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Monday, August 3


Life without my husband chapter 82


Chapter 82

Me"Ngoku Zim wedding ntoza ntoza?" they were leaving for Cape Town tonight, well she was Thato and her family were staying longer. Thato"Kathy was your witness? you guys kunani usixelela?" she was giggling.  Zimkitha"Baby uyazi nawe, you both were going through somethings and my wedding didn't matter" I wanted to ask about Bukho but I opted to stay out of it andingeni ndawo. Me"Ngoku wena no Daddy kuhlalwa phi?" he was quite old, he was probably older than Mlungisi. Thato"Bukho yena? uthini ngabantwana" but obviously Thato wasn't me. Zimkitha"Tshomi yima ndikubalisele! I will never understand men andisayazi ngoku" she took out her phone and read a text. "I'll give you back your parental rights, mamela before you move to Paarl with him, before you introduce our children to him, before he touches you okay knowing you that part I shouldn't include but Zim before everything else. Ayazi umnyeni wakho my children are not looking for a replacement father! ndamdubula anye mna" I laughed the loudest. Thato"Hahaha Bukho is crazy!! hahaha imagine" Zimkitha was annoyed yena. Zimkitha"Uyadika Bukho and the craziest part, he told Bano to tell Sthembiso lento"  Thato and I were laughing . Thato"Ebezathi Kathy 'Haunted by your previous dick' hahaha ndamkhumbula kengoku" we ordered drinks and food . Me"Suqumba man hahaha! its not like Bukho owns a gun" I missed this being with these people, my people and they make me forget.  Thato"Yima wena! hayke Bonga's biological parents bandinyela hay kancinci! actually the father is just greatful ebona intombi yakhe, hence we decided to stay apha for Christmas. Izolo the mother calls me telling me abana kutya! where do I enter? no someone please tell me, 13 years yonke we raised Bonga never searched for them to ask for mali yokutya. Bonga wacenga tatakhe ke, now Cwenga took her grocery shopping" she was really annoyed nyani. Me"Are they still married?" they were not married, apparently Bonga's father married someone else and her mother yahlalisa has another child. Me"Bayeke wethu, this is for Bonga not her" I told them about the good times endlini yam. Zimkitha"Lonwabo ubuyile?" I honestly didn't know nam, but we were not sleeping together. Thato"Sindile yena Entle? she just accepted Lobsie breaking up with her? do you honestly believe that? " That's Thato for you. Me"I am not that dumb, and he left for Cape Town this morning kukho ingxaki endlini bathi ku qhekeziwe" We ate then left for Walmer, Zimkitha had a flight to catch.  Me"Ngoku New Year kuni?" we hugged.  Zimkitha"Yea, don't bring anything just yourselves" She hugged Thato. Me"Hahaha I cannot wait! tell Sthembiso less food more alcohol and andidlali" We said our goodbyes, I drove Thato to the Guest house . Thato"Ngoku did you tell them?" I ignored her. Thato"Kude kuthini Entle? kudala ndakwazi and I actually applaud you for not fighting this. You worked your ass off iminyaka eminitsi, let Lonwabo provide for his children naye" I got retrenched, not that I was hurt but I wasn't ready to stop working. Me"I cannot stand the thought of sitting at home and not doing anything" she laughed.  Thato"Then itya UIF yakho, spend time with your children" she got off the car. Thato"Or for once spoil yourself, do something you've always wanted to do. Stop trying to do whats best for everyone and be selfish for once, trust me its fun and you deserve to have fun"

Christmas Eve
My daughters and I were making supper, listening to John Legend. Viwe and Seth were playing Xbox and Lonwabo was working eroom(ini), Ntombi was telling us about Mihlali's father and how chilled he was. Me"Call him" I don't know if I was a cool mother or whatever but I wanted a relationship with my children and they had to know bangeza kum with anything. Ntombi"I am fine with just stalking him" Lonwabo laughed and we turned around to look at him. Lonwabo"Maradebe" he came to stand next to me. Ntombi"Don't kiss her at least not infront of us" Lonwabo and I but mostly me had this sexual tension, I just wanted to rip his clothes off but if we have sex that would mean we civil again and he doesn't the cookie not now. Une"Let a kid dish up and bounce" Lonwabo and I asked "uyaphi" at the sametime. Une"places but trust me ndizobuya" Lonwabo laughed.  Une"Yhuu Mama!!! you told him" I nodded. Lonwabo"Uyayazi andizovuma, but makaze yena ngomso"  Ntombi looked up "So Mihlali? Paarl? you know " I knew Lonwabo would decline. Me"If he wants to come" my phone vibrate, it was a text from Cwenga

"Think I should tell Thato what happened between us, dikiwe zi secrets.  I'll give you tonight, thetha no Lobsie"

Just like that

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