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Thursday, August 6


Life without my husband Chapter 84



"Lonwabo" he didn't say anything just cuddled up behind me and I felt weird, I don't know why but it felt like I had just sold my soul to the devil. You know sex should bring you together but kum it just made me feel empty , suddenly everything that has ever happened to us crawled up nothing like before this time I just felt filthy. "I slept with Bukho" he slowly moved his hand away from my chest but I held it, he was trembling fuming with anger, every breathe he took was louder than the other "Cwenga walked in on us" He pulled his hand and got out of bed, I sat up looking at him as he paced around the room naked. Lonwabo"Nini?" I dont know why but for once, I was actually hurting Lonwabo and that felt good! A smile crept up on my face but I quickly changed to my polka face. Lonwabo"hamba before ndikonzakalise" I laughed so loud without any care of waking up the children which was very unlike me. Me"once Lonwabo" he came towards me and I flinched. Lonwabo"so that makes it fine? You fuck my best friend once and its fine! Thetha man" he dragged me out of the bed so fast I knocked my head against the door frame. Lonwabo"undenza isibhanxa mos! You… hey mani! Entle lale no Bukho?" I held my head and showed him the blood, he came towards me again I bumped my head because I was trying to move away from him. Me"You slept with Sindile" Last kicks of a dying horse. Lonwabo"I want the whole story or ndizoku betha unye Entle undicaphukele" I sat there staring at him, trying to think where do I start. Lonwabo"You cheated on me with Khaya remember? I forgave you, after that you slept with Lulama and I forgave you Entle! but my best friend … " he slapped me and I screamed. Me"sorry" He stood up. Lonwabo"This is what we do Entle! you fuck up I fix it, I fuck up and the whole world hates me! you slept with my best Friend! and you didn't even feel guilty about it!" he laughed "St Anthony" I nodded. Lonwabo"That wasn't my child" I nodded again. Lonwabo"You won, I am done with you"
Cwenga"She is my daughter" he randomly said, we were watching A Christmas Kiss those predictable Christmas movies. Me"Ubani?" he paused for a second, staring at me for the longest time. "Bonga" I laughed "Biological daughter Thato" I looked at him, waiting for the punchline kule joke but I guess I was the joke. Me"Njani?" thats all I could say, yet I wanted to grab a knife and stab him. Cwenga"One night stand that went wrong, it was way before you bendino Xoli that time. We were losing Athi and she didn't want Bonga, I could not let my daughter grow up like that " I switched off the tv and then went to switch off the lights. Me"I don't want to see you because uzondi hlanyisa! Who are those people" I stood next to the door listening to him. "She is Bonga's mother and Lunga is my cousin, Thato you were never going to accept her if buyazi inyani! and Entle overhead Lonwabo nam, that day at the hospital after Athi's funeral… She promised to keep my secret if I keep eyakhe" betrayal cuts deep, but its deeper when it comes from the people you love. Me"You threw Sisipho at me, I accepted and Cwenga you knew that was hard for me but I accepted her! You took Athi from me and I eventually forgave you dammit! Bonga that isn't fair! I lost my son and you saw that as an opportunity to get your way? You lied to me countless times and I gave you a chance to be honest nam! Azange Cwenga, I have never cheated on you, I have never not stroked your ego when you doubted yourself! every fucken day I cried because I couldn't give you a child and you took advantage Cwenga" my phone rang from a distance. Cwenga"They were there before you…" I grabbed the pot plant I put my hand on earlier and threw it at him I obviously missed because it was dark. "You could have told! you should have told me! your family treated me amasimba and I took it because I felt like less of a woman, I risked my life with Mvaba just to give you a heir ngoba ndakuthanda Cwenga! … You damaged me, took advantage of my weaknesses and you dragged everything I ever felt for you out of my system namhlanje" I switched on the light and I went to my phone which was ringing. Me"Hello" she gasped for air. Entle"I need you" this bitch is delusional. Me"I needed you 17 years ago" I threw the phone at Cwenga and took my car keys. Me"I am broken nguwe" I left him there. 
After he left I called Thato but judging by her answer Cwenga told her everything, I got up took shower and after that I took two adcodols "Is Ntombi mine?" I turned around looked at my crying husband. Lonwabo"Entle ndabuza!!!" Ntombi looks like him! Ntombi is the female version of Lonwabo hence the name Ntombikayise. Me"Really Lonwabo? I am not a whore" he laughed . Lonwabo"I want a DNA test!… Fuck Entle Bukho? " He was shouting louder now. Me"You were not there! everyone visited! everyone but you Lonwabo! Test them but I know and nawe yayazi they are your children" He was staring at me. Me"Its Christmas" I walked towards the door. Me"Cela uphuma" he opened the door not breaking eye contact, I walked out in the passage I could hear music coming from Seth's room, Une's lights were still off she can sleep through a Tsunami. The tv was on I knew Ntombi was awake and judging by the sobbing she heard everything. Me"Can I sit next to you?" she ignored me as expected . Me"I am listening" she laid her head on my lap. Ntombi"Taka Bano mama? he is my father? " I kissed her forehead. Me"Lonwabo is your father" I told her to trust me, adults fight all the time. Ntombi"Will we ever be normal?" She moved her head I noticed she was crying. Me"I pray so baby I really do" I kissed her forehead and excused myself, I had to call Bukho. He picked up after the second attempt of calling him, which I understood it was 04:50 am. Bukho"Hey" it felt like everything was falling apart and honestly it was about to get worse. Me"Lonwabo knows" I dropped the phone, I had at least warned him I sat on the stoep trying to figure out everything but I had no answers. My message tone interrupted my brainstorming or whatever I was attempting. "You deserve better, I always tell you this and maybe this is a sign. I don't regret what we did, I know awundithandi not the way endifunayo mna but I am willing to make you mine" I looked up and Lonwabo stood there. Lonwabo"We are leaving" Seth and Ntombi followed behind him. Me"Don't use them to win our fight! thats unfair Lonwabo" Seth walked pass me holding Ntombi's hand. Me"Lonwabo abantwana bam!!!" He got in the car and left, I ran behind it until I couldn't. Me"Lonwabo" I just sat on the drive away and cried because at that very moment, everything I ever loved just slipped right out of my hands and all I could do was watch.
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