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Wednesday, August 5


Life without my husband Chapter 83


Chapter 83

Me"Khame ndiyeza" I took my phone and I went outside, I cannot stand threats . I called him and he answered after the first ring "Masinga qhelani" I said before he could say anything else. Me"Don't annoy me! not the day before kuzalwe uYesu!!! rha!" that time I was scared as hell but I told myself I wasn't about to let Cwenga ruin my life. Cwenga"What if they find out?" I was irritated . Me"Usuke ubeyi kaka yomntu sometimes! how will they find out? Do they even suspect anything? no ngoku yinto enye Cwenga?" I heard the door open "Friend I love you and listen, tell Bonga's biological mother all you want are boundaries and that might just fix everything. Now stop being an ass and focus on important things" Lonwabo stood next to me. Cwenga"Entle" I laughed again this time louder. Me"Sana! yeka lonto! Lonwabo ufuna eyakhe ifull meal, anyway I'll probably see you in Paarl ndizoku betha nge mpama " I hung up and looked at Lobsie. Me"Tata wants us to baby sit Mvaba hahaha" he smiled. Lonwabo"Hahaha asoze yakhala lantwana, Masambe" he held my hand sayangase motweni. Me"Siyapha?" he opened the door for me and I got in the car he closed the door, wajikela wavula kwelakhe icala waqhuba sahamba. Lonwabo"Ufuna siyephi?" I looked at what I was wearing. Me"Lets go back nditshintshe izihlangu" he laughed. Lonwabo"Been married to you long enough to know izihlangu kule moto" siyesaya eZanzibar. Lonwabo"Search for shoes aphemva, I'll be inside" he kissed me, waphuma emotweni. I found heels heels phantsi kwe mphahla ebootini, I wore them then locked the car. I sent Zimkitha a text "Think I will sleep with my husband tonight"

I won't lie it felt good to be out, although Lonwabo and I were part of the 20% endala ebantwaneni but I danced like a 20 year old while my husband sat and watched. The dj dropped Till the morning, I looked at Lonwabo and we both laughed. Me"Uyeva" he nodded, that was my song varsity days and he hated how I abused that song. We left Zanzibar around 12 and went to Patidos in New bright, I kept on looking at him.  Lonwabo"Having fun?" I nodded. Me"You know I'll eventually throw up as always" we both laughed.  Lonwabo"Its your car so yenza" There was no parking kugcwele everywhere. Lonwabo"Siphume or sithini?" I wanted to be with him but I was really tired. Me"Masigoduke, I miss my kids" I said whispering. Lonwabo"Nah tonight is about us, sobabona tomorrow let the aliens miss you for once" we got out of the car, we chilled with some guys he grew up with and their girlfriends who were Unekamva's age if not younger. Lonwabo"Uright?" I nodded. Me"Check your phone" I sent him a text 'I'm horny masambe'  he told his friends sahamba. Me"Hahaha I thought as much" we left for Kabega.

There is something about being drunk that motivates me, alcohol makes me kinky. I gave Lobsie head in the car! even I was shocked, he was enjoying it shoving my head while I gagged. When we got home we went straight to the room, I took off his shirt and he helped me take off my blouse. Me"Switch off the light" He kept quiet and stared at me for the longest time. Lonwabo"Entle" I started cryin, he took off my bra. I was trembling as he leaned down to kiss my collarbone, he moved to my scar and caressed it. Lonwabo"You are not your scars, ndakuthanda Entle and we wont make love in the dark" He wiped my tears. Lonwabo"Ndiyeke" I whispered "a.a"

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