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Diary of a restless soul Insert 30

Insert 30
i stood there motionless. That guy i saw looked nothing like the luyolo i knew. The bandages on his head and the swollen face made him unrecognisable. A tear dropped. Seeing him like that reminded me how short life was and how we should cherish every minute we spend with the people closest to us. I couldn't stand the site of seeing him like that so i asked one of the nurses to escourt me back to my ward.
Fast forward*****************.
It was now 3 weeks. i had been discharge two weeks back. But yolo was still in the hospital and the good news is that he was out of comma and the bad news was that he had temporaly amnesia so he didn't remember anything about us or what happened during the accident. but the doctors said that it was because he experience so much shock, and with time and patience he will regain his memory back. Well i dont blame his memory loss the guy had been in comma for the whole two weeks and he had blood transfussion because it was said that he lost too much blood, we all tested to see who had his blood type luckily nwabi was a match.
I was sleeping near his bed, yes from since he woke up i never left his side. Even though he didn't remember me that didn't matter to me. I made sure that i get him food, i fed him if need be and made sure that he was always comfortable. I heard someone brushing my hair. So i slowly opened my eyes, it was luyolo.
Yolo: hey sorry i didn't mean to wake you up, it just that you looked so adorable i couldn't resist myself (he said removing his hand from my head).
Me: its okay, what time is it.
How long have i been asleep ( i said rubbing my face).
Yolo: it hasn't been long. And its 9:15 am.
Me: owhk.
Yolo: you need to go home and rest, you have been here since i woke up.
Me: i am fine. Atleast the hospital stuff allow me to bath here. Besides i can't leave you alone.
You need me, and i need to be here with you.
Yolo: i feel useless (he said with tears in his face). Why can't i remember you. Why can't i remember anything, i didn't even remember my name.
How can i claim to love you while i don't even have a memory of you in my head. SHITT!!!!!! (he hit his head with his hand).
Me: calm down baby. Everything will be fine.
It will all come back to you ohk.
You need to take it easy and i will always be here with you every step of the way.
Yolo: i just wish i can remember.
Me: don't worry you will.
Yolo: so during the accident, was i drunk or was i speeding.
Me: no you were sober and you were not speeding that's what is strange, the was no car on the road , you just lost control of the car.
Yolo: i am so sorry i didn't mean to hurt you guys.
Me: no don't apologise ohk, none of this is your fault.
We continued talking until my family came to visit for the morning visiting hours.
Mom: yhuu if school weren't closed how were you ganna cope since you don't even wanna leave the hospital .
Me: mom luyolo needs me, i need to be here with him.
Mom: but you also need to get a proper rest dear. Sleeping on a chair is not healthy for you.
Luyolo: that what i just told her.
But she doesn't wanna go.
Just then my phone rang, it was vuyo, i went outside to answer it.
Me: hello
vuyo: hey where have you been.
Me: i've been around why do you ask.
Vuyo: mfondind i haven't seen you in weeks, i kinda miss you. Life has been dull without you, phela you are the angel that brightens my day.
Me: owh please torho stop fooling around.
Vuyo: ndithetha inyan ke yaz (am telling the truth you know).
Me: owk then.
Vuyo: uphi ke (where you at)
me: am at the hospital.
Vuyo: i thought you where discharged njena, wenza nton ngok apho( what are you doing there)
owh wait let me guess. You visiting luyolo right.
Me: yeah.
Vuyo: do you really love him.
Me: yes i do, more than you can ever imagine.
Vuyo: lucky him, how i wish i could be him right now.
Me: lol you had your chance and you blew it.
Vuyo: everybody deserve a second chance you know.
Me: i agree but its not an obligation to give someone a second chance.
Vuyo: ouch that hurts.
Me: uyindoda kalok zoba strong ( you are the man so you will be strong).
Vuyo: anyway i miss you when are you coming back from the hospital.
Me: i don't know, anyway i got to go.
Vuyo: ohk bye.
Me: sharp.
I dropped my call and went back to the ward. My family spend few minutes and they left. Forcing me to come with them but i refused. I promised them that i will leave the following day. I took the money that my mother left me i went to buy food that we were going to eat for the day.
When i came back luyolo was in the shower. I put the food in our plates. After luyolo finished bathing i went in to take a quick shower i change into some simple track pants and a vest. And then i went to have breakfast with luyolo. I was happy that in a few days he was going to be discharged. So he was going to be back home and i was going to help him regain his memory.

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