Tuesday, September 1

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 26

Insert 26
My face went blank and i think everybody noticed that.
Mandy: kwenzeka nton (whats wrong) why is your face so pale all of a sudden.
Nwabi: ndijonge lonto yaz nam (i've also notice that you know).
Me: (with a shaky voice) am fine theres nothing wrong.
Mandy: are you sure.
Me: yes.
Nwabi: so why are you sweaty are you sick or something.
Me: i am fucken fine ohk why don't just everybody live me the hell alone. (i yelled)
"woow slow down tiger no need to bite us" they both chanted.
I just looked out the window, i could hear them talking but i never heard any word that they said. I was so deep in thoughts that i didn't even saw that we were at the school gate, i didnt even see when my sister got dropped at her workplace.
Luyolo: back to earth athe. (he said waving a R20 note in my face).
Me: owh we are here already, that was fast and is this mine ( i said taking the money from his hand. Mandy had already gotten off the car).
Luyolo: whats wrong with you. Did you receive any bad news from your phone.
Me: no i already said i am fine.
Luyolo: i saw you maan athe stop lying. Can you just tell me whats the problem.
Me: owh can't everybody just stay out of my business niyadika maan ( i said getting out of the car. I made sure that i slammed the car door as hard as i could ).
I quickly walk to our usual spot, khitha was already waiting for me there.
Khitha: someone looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Unjan chommie.
Me: i am fine considering the fact that my friend left me in a club with an ex that i hate on saturday. And that somebody didn't even bother calling to check how i have been. I mean i have been trying to call you but you don't answer any of my calls. I needed to see if you got home safe that night. Thats what friends do, they check up on each other.
Khitha: i was busy i didn't think it was a big deal.
Me: really khitha you mean to tell me that you were too busy to answer the phone.
Khitha: you make it sounds bad. Uxolo(sorry) chommie this won't happen again.
Me: you right it won't because i am never going out with you ever again.
Just as we were busy arguing the bell rang and we went to the assembly. After the assembly we went to class. Our first lesson was english. The first 15 minute the teacher was not in. We continue talking with khitha untill i forgave her.
The teacher came in and the lesson began. I felt like my nose was getting wet.
Khitha: hai chommie you are bleeding through your nose. Uright phof.
( i took out a tissue in my bag and i tried wiping my nose but the blood seemed to be getting worse. I quickly stood up and asked to be excused. I ran to the toilets and khitha followed me. I got to the basin and splashed cold water in my face. I felt like the room was spinning i sat on the floor. Khitha came in caring ice cube and she wrapped them with a towel and placed them on my forehead).
Me: where did you get the cubes.
Khitha: from the school kitchen our teacher got them for me. Uziva njan ngok phof (how do you feel now).
Me: i am feeling better thanx chommie.
I stood up i still kept feeling a bit dizzy. But i could walk. So i washed my hands and wiped my face. We went back to class. Our teacher called me aside, while khitha went to take a sit.
Teacher: uziva njan ngok.
Me: i just feel a bit dizzy, but other than that i am fine ma'am.
Teacher: ina (she gave me some tablets) this will make you feel better.
Me: thanx ma'am.
Tearcher: and you can go home if you don't feel any better.
Me: ohk ma'am but i am sure i would be fine.
I really didn't want to go home. Because it can be really boring staying home alone. I went to pour water and drank the tablets. And as minutes passed by i could feel that i was getting better.
During break time we went to the shop to buy something to eat. Infacts i was accompaning khitha to buy something because i was really not hungry. When we got to the shop vuyo was there with mcdonald take aways.
Vuyo: yhuu kunini ndinilindile (i've been waiting for you).
Khitha: i didn't think you will come bonanje.
Vuyo: i will drop anything for athe. Anyway how are you feeling now angel.
Me: i am fine. Who told you that am not feeling well.
Khitha: i told him chommie i was worried about you so i called him, i thought that maybe you would want to go home so he could take you.
Me: you just don't get it neh. Vuyo and i ain't dating anymore so stop telling him about every little details that goes on in my life. Uyadika maan.
I just left them there and went back to school.

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