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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 27

Insert 27
I think vuyo followed after me, because when i got to our school gate i heard a car hooting behind me. I stopped and vuyo got out of his car and he came to me.
Vuyo: sorry angel i didn't mean to offend you. I didn't mean to pop up here without your concernt. I thought you knew that i was coming.
Me: soloko wena uhlala ucela amaxolo (you always apologising) dont you ever get tired. If i wanted you to come vuyo i would have asked you by myself. Khona how did khitha contact you.
Vuyo: she called me.
Me: so now she has your numbers?. What else of yours does she have.
Vuyo: its not in my place to tell you how khitha knows me. I think she will tell you when she is ready.
Me: so you want to continue lying to me like you have been doing in our relationship. After that uzawcelana namaxolo oko apha, and expect me to forgive you.
Vuyo: ohk ke i will tell you everything i know.
Me: and don't forget uk'cacisa (to explain) about the sms you sent me this morning concerning mlungisi.
Vuyo: well there is alot to explain so the few minutes we have now won't be enough.
Me: don't bother about that. I wont be going back to school after break hleli ndingaziva kak'hle kakade. So we can go somewhere and talk.
Vuyo: ohk then.
we got inside his car and he drove us to a park nearby. We sat under the trees on the big rocks that we there. He gave me my mcdonald take away. Ibiyi king burger ne chips and a drink. I only drank the drink and ate the chips a bit. I was just forcing myself to eat because vuyo insisted that i eat first before he can tell me anything.
Vuyo: eish i dont know where to start.
Me: how about you start from the begining.
Vuyo: ohk well aammh firstly before i dated you i was a really terrible guy, my mom used me to do her dirty deeds. She controlled me somehow.
Me: how do you mean by "controlled you".
Vuyo: from a very young age everything she told me to do, i would do it without questioning her. She had a hold over me. Untill i was given the mission to ask you out. I was suppose to date you and lure you to come over at my place, break your viginity so that my mom would be able to have full control over you. (he then breathed out)
me: kwase kwathini (then what happened).
Vuyo: then i dated you and as we were busy going out i fell inlove with you. So i kept postponing and delaying things and my mom started to be suspicious. So she started exacting pressure on me. But i told her that i couldn't do it anymore. I told her that i love you.
Me: owh so your mom saw that it was better to call and threaten me then, since she couldn't control your feelings for me. She thought that i bewitched you.
Vuyo: mxm uphambene umama ( mom is insane) she is used getting whatever she wants. She didn't want to believe that i've broken free of her spell. She thought that nobody can ever break free from her.
Me: why would she think that.
Vuyo: well because utatawakho kudala ezama ukumshiya umama (because your father has been trrying to break free from my mom) but whenever he is on the verge of doing it. He would change his mind and fall head over hills with my mom again.
Me: then why would my dad call me now and tell me that my life is in danger. How was he able to do that if he was controlled and what danger was he talking about.
Vuyo: well i don't know what they are planning to do to you now. I don't stay there anymore. I moved out and i am not on speaking terms with my mom. And i think the spell my mom used to your dad is slowely wearing off. Thats why he called you.
Me: and how does khitha know you.
Vuyo: well thats where it gets tricky.
Me: just tell me already.
Vuyo: promise me you wont freak out.
Me: i don't think my reaction matters now so please just tell me hau.
Vuyo: well khitha is your sister.
Me: intoni!!!!(what) how is that possible.
Vuyo: well she is the products of the night your mother caught your father and my mother in bed.
Me: but my mom never said anything about my father and your mother having a child.
Vuyo: well maybe its because they don't know about her. Well most people dont know about her. She grew up at your father's home, raised by her grandmother.
Me: this can't be true. Why does your mom always pop up in everything in my life. So khitha knows that i am her sister. What does she wants from me. Did your mom send her. (i was now in tears).
Vuyo: yes she knows that you guys are siblings. And no she wasn't sent by my mother. Infact she is a good person. She hates what my mother is doing to you.
Me: and should i just believe that. What if you are all in this.
Vuyo: i promise you. I will never harm a hair in your head. And i will never allow anyone to hurt you ATHE. I love you. I hope you will see that as time goes on.
We sat there and continue talking. Later he drove me home, But he dropped me at the bus stop and i walked home my mind was just in disbelieve of what i just heard.
I got home and my mom was watching tv.
Me: hi mom.
Mom: wabuya ngelixesha ubuphi njeba abanye abantwana kudala bebuyile.
(why are you coming back this late, while other kids have been back a while ago).
Me: its a long story mom let me go and change into decent clothes then we can talk.
Mom: ohk then i hope you have a good excuse.
I went into my room took off my school uniform and change into a jean and a t-shirt. I went to wash my face and applied my pond's. I washed my shirt and socks. I then went to my mom.
Mom: by the way how are you feeling now.
Me: i am better so who told you that i was sick.
Mom: mandy told me. Uthi your english teacher told her that you were bleeding. Theni ungabuyanga (why didn't you come back).
Me: it wasn't that bad, well i bumped into vuyo and we talked.
Mom: vuyo , you mean iwele lika luyolo. (luyolo's twin)
Me: ewe (yes).
Mom: what did you want from that child of a devil.
Me: mom vuyo is not that bad and i needed him to clarify some things for me.
Mom: like what.
Me: a guy called mlungisi called me last night.
Mom: umlungisi ukufownele ebefuna nton kuwe (mlungisi called you, what did he want from you.
Me: he told me that my life is in danger.
Mom: yeah well its his fault that your life is in danger. If he didn't go around sleeping with the devil herself you would be fine.
Me: well he was interupted while he was about to say more. So i don't know how deep in danger am i, and i also don't know what they are planning to do to me. And thats not all.
Mom: is there more.
Me: yep. You know khitha right.
Mom: yeah your friend whats up with her.
Me: well it turns out that she is my sister.
Mom: whoow what, your sister from where. Because i don't remember having a child named khitha. Not even in my wildest dream.
Me: umntaka tata(she is my father's kid) and her she devil wife.
Mom: yhoo where were they hiding her.
Me: well ebehlala ku makhulu wakhe, k'lo tata. (she was staying at her grandmother's place)
mom: yhuu omlungisi sode ubagxibe nala nomokhwe womfazi wakhe we bhongo.
Me: well i hope she is not evil like her mother.
Mom: don't trust her too much. I think we should visit tat'ujola again. So that we could find out what that she devil is up to again this time.
Me: ohk mom.
I went to my room to study. Today wasn't my turn to cook so i was free for the afternoon. I studied untill i was satisfied. A call came through my phone it was khitha.
Me: hello.
Khitha: i thought you wont pick up.
Me: and why will you think that.
Khitha: because i messed up again, i am so sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you. I shoudn't have called vuyo it was stupid of me.
Me: yeah you damn right you shouldn't have.
Khitha: i am sorry chommie it wont happen again.
Me: ndiyi lonto cha kuwe?(is that all i am to you) Just a friend.
Khitha: no, Athe you are my best friend and i should know better that mending in your business. I was just trying to help.
Me: ohk fine i got to go we will talk about that tomorrow at school.
Khitha: ohk chommie i hope you are feeling better now, i will see you tomorrow. I love you.
Me: okay sharp.
I wasn't gonna tell her that i know that she is my sister. I wanted her to tell me herself.
I put away all my books and went to watch tv.

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