Wednesday, September 9

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 31

Insert 31
Three days later luyolo was discharged. He was staying with us again because he was still not fit enough to do things by himself. And he still hadn't regain his memory. They gave him a leave at his work so that he must recover completely.
I was preparing dinner when my phone rang. It was an unknown number.
Me: hello.
Me: hi.
Caller: i said it, ndike ndaythetha ke lhe into yokuba uyathakatha ntombazana ndini. ( i did say that you are a witch).
Me: excuse me.
Caller: umenze nton unyhanam (what did you do to my son).
Me: what son are you talking about.
Caller: yey nontroyi suzenza muncu apha you know exactly what i am talking about. You were suppose to be paralysed. That accident was suppose to put you in a wheelchair. But NO. Instead my son goes in a comma
and you get out with some minor bruises. Uyathakatha ntombazana sis andinamdla maan.
Me:hey mamela apha yohlukana nam (hey listen to me, leave me the hell alone). Whatever it is that you plan to do to me it will fail in jesus name. You are not a detactor of my life. And just because you are a witch it doesn't mean everybody is. Get on with your miserable life because i now see that your life is so pathetic thats why you are so busy ruining my life.
Caller: ungakh'ulinge uthethe nam olohlobo (don't ever talk to me that way) are we clear. I am not through with you.
I will show you how dangerous i can get.
You can't get away thats easy.
If i were you i would watch my back. I am gonna get you where it hurts the most. I wil...
Me: ah whatever and thanx gosh you are not me, the fact that you are calling me shows that you don't have a life. So do your self a favour and get a life. Nxaa Bye.
I then cut the call. This devil of a woman doesn't rest. I knew that something was percular about that accident. And yeah nwabi was right. Her mother was behind it all. To be honest i was dead scared of what she was gonna do next. But i wasn't just gonna show her that i was intimidated by her. I took a deep breathe. And i continued with my pots. Luyolo entered the kitchen and he poured himself a glass of water. The he accidentally placed the glass at the edge of a table so it felt. Just as it broke, he screamed
"NO my brakes ain't working, i can't stop the car. PLEASE BABY HOLD ON TIGHT". He looked so terrified and he was all sweaty and shaking.
Me: hey are you alright. (i asked while brushing his back).
Luyolo: i am sorry princess i tried to stop the car. I tried everything i could. The brakes didn't wanna work.
Me: please snap out of it, what is wrong with yoy, you are not making any sense.
Luyolo: please hold on tight. Why is the car not stopping. (he continue screaming).
I ran to my moms room i told her about luyolo's behaviour. My mom and i went back to the kitchen and luyolo was sitting on the floor crying. That scene broke my heart. Seeing him that weak made me shed tears too.
Mom: yinton sana lwam.
(what is it my son).
Please ndoda don't do this to yourself.
Luyolo: i can't stop the car i am sorry princess.
Mom: please athe get him water to drink, he is in shock he needs to come down.
I got him warm water ane swekile (with sugar) . I gave it to my mom.
Mom: ina sela (here drink) and you will be fine.
Luyolo: i can't stop the car. (he kept saying with tears in his eyes).
Mom: please don't do that to yourself. Please drink just a bit.
( my mom gave him. And he drank few seconds later he was down).

He looked at me. He stood up from where he was sitting he came to me. And he brushed my shoulder.
"i remember the accident" he finally spoke.
Me: woow really.
Luyolo: yeah, i only remember the accident, i don't remember what happened before then, i am sorry i didn't mean to hurt you.
Me: its not your fault ohk, it is really not your fault. And don't try too hard ohk. You will eventually remember everything. You just have to relax. And give yourself time.
Luyolo: i just wish i can just remember already.
This is not fair on you.
Me: it will all come back to you, don't worry i am here for you and i am not going anywhere.
I gave him the warmest tight hug ever. I just wanted to re-assure him that everything was going to be alright. We stayed in each others arms the longest time ever. Finally we broke the hug.
They left the kitchen and i continued with my pots. When i finished cooking i dished up for everybody and then i went to take a bath. After that soothing long bath i wore my pjams and a gown i felt so fresh and light. I then went to eat. Well i ate alone because everybody had already finished eating. I then washed the dishes. And after i finished, i headed to my room. My family were watching tv, well i am not a big fan of tv. And luyolo was in his room. I went to kiss him goodnight.
I got in my bed. I read my novel untill i felt asleep.
I am sorry i went awol on you guys. I just had a hectic weekend and a hell of a monday. But i will make it up to you. I hope i am forgiven.

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