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Wednesday, August 5


The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 38


Insert 38

We stood in attention, as soldiers, waiting for our next command. Our faces were of worry. Our hearts rapidly beating out of our chests. We stood there like skeletons and a few seconds later she eventually spoke and in some miraculous way she wiped the worry that we all had.
Dr Smith: Erm we tried all we could to stabilise her. We did everything in our power. I had to call back up.
I had a huge thorny lump forming in my throat this couldn't be. Actually to think of it. It can't be!!!
Lesego Masemola is alive, if she isn't alive then she shouldn't comfort our hearts with lies. Nothing can sweeten the taste of death no matter how much you sugar coat it. Dr Smith urged that everyone should sit down and stay calm. The uncles were impatient and their tongues were sharp and rough. Their words cut us deep that they were excused. It was just Mr and Mrs, Thabang, Thabiso, Lee and I.
We all sat down anxiously awaiting what would change our lives forever and leave us with untreated wounds.
Dr Smith took a deliberate deep breath as she found comfort in the nearest chair across to everyone.
Dr Smith: Unfortunately and miraculously Miss Masemola has pulled through. Earlier today when she woke up, she had a seizure. But we were able to calm her down and stabilize her.
Mrs M threw her hands in the air in relief. While Mr M held his wife tight within his grip. They displayed a sense of appreciation...
Mrs M: (loudly) Oh Lord must be praised! Yhooo Modimo waka!
We were all happy.
Dr Smith: Oh and she is out of ICU. I suggest that you all go home and rest. We will keep our eyes on her during the night. Other than that she is slowly recovering.
The two heart-warming parents stood up cheerfully as they showed their gratitude and sincerity to doctor Smith. She bid us farewell and walked away. We were all jubilant and we were sharing hugs.
Lee hugged me and without hesitation I let her touch the heart that she had bluntly insulted earlier on. She tried to justify her insensitiveness but I held her back. I was used to everyone undermining me but not her. Because of the high position she held in my heart I let it all slide. I couldn’t bear any grudges.
She smiled openheartedly at me. I just glanced at her with sparkling eyes. A soft embrace moved swiftly on my back.
I knew that it was a rugby touch through its roughness, it had softness.
Thabang: Loving we should go home. We will be back tomorrow I promise. (With eyes of assurance?)
I winced at him and went to say my goodbyes to my other parents. They thanked me for the never-ending support, and the high flow of love.
As we were about to leave the room, a low pitch voice called out my name.
I turned to find Lee doing the walk of shame towards me.
She finally arrived.
Lee: Friend I am sorry, I-
I held my hand out and stopped her.
Me: It’s okay. Don’t apologize. Anyway I have to go have a nice day.
I gave her a sincere hug, rubbing her back softly and calmly. I hugged “the brother” as he whispered something into my ear "Please forgive her. Her feelings get the better of her sometimes."
I broke the hug and smiled faintly as I walked away.

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