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Friday, August 21


Life without my husband Chapter 89


Chapter 89
I woke up and got dressed Lonwabo was still sleeping, I searched for my car keys until I found them. I woke up with the urge of visiting my parents, its been too long anyway seems like I forgot about them. I went to the nearest garage first for airtime and petrol, I also bought BB and some matches. After 2 hours of driving my phone rang, I ignored it because I already knew it was Lonwabo but it rang again this time I got curious and picked it up. Lonwabo"Uphi?" I told him. Lonwabo"Entle you are being so irresponsible right now" he dropped the phone and called again. Me"I'll sleep phaya, I'll see you guys kula veki uNtombi avula ngayo" I had to pack, find tenants for the house in Kabega and pack Ntombi's things too. Lonwabo"Entle zinto zakhe, you make decisions without consulting me and I thought we agreed Seth will take the house" Lonwabo acts like Seth is incapable of failing grade 12, like Seth has earned my house kodwa Viwe stayed a res but Seth gets a house? when did we become the Motsepe family? . Me"No akho Seth uzohlala pha yedwa, res! or whatever. Lonwabo stop what you doing, ukhetha Seth kuno Viwe qho! rather treat them as equals or uyeke because imbi nyani lento and its starting to show" When Lonwabo is wrong uvele athule. Me"Anyway I'll call when I arrive" I got to Comfivamba around 5pm which was later than I anticipated, so I went straight endlini called Lonwabo and slept. My alarm woke me up at half 6, I took a bath and then went straight to the grave yard. I cleaned ku MamQocwa kuqala and then cleaned elika Radebe, being there felt so odd .
Me"Yazi izolo I slept phaya endlini and it felt so weird, it was so empty quiet like it wasn't once a family home. I sat up thinking about mama shouting at Lumka and I for touching her pots, shouting at tata for not respecting her tiles hahaha. Remember how we use to watch you two fight about the smallest things but tata would just kiss you then ulibale. I honestly tried to raise the aliens with the same principles but I failed,I am one of the worst mothers this world has ever produced. You two made it look easy, from me trying to run away with Lulama and mama you told me to pack faster because you'd never stop me from being stupid! tata stalking Lumka because he wasn't ready to let her go. I remembered the day I was leaving for varsity, tata told anyone who would listen that I was leaving for PE to study Engineering. I
know I took so long to get that degree but I did!, and nothing hurts more than you not seeing me graduate! nothing hurts more than knowing I failed you over the years. Tata would say "Akho madoda dani eBhayi Nolhiza? ngu Lonwabo otheni loo", I laughed so hard even I saw la vase tatu' Jama gave to Mama for her birthday. I miss you so much! I wasn't ready to say igoodbye, God took you too soon! there moments when I wait for your call, mama to remind me ndithule washing or close the windows. I wanted you to see my children not just Seth, tata Milani looks so much like you! I wanted to be angry at you for leaving us! but I cannot" I stood up. Me"Maybe its time to accept akubuyelwa mva, stop dragging everything with me. I just thought I should say goodbye, and tell you I spent all those years in
varsity to start my a creche. Maybe its the worst thing I could ever do but I have to show my appreciation somehow to Mama and giving is what she and Lolo did best" Maybe I've been my own enemy all these years, maybe I just needed to just accept what I couldn't change and appreciate what I already have. Maybe I am the reason for all my problems, for Seth hating me, Lonwabo thinking he could walk all over me and maybe I've neglected Ntombi . 
I called Zimkitha while walking to my car, I
couldn't speak to Thato because she will over react and Kathy always say no but mostly because Zimkitha has known me longer. Zimkitha"Uphi… Everyone is leaving" I explained ndiphi and why. Zimkitha"Oh okay, ngoku ufuna uthini?" "I want to speak to Sindile" she screamed. Zimkitha"Goduka!!!
Don't start drama" I knew she would say that. Me"Khamamele! I was rude to Sindile and she didn't deserve it" andazi noba that was a sarcastic laugh na. Zimkitha"Hello Entle? uphambene? she took your husband and had a child with him" "Lonwabo wasn't forced to sleep with Sindile, mamela please ask Sthembiso if he doesn't know anyone with a background in teaching or whatever we need for a creche" Kathy handled the paperwork, we would use the house in Khayelitsha. Zimkitha"Entle sort yourself out and we will handle things, please do me a favor" I had no choice but to agree. Zimkitha"Can you go back to Ngozi? I'll book for you, if he says awuna nto then I'll relax" I agreed. Me"Thank you" we laughed. Zimkitha"Visit my mother too, she'll be delighted to see you"
I drove to Sindile's place with my apology well rehearsed and my arms were ready to hug her. I arrived there and the gate was locked so I decided to ukhwaza andiyazi kutheni kunga phendulwa. "bahamba" I turned around to look at who was talking. Me"Bayephi?" she laughed. Stranger"Yabambi into! before christmas walahla impahla zendoda yakhe, iphisa nganto yonke! izinyembezi! yhooo kwaku kubo ngalo mini" I nodded. Me"Enkosi mama"
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