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Friday, August 7


Life without my husband Chapter 85


Chapter 85

My neighbor was walking his dogs when he stopped at my gate, white people are naturally weird but not in a bad way. "I heard the noise" she walked to me and gave me her hand, I refused it just sat there waiting for Lonwabo to come back with my children. Une"Mama" she spoke to my neighbor whose name I don't know but I know their dog is always barking, after she left Une closed the gate and walked up to me. Une"Phakama Mama" she tried to lift me up. Une"Entle! phakama!" She forced me up again, I stood up we walked to the house. Une"Ina" she gave me a bottle of water, I drank it watching her taking her car keys.  Une"Masambe Mama, baphi ooNtombi?" she sat me down helping me wear my uggies then took my jacket helped me wear it. Me"Siyaphi" she didn't answer, she left and came back after a while with frozen mixed veg packet wayibaka entloko. Me"Yabanda lento" she ignored me, she took the usb then my bag and hers. Une"Masambe Mama" she helped me up, we went to Mercantile Hospital to have my head checked out. Une told the doctor my medical history like I was incapable of speaking, he examined me, I got pills and we left. I decided to tell her everything, she was staring at me probably shocked by her siblings exiting. Une"Its Christmas, we will deal with everything else after that. Everything will be fine again, its just a matter of time" In the car she played Elton John Bennie and the Jets, I smiled because Zimkitha and I's friendship would be a lie if any of us would forget that song. Me"Yazi Tamkhulu wakho played this song qho xayezo ndibetha, its a fun song so you forget the pain and focus on the beat" we were laughing and I liked that, a part of me didn't care about everything else that was happening. We went to get fetch her husband at the guest house, then went to Spar luckily it was opened so we bought the snacks and things to make dessert.  We left for Kabega, Don't stop believing by Journey played next. Me"Volume" we all sang along surprised the husband also knew the song. On our drive way Thato's car was there, she had her own key but was surprised to see her there. We went inside and Mvaba was watching Sophia the first crawling around the table, Lesedi followed after Une and I went straight to the kitchen.
Me"Wapheka kwam?" she laughed but she was actually crying. Thato"Why didn't you tell me? I am angry at you! I never lie to you never Entle but you did, so I need to know why" she sat on the kitchen counter. Me"I slept with Bukho" I opened the fridge avoiding eye contact, I took out the tomatoes and cucumber.  Me"Before Zimkitha, remember when I got admitted at St anthony ngokuya and the baby Esihle terminated was Bukho's child" she went quiet for sometime then randomly shouted "Hay Entle! Suxoka! Yhooo" I wanted to laugh . Thato"Okay lets say I forgive 65% of you because you kept another secret from me" we both laughed. Me"But in my defense, you got me arrested for assault bendizoku xelela njani?" I told her everything Bukho said namhlanje. Thato"Hay mtshanam! you have the sweetest honey point hands down " We made our Christmas lunch. Me"Baphi ooThando?" she laughed. Thato"Bonga is with Seth eroomini and Ntombi took Thando to the park phangakwa KFC" I was confused for a second and I think she noticed it too . Thato"Lonwabo dropped them off pha, Seth told me about the fight and how he thinks you need me. So yeah ndaza kenam" I ran out of the kitchen and knocked on his door just incase, when he opened I gave him the biggest hug. Me"Enk.…osi" I just hugged him for a while crying. Seth"I can't breathe" I moved laughing. Seth"I hate it xa ukhala" I wiped my tears and he smiled. Seth"Sorry we scared you, but didn't want Ntombi to see you laweyi" I nodded . Me"Uphi Lonwabo? " he shrugged. Seth"Probably with Bonga's father, but myeke Mama just let him calm down" The day went on, we had our food watching a movie. Thato and the children slept over, I waited for Lonwabo but khange afike.
The next morning we had cricket tickets, Une's husband tagged along. Viwe was meeting us there, we drove to there Lesedi drove Thato and I we had to question his intentions but all failed because he was a great guy . Thato"Isn't Kamva graduating next year?" for a minute I forgot that, Une was an ancestor in University changing courses . Me"Is she still studying Journalism? " they both laughed. Lesedi"Dip in Interior design and yes she is graduating" my phone rang it was a private number. Me"Hello" it was a pocket dial because I kept on saying hello but no answer, I dropped the phone. After 20 minutes a text from Bukho came "You heard that? he forgave me not wena, yeka Lobsie because he will never love you the way you want him to" I got another text but this time Lonwabo "We need to speak, I'll see you in Paarl and cela uxelele Ntombi I said 'the latter' she will understand. Enjoy the Test."


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