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Diary of a restless soul Insert 28

Insert 28
Few moths had passed. Atleast things were stable for a moment in my life. Two days back My mom and i went to visit tat'ujola pertaining the call i received from my father. And he gave me a red and black bracelet and he instructed me never to take it off no matter what happens, he said that it will protect me from whatever vuyo's mom was planning against me.
Things between khitha and i were fine. We were still "friends" she hasn't told me that she is my sister yet. And i also didn't tell her that i knew her little secret. Well she protected me from anything, we would go clubbing here and there. Sometimes she would go alone because she was wild she loved partying alot, and i on the other hand i hated being in a crowd. I was a shy person. So i randomly go out.
Vuyo and i were now friends. He would fetch me from school some other times. And whenever i needed to talk i would call him. Vuyo may be a bad guy and all, but there's only one thing that i will always love about him. He is a good listener. Well he was still not on talking terms with her mom, but he contacted my father he was trying to be close to him so that he could tell him what his wife was planning to do to me. I could see that vuyo tried so hard to look out for me, hoping that me and him would date again oneday. He always asked for my forgiveness. And don't get me wrong. I dont hold grudges i forgave vuyo a while ago. I was just not ready to trust him again. Well trust is like a mirror you can't fix it when its broken.
Luyolo was now staying in ermelo. Well they transfered him to ermelo at his work and the've provided a flat for him there. But every weekends he came home to visit us.
It was a friday afternoon i've just came back from school. I was laying in my bed facing the ceiling i was still in my school uniform. My phone rang. It was luyolo.
Me: hey stranger are you coming home this weekend.
Yolo: i'm not coming this weekend princess.
Me: (i was kinda hurt a bit) owh why not, don't you wanna see me anymore. Did i do anything wrong.
Luyolo: no princess you did nothing wrong ohk. You didn't let me finish. I am not coming there because you and mandy are coming to visit me for the weekend i asked mom and she has already agreed.
Me: woow really. ( i screamed so loud. I was happy infacts that's an understatement i was over the moon).
Luyolo: ha a athe maan sungxola (stop making noise) you are hurting my ears.
Me: sorry maan i am just overwhelmed i happy that i would be seeing my favourite man.
Luyolo: and here i am thinking that vuyo was your favourite man.
Me: lol stop being insecure dear it doesn't suits you.
Luyolo: ohk anyway i was just calling to tell you to get ready ndizokunilanda pha ngo 18:30pm ( i will fetch you at 18:30pm.
Me: okay.
Luyolo: owh and athe please don't forget that i love you.
Me: i wont and i love you too.
Luyolo: bye love.
We hung up. Yes me and luyolo were now an item. After all the drama i've been through and me accusing him of things he didn't do. He still stick with me, he never once change towards me. So through all that i saw how much i love him. I had fallen head over hills in love with him and i was absoluntly sure that he loved me back. But my mom knew nothing about our relationship. I wasn't ready to tell her yet. Only mandy and nwabi knew what was going on between us.
I was on my own world wondering how it would be like being with luyolo. And someone tapped my shoulder.
Me: yhuu you scared me.
Mandy: ai ntombi kunini ndikukhwaza caba you are day dreaming neh. Ai shem luyolo got you going crazy neh.
Me: lol thats not true. I was just busy thinking about my school work.
Mandy: yho girl your school work must be amazing it makes you blush.
Me: ah i wasn't blushing at all mna.
Mandy: whatever girl. But we both know the truth. I hope he has already told you that he is fetching us. Ah what am i saying of'cause he did tell you thats why you are busy day dreaming.
Me: can you get out of my room already i want to go and take a shower.
Mandy: i am not holding you in anyway mos. So you can go take your bath lover girl.
I throw my pillow at her. And i took of my uniform i wrapped a towel around my body and i went to take a shower. While mandy took a bath. After that i wore a short jean and a white vest with my white converse tekkie. I packed a small bag few clothes and my toiletries. I was ready to go and so was mandy. We waited an hour and luyolo came to fetch us. But he first talked to my mom about lord knows what. And the conversation took almost an hour. And after what seemed like forever they got out of the sitting room all smiles.
Luyolo: ohk girls lets go.
We got in the car and he drove off. Well everything was fine in car. Then suddenly out of the blue. Luyolo lost control of the car i was screaming at the top of my voice and then i heard a loud bang then i was out.
I woke up to the sounds of the beeping machines. My eyes wondered around the room and i saw my hand covered in cement. I tried to lift it but i felt an excruishing pain. So i let it be. I felt thirsty i needed some water. I Attempted getting up from the bed but i had this terrible headache that made it hard for me to keep my eyes open. so i closed my eyes again trying to remember what happened. How did i end up in a hospital bed.
But my memory failed me, I must have fallen asleep. Because i was woken up by unfamiliar voices in the room. I open my eyes and the headache was better.
"doctor she is awake" a beautiful lady wearing white dress said.
Doctor: how are you feeling young lady i am doctor kerrin kgatle. (He said that while checking my eyes with his torch).
Me: i, i, waterrrr
The lady handed me a glass of water and i only drank a bit.
Me: thank you (i said handing the glass of water back to her).
Doctor: do you remember anything about last night.
Me: no i don't, i can't remember.
Doctor: you were involved in a car accident last night, they were 3 of you in the car.
Just then it all came back. How luyolo just lost control of the car. And it just went off the road straight into a big tree. I remember screaming in agony but i don't remember what happened after that.
Me: doctor where is luyolo and mandy please tell me that they are ohk please doctor ( i said with teary pleading eyes).
Doctor: i assume you are talking about the young lady and the guy that were with you in the car.
Me: yes doctor where are they. Please tell me that they are ohk.
Doctor: well the young lady is fine. She just had a cut on her face but its not that fatal.
Me: and yolo, where is he, is he ohk.
Doctor: well as for the young man. ( he paused and took a deep breathe) he is in a comma and in a very critical condition. We are not yet sure whether he will survive this or not. We are not even sure that he will wake up anytime soon.
The minute i heard the doctor say that. Tears fell uncontrolable i was shuttured. I couldn't bear the thought of loosing someone so dear to me. Luyolo can't die NO he can't die on me. Its too soon for him to loose his life. He is still young and full of life. And i still wanna spend my life with him. The is still alot that i needed to tell him. No i said a silent prayer asking god not to let him die. I practically bagged god to spare his life for me.
Me: doctor can i please see him. I need to see him. I want him to know that i am here for him. ( i said that between my tears)
doctor: i am afraid no body is allowed to see him now. They are still busy with him. You need to rest and then later i will take you where he is ohk.
Me: but he needs me. He is alone i need to be there with him. I need to re-assure him that everything is going to be alright.
Doctor: i am sure he knows that you are there for him ohk please rest now or else you will stress yourself and that is not good in your condition.
I just wouldn't stop begging the doctor. But he kept on asking me to come down. But i couldnt contain myself. How can i come down not knowing how luyolo was. Is it even possible to contain yourself knowing that you may loose something or someone so dear to you. The last thing i said to him in a car was that i want a knew phone. And i don't want that to be my last words to him. I want him to know that i love him. Since i kept begging the doctor and i wouldnt stop. the lady that was with him injected something on my drip and i fell asleep in an instant.

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