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Thursday, August 13


Life without my husband Chapter 87


Chapter 87
"You look beautiful" she wiped my tears. Me"Pls give me a few minutes" Thato nodded. Me"Thato" She stood next to the door frame and shrugged like she already knew what I.wanted to ask. Thato"Its all up to you" She closed the door on her way out, I laugh at myself because five hours ago Lonwabo and I had a mother of all arguments now we about to renew our vows, I looked at the time 23:05 . Me"What am I doing" The craziest thing about this, is for once in a long time I was actually happy! how can stupidity feel so good? Lonwabo is my best mistake but tell that to my feet because they are ready to walk and never look back. "Entle" I thought I was hearing things for a second until Cwenga walked in and set on top of the bed. Me"He left? or is he dead?" we both laughed. Cwenga"Hahaha sudika, khalela nto?" I sat next to him. Me"I'm scared, We have been here before and he ripped my heart apart. Whats going to be different now? my biggest fear is letting him in kanti he will fuck me up as always, I am picking up after him and my age doesn't allow ezonto ngoku. We are old but we act like teenagers, I think thats why we all failed in our relationships none of us ever want to admit, or act our age ndiphumile kwe zonto" I stood up and looked at him. "she loved you yaz, more than you realized and all she ever wanted was your time. Not your money, not your cars not that big house but your time. And I'm sorry for being a bitch over the years but you took my husband away from me and watched my family suffer like it was nothing. You could have told us Cwenga we deserved answers but thats all in the past" he stood up and hugged me. Cwenga"I'm sorry" Zimkitha opened the door. Zimkitha"Khasuke wena" We both laughed. Cwenga"I'll walk you down the aisle" Zimkitha rolled her eyes. Zimkitha"Yazithanda nezinto" they argued for a good 10 minutes if not more, I love their relationship its weird actually because Cwenga treats Zimkitha like a little sister although he hides it but ke we all know bayavana. Me"Can we go?" I wore my shoes and we walked to the dining area but they decorated it and it looked amazing. Me"When?" she and Cwenga just smiled. Me"Thank you"
Thato"Makwenziwe kaloku" She was having the time of her life, well wine does that to people. Bukho"Yatsho lanto" we did this all wrong, Thato should have married Bukho, Zimkitha would have made sense with Cwenga "Entle" everyone was looking at me. Me"Uthini?" Viwe reminded us we have 20 minutes left before count down. Lonwabo"Entle go first" I smiled. Me"Please don't break my heart… again… we made promises to our parents and we've been failing at every attempt but here we stand with the aliens all grown up now. Lonwabo andiyazi ngoku, I know I'm suppose to be saying romantic things right now but my heart and mind are telling me to run as fast as I can but ndakuthanda for some stupid reason and I cannot imagine my life without you. In closing I'm moving back home" he kissed me and Ntombi couldn't hide her excitement. Lonwabo"Maybe thats the problem, we vowed to our parents not to each other. We made promises to them not to each other, I love you Maradebe you know this but we always clash somehow something has to go wrong and its probably the worst thing to put your children through. You gave me everything a man can only dream of, you made me cry,laugh,laugh but mostly love. Likhona somewhere Likhona ithemba…" Thato shouted "Likhona ithemba Lonwabo lwethu hahaha" Lobsie laughed. Lonwabo"Yes Thato Likhona, but whatever happens between us I cannot imagine my life without you… " 5 4 3 2 1 we just laughed. Cwenga"You may kiss your bride" Lonwabo and I kissed, Seth and Ntombi came to hug us. Lonwabo"So you two don't do hugs anymore" he was looking at Une and Viwe, Kathy was taking pictures of everyone. Thato"The dance kaloku" They played Photographs by Ed Sheeran, Siya dimmed the lights and a slide of all our pictures. Me"You guys where did you get the pictures?" Ntombi raised her hand. Lonwabo"Lets dance Mrs Skhosana" we just danced, everyone danced with their partners. Thato borrowed me from Lonwabo, she hugged me "Happy New Year" we sat on the chairs outside while everyone was partying ngaphakathi. Thato"You look beautiful " I beamed couldn't hide my glee. Me"Am I crazy? but ndamthanda and I cannot help it" she giggled. Thato"I remember when you moved in, you looked so beautiful and I knew on that day we will be best Friends forever. I remember the first time Lonwabo cheated on you, you cried so much I thought you'd commit suicide. You moved in with that guy after knowing him for a month, you fought with your father over that guy, you disowned half of us for Lonwabo, I never knew why! hell even your father didn't understand but I guess thats how we all knew it was love. It was so real it looked so wrong, and contrary to popular belief he loves you too. During your chemotherapy he cried qho, he would sit outside kwi parking lot esibhedlele and cry because he thought he was losing you. When you got admitted at St Anthony he wanted to visited Entle and I told him not to, he was your downfall or at least I thought so. We all dream of that type of love, some of us are never as lucky and mtchanam we may never say it out loud but we envy you guys.… hahaha I'm drunk masingene"
Siya"Happy New year" we hugged. Me"Happy New Year tatekhaya" Siya and Kathy were the best couple ever. Siya"3rd time is a charm?" Lonwabo came to join us. Me"Hopefully" I told him what Siya said. Lonwabo"khayeke hahaha, can I steal her?" I excused myself. Lonwabo"Wanted to tell you Ndakuthanda" He kissed my forehead. Me"Nam ndakuthanda, but ndoyika" I was really scared, Lonwabo has really hurt me over the years but Life without Lonwabo doesn't make sense. Lonwabo"Forever and Always, never forget that. Noba kwenzeka nto it will always be you and I"

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