awaiting for her betrothed from abroad.
She was so disappointed I went and hugged her.
" how could she? she even seem so happy about it." She complained.
"Don't worry am sure we will come up with something to stop her. " I wasn't sure what.
During the Saturday of that weekend,Joy called me.She was coming to take the kids to the Play centre.I gave her direction to the house and she came.Looking at her made me feel so guilty. What sort of a friend was I when I couldn't gather enough courage and tell her? If she knows later that I knew all along and didn't tell her,won't that be the end of our friendship? she could never trust me again.
My guilt was so acute I could taste it in my mouth. Amidst our chats she realised that I wasn't half listening to her.
" Wangu are you okay?" She asked me.I was taken aback and just nodded in acknowledgement.
"tell me what is wrong? You know you can always talk to me." That further saddened me.I was close to tears and felt like I could choke on my own words.
"Am fine,maybe just tired." I answered smiling slightly.
"Take it easy on yourself, I know you are worried about Peter but just believe that he will be fine.The whole family is grateful for your help.Your coming again into the picture has put off the strain from all of us.we can now say we hope for the best and thanks to you sweetheart." She was just too sweet.Nobody had uttered a simple word of gratitude to me not even Peter himself.
It wasn't fair on her but I didn't want to spoil the day for the fun anticipating kids.
" Joy I want to tell you something..." I began.

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