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Diary of a restless soul Insert 33

Insert 33
I tried falling asleep but it looked like an impossible mission. My mind was anxious i couldn't sleep without getting luyolo's side of the story. I kept tossing and turning untill i couldn't take it anymore. My mom was already asleep, nwabi and mandy were still watching tv. I sneak out and i went to luyolo's room.
I knocked for the longest time ever and finally he decided to open the door. He was wearing shorts and a vest. Owh lord this guy looked so fine. He had a body to die for with abs and muscles. And his handsomeness was a bonus. Luyolo wasn't a yellow bone like his twin brother nor did he have dimples like vuyo. He had a light brown (fair) complexion. And lips to die for gosh he was a defination of handsome. Your typical male model guy. I stood the looking at him without uttering any word. I didn't realise that i was staring, well more like drooling over the guy like a hungry puppy.
Luyolo: are you just gonna stand there or will you tell me why are you here.
Me: well ehm ( i was tongue tied, just by setting my eyes on him the anger that i felt sub-sided in an instant. My heart was beating fast, my hands became sweaty in a moment, yeah luyolo had that effect on me).
Luyolo: well what?.
Me: i... I just need you to clearify something for me.
Luyolo: something like what?.
Me: do you mind if i come in so that we could talk properly.
Luyolo: (he scratched his head, like he had doubts)
well how about i wear a hoody and come out, then we will talk.
Me: whats wrong with talking in your room.
Luyolo: well nothing, my room is just:...., well its messy.
Me: hau since when do you care about me seeing your room messy.
Luyolo: well its not appropriate.
For us to talk in a dirty room.
Me: really now, dude i've seen your room dirty before infact i used to clean your room all the time you never complained.
" its fine baby you can let her in; besides i always wanted to meet your sisters. So i don't mind" a voice of a lady came from the background.
"What the hell"; i said through my teeth.
I don't know how i regain so much strenght but all i know is that i pushed luyolo aside,and i pushed the door open and i let my self in. Luyolo hold me but i let myself loose on the firm grip he had on my hand.
A young skinny tall lady was in a bra and panty only in luyolo's bed. To say i was angry would be an understatement. I was furious, the rage that i felt at that moment was beyond what word can describe. I could feel that my veins were about to pop out. I felt like i was gonna burst.
Luyolo: princess its not what you think.
Me: ungakh' ulinge uthethe ububhanxa apha (don't you dare talk nonsense) are we clear. A women naked in your bed is not what i think.
Owh well enlighten me, what am i thinking.
Luyolo: we are not dating.
Me: great now i get it, you guys are not dating, you are just fucking each other right.
Luyolo: no!!! Its not what i mean.
Me: owh so what do you mean.
Lady: yolz baby whats going on here, who is this and why is she so worked up.
Me: yeey shut the fuck up. If you don't want me to re- arrange that skinny face of yours right now. Believe you me, you don't wanna try me because i will surely panelbeat you bitch.
Lady: owh no you don't call me a bitch this is my man.
Me: owh really i will show you whos man he is.
I then grab her by her brown weave. It looked new, its like she has been in a salon few days ago. I dragged her from the bed to the floor.
Then boom................
To be continued.
I've been trying to write this insert since in the morning but it keep failing, thats why i have to cut it short to be able to post it.
She fell on the floor. I Got on top of her and i went all chuck norris on her. I gave her the beating of her life. And when i was satisfied with her face. She tried to fight back and that got me even more angry. I got up went to luyolo's closet i took a belt. I beat her once and luyolo took the belt from me. The girl screamed in agony. But i hadn't had enough so i grabbed her bra, just then mandy and nwabi hold me. I don't know where they appeared from.
The girl saw a chance to run for her life. She collected her clothes.
Girl: this is not the end. You will pay for this yezwa. Ungacabangi ukuthi ngizokuyeka nje ungshaye (don't think i will let you beat me) and get away with it. Ngiyintombi yomzulu mina angenziwa njalo.
(you don't do that to me i am a zulu girl)
I just laughed in dis belief. I mean after all the beating she just got. This giraffe still had guts to talk
luyolo: please leave mpumi. I promise i will pay for whatever damage athe has cost.
Me: you are not paying anything do you hear me. Nobody is gonna get a cent from you are we clear. This hoe of yours can do whatever she wants i don't give a shit.
Luyolo: please athe let me handle this.
Me: you want something to handle well let me give it to you.
(i took the shoe brush that was on the floor and i threw it at him and it hits his head).
Now i think that will need some handling.
Lady: hayyi uyahlanya ngempela yazi ntombazana udinga usizo ( you are really crazy girl you need help) you are a psycopath.
Mandy: i think we should let athe give you another beating, since you are still here and still talking that means you haven't had enough neh.
Lady: ungubani ke wena, another misrable girl friend.
Me: alright thats it. (i stood up from the floor, i went to her she just ran out of the door with nothing but undies).
Nwabi: so now that she is gone can you two tell us what is going on here.
Me: well just ask your male bitch brother here. I think he may have a pretty good idea of what happened. I am off to bed.
Just as i was about to exit the door. Luyolo held my hand.
Me: can you please let go of me. And run after your slut. I am sure she needs some handling.
Luyolo: princess please give me a chance to explain.
Me: ohk you have exactly 5minutes starting from now.
Luyolo: i can't tell you how bad i feel right now. I don't know what's wrong with me. Worst part is I don't even love mpumi.
ME: yet she was in your bed naked don't you find that a bit odd.
Luyolo: i can't really tell you what happened because i don't even understand it.
Me: so how long have you been sleeping with her.
Luyolo: princess please.....
Me: answer me dammit, how long has this been going on.
Luyolo: a week now.
Me: i hope she makes you happy.
And i hope she is worth breaking my heart.
Luyolo: that's the problem, she is not. I can feel that you and i had something special even though i don't remember it. Its like something is blocking the memories i shared with you on purpose. But i know that i love you. And i will never love another accept you.
Me: yet here we are, i find what you saying so hard to believe.
Can i please go i need to sleep. Its a school day tomorrow.
Luyolo: princess please forgive me. I am so sorry i didn't mean to hurt you.
Me: please save it.
He then let go of me. I walked out , mandy and nwabi followed me.
Mandy: yoh i didn't know you are a bruce lee mntase , remind me not to get on you bad books.
Nwabi: yhuuh ai sheim ubetha nyhani. I am sure that girl wherever she is. She is crying.
Me: ai guys i didn't beat her that much. I just scared her off luyolo.
Mandy: shaim i feel bad for my brother. He seemed sencere that he has no idea about what is going on with him.
Me: mxm could've fooled me.
Nwabi: i also think something is not right.
Me: guys if that is your way of telling me to forgive your brother then i am afraid its not working.
Let me go to sleep before i loose my temper.
"goodnight then" the both chantered.

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