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Wednesday, August 12


Life without my husband Chapter 86


Chapter 86
Cwenga arrived a day before everyone else, he came up with an idea that pissed me of but I liked the idea anyway because I am a hopeless romantic. "So you'll help me" we were outside next to the stables. Me"So let me get this straight, you ruined their marriage and you feel guilty now you want us to arrange a picnic for them?" he nodded, smiling at me. Cwenga"Awuzondithuka" as if I would miss that opportunity. Me"Haska! uyinja wena but for once wenze into eright" I never admitted how much it hurt me that Entle slept with Bukho, but finding out she was pregnant with his child that did hurt a lot . I can claim it hurts lets because it was before me but who the hell am I fooling? not to mention deep down he always loved her and would jump at the chance to be with her. Cwenga"Yandiva??!" I was startled. Me"Heh?…" he pinched my cheek "Listen are you sure uright? we can cancel everything, I mean it was just an idea" I started walking and he ran after me. Cwenga"Zimkitha" I stopped and looked at him. Me"What is it about Entle? I've known Entle since grade 1 and its always been about her, not jealous don't get me wrong but I would love to know yinto le ingaka? . Entle could watch you fall apart and get down on the ground cry with you, she could be down to her last cent but would sacrifice it for her children. You should have seen her when they took Unekamva from her, that was her first time losing it actually that was the day Entle stopped living for herself" I stood there reflecting, how could I be mad at her when she is always there for me. Cwenga"You're crying" I wiped my tears. "Yamthanda uBukho?" wait he thought I was crying for Bukho. Me"Rhaaaa sies! ndamcaphukela lomntu, not because of Entle but that short bastard is rude as hell but the dick is good but osile lanto leya " we both laughed. Cwenga"Hahaha you are so ghetto kanjani" him and Lonwabo always say that as if its a bad thing. Me"Kanti? I grew up in the ghetto, I am bound to be ghetto and you damn well know I love being ghetto" His drama with Thato aside, I actually prefer Cwenga kuno Lonwabo. Cwenga"Ngoku new husband ithini into?" we walked to the house laughing catching up. Me"Ngoku divorce final? " He nodded. Cwenga"Yea, she is leaving for Joburg after new year and I am moving in with Anelisa " its funny how things go, We were all married and happy well they were but andiyazi ngoku. We all look up to Entle and Lonwabo, guess it comes with age. Me"Stembiso has 4 children, sathanda uhamba sizifaka marrying freedom fighters hahaha" We were making plans that might fail for the sake of love, starting to think we all depends on their relationship to believe in the existence of love.
Thato and I were watching the Proteas while the kids were walking around "making new memories", we were drinking beer like we had no plans of driving later and thanks to Thato's mother Mvaba wasn't an issue because they offered to take him and Thando. Thato"Not comfortable uhamba ngaphandle komntanam" we both laughed . Me"I'll miss you yazi" we were sitting kwi Castle corner, the people next to us were trying to initiate the Mexican Wave. Thato"Lets do this!" we joined in, from then the band was going crazy playing good music. Thato"Hahaha I love PE" During the lunch break we called Kathy. Kathy"Where are you?? Siya and I are on our way" Thato and I exchanged looks. Thato"We are watching Cricket hahaha, We will drive down after the game" Siya was swearing at us. Me"Mamela thenga lanto yam nawe" Kathy was shouting, I always forget she is white. Siya"Ikhona MaRadebe" our weekend in Paarl was about to be awesome no doubt. Kathy"Entle can I make your year?" "Its done?" Because Kathy had a huge mouth, this was suppose to be a secret until everything was sorted. Me"Katherine!" she laughed then apologized. Me"A.a sho!" I hung up and Thato was staring at me. Me"Surprise, all in good time" After our win, made arrangements on who was leaving with who. Thato"Une you and your husband can drive together, hlambi he'll decide to pay ilobola" she laughed with Ntombi. Seth"Uhm so Bonga, Viwe, Lelethu and I?" Thato and I laughed at him. Bonga"Mama hahaha trust us" Thato took looked at the both of them. Me"Manzi is proof of our trust, and Viwe will savage Khaya's daughter" We decided Ntombi will go with Une and Lesedi, Viwe will drive Ntombi and Bonga kunye nam, and the rest will ride with Thato. Me"Safe trip everyone, no unnecessary stops!" I sent Zimkitha a text "Parked the white dress, andiyazi if izakulingana ke" she replied "just get your ass here" 
We arrived at exactly 2am and because of Viwe! he drives like a snail, We called Stembiso for directions and he sent his son who immediately caught Ntombi's attention. Me"Nonke nifuze uLonwabo asoze uve", We didn't sleep we spent the spoke kwade kwasa, we went to bath then Zimkitha took us on a tour. the farm was huge! from the cottages outside, the swimming pools, the stables, entertainment ground quad bikes and pain ball area, ngaphakathi they had a huge cellar and wine making equipment which obviously was our favorite part of the house. Thato"Stembiso can I move in?" it was really beautiful. Stembiso"Well you are always welcome, this place is empty during the year" Bukho arrived while we were having lunch, he was with his girlfriend. Zimkitha"My mistake, better late than never" they hugged. Bukho"My womb, awusemhle" these two were weird, on the surface it seemed like bayavana but trust me we all knew Zimkitha wanted to punch the fuck out of him. Lonwabo"Nihleliphi?" Thato raised her hand "Creche ibingeka phumi" everyone laughed. Bukho"Uzozicengezela because kukho iwine? you're better than that" Thato sipped her glass of white wine. Thato"You are late, sbali already allowed me to move in" Lonwabo kept on looking at me then at Bukho. Me"Uhm let me go check on the aliens" he stood up too. Lonwabo"I honestly tried but I cannot sit here and pretend this is normal" Zimkitha looked at Cwenga, Kathy stood next to Lonwabo. Kathy"Listen! you cheated and she cheated, why are you giving her a hard time? honestly tell us because we are all trying to figure it you"he looked at me then at Kathy. Lonwabo"Ask her" I shrugged. Cwenga"Sibadala for lento, You two follow me!" We walked behind him, he led us to the lake. Cwenga"This is your opportunity to talk, it always works in the movies make it work nalapha" He walked away. Lonwabo"What happens now?"
The million dollar question

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