Wednesday, September 9

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 32

Insert 32
Days went by and yolo was slowely regaining his memory.
And his car insurance had replaced his car.
It was monday a morning and it was back to school.
I had just finished getting ready for school. I was waiting for mandy to finish up so that we could leave. Well we were going to catch a bus. We went to the bus stop and the bus finally arrived.
I went to sit in an empty sit alone.
What was really going on with luyolo.
This past few days he had become cold and distant. He hardly talked to me or worse look me in the eyes. I knew and understood that he was under alot of pressure. But he wasn't this cold torwards me. So what went wrong.
I was just caught up in my own thought i was just ravished by luyolo sudden behaviour it was strange but i thought that it was just stress.
The bus finally arrived at our school. I got of the bus and went to our usual spot and khitha was there waiting for me.
She screamed on top of her voice as soon as she saw me approuching her.
Khitha: yhuuuuh chommie kunini ndik'khumbula njena (friend i've been missing you)
me: ai chommie you are making noise.
Khitha: sorry friendo i am just glad to see you. After what you've been through this holidays.
She said hugging me.
We then broke the hug.
Me: speaking of what i've been through this holidays you said i must get better because you have something to tell me. So spill it out.
Khitha: you don't forget neh.
Me: yeah well i usually don't.
Khitha: can't i just tell you during break time.
Me: no way, is it such a big deal.
Khitha: depending on how you will take the news.
Me: i am officially freaking out. You are scaring me.
Khitha: its no big deal, its just that eehh.
Me: just what.
Khitha: promise you won't get mad at me.
Me: i can't just promise you that while i don't even know what you gonna tell me.
Khitha: well ehm. We are kinda related. What i mean is that i am your sister.
Me: owh that, i know.
Khitha: what, i mean how, how did you find out.
Me: well that day i was sick and you called vuyo. He kinda told me.
Khitha: that bastard.
Me: whoahw its not his fault i pratically force him to tell me.
Khitha: so you knew all this while and you decided not to tell me.
Me: well i was waiting for you to tell me first. And clearly it took you long enough.
Khitha: sorry i kept quiet for so long. I was so scared. I didn't know how to tell you or how you will take the news.
Me: its ohk i am glad to have a sister.
Khitha: not as glad as me. Its good to know that there is someone who has my back.
Just then my phone rang. It was vuyo.
Me: ey you.
Vuyo: hey stranger how is school.
Me: well it hasn't started yet but so far i am having a great time.
Vuyo: i am glad to hear that.
So don't you want me to fetch you after school.
Me: no the bus is just fine for me for now besides don't you have something to do with your day .
Vuyo: ouch that hurts,
me: well i didn't to sound rude sorry dear.
Vuyo: i do have things to do i just love taking you home. Besides i miss your company.
Me: owh you do.
Vuyo: you don't sound so intrigue.
Me: i got to go the bell has just rang, we will talk some other times.
I cut the call. We went to the assembly. After the assembly we went to class. The day lesson's started. But we did nothing much. Most of our teachers didn't show up. So we were blessed with free periods for the day.
The school was dismissed early than i thought. I went to catch a taxi home.
When i got home i went straight into my room. I change into decent clothes. I then went to prepare something to eat in the kitchen my mom was there.
Me: owh hey mom.
Mom: why are you home so early, its not even suppose to be break time yet.
Me: well we were released early than anticipated.
Mom: well i am glad to hear that. I was tired of being alone.
Me: you are alone, where's luyolo.
Mom: well he went out with a young lady earlier.
Me: lady! What lady?.
Mom: some lady i didn't really see her i was in my room still in bed.
Me: owh thats odd.
I left what i was preparing and i went to my room. I was hurt. Could luyolo be seeing someone else. Has he stopped loving me, is that why he claim not to remember what happened between us. Was he doing that in purpose. Tears thickled my eyes, i had a huge lump in my throat. I don't know when i fell asleep but i was woken up by mandy telling me that dinner was ready. I went to wash my face and i went to the kitchen. Everybody was at the table even luyolo. I sat down and ate my food. I would stare at him here and there. But he made sure that he avoided eye contact. I was pissed of and i am sure jelousy clouded my judgement.
After i finished eating i washed my plate.
Me: night mom i am off to bed.
Mom: so early dear.
Me: yeah mom i am tired i need to sleep.
Mom: ohk dear have a good night.
I went straight into my room and throw my self in bed. I wanted so badly to strangle the shit out of luyolo.

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