Thursday, September 10

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 34

Insert 34
I woke up the following day. Did the usually then we went to the bus stop with mandy.
The bus arrived and we boarded and it took us to school. khitha was waiting for me at our usual spot.
Me: hey girl.
Khitha: hey sistaz hows your morning.
Me: ah just normal.
Khitha: ohk what's eating you, spit it out.
Me: nothing is eating me, i am perfectly fine..
Khitha: ohk i am pretty sure that this has something to do with luyolo right.
Me: no hey as i said i am fine.
The reason why i didn't wanna tell khitha about yesterday's scandal is because if i told her, she was gonna tell vuyo. And vuyo would try to take advantage of the situation. Since i knew that he wanted more than friendship from me.
The bell rang and we went to class. Everything was just boring that day. I had thousands of messages all from luyolo asking for my forgiveness. I never replied to even one of his messages. I was still so mad at him for cheating on me and sleeping with a girl under my nose.
its been 3months since the luyolo incident. Well things were now better between us atleast we were civil torwards each other. And this past 2 months i never saw anything that suggested that yolo was cheating on me. And he was back to work but still stayed at home so he travel. He spoiled me rotten and i enjoyed every minute of it.
It was a hot saturday and i was sitting at the veranda busy with my new phone that luyolo bought me a week ago. I had just downloaded facebook. So i was checking people's pictures and reading their feeds.
When my phone rang it was luyolo so i answered in an instant.
Me: hey you did you miss me that much.
Luyolo: hahaha i wish. Sorry i left without saying goodbye to you this morning i had to live so early and i couldn't wake you up.
you were sleeping piecefully.
Me: ah its fine you don't have to apologise, i don't mind. Its no big deal.
Luyolo: ohk then so how is your saturday so far.
Me: ah boring and hot.
Luyolo: i was wondering if you can meet me at the mall.
Me: yoh so i must walk to the mall in this hot sun.
Luyolo: please dear there's something i have to tell you. And i don't want you to hear it from someone else.
Me: can't you just tell me when you get home atleast.
Luyolo: no i cant. Please meet me at the mall love.
Me: ohk then.
Luyolo: please hurry up. I've already knocked off and i am on my way there.
Me: ohk let me freshen up quickly then i would be on my way.
Luyolo: ohk see you soon.
Me: bye.
As lazy as i was. I went to take a quick shower. I wore my jean and skinny top and pumps. Well he didn't tell me to dress fancy. So i wear what didn't need to be ioned. I took a sling bag and my phone and an umberella. I then hit the road. It felt like the longest walk of my life. The sun was literally cooking me. The umberella was no use, it was really hot.
Finally i got to the mall and luyolo had not yet arrived. So i did some window shopping and then i went to buy myself an ice cream at wimpy.
Luyolo called.
Me: uphi (where are you).
Luyolo: spur. And you.
Me: i am at wimpy.
Luyolo: ohk i am coming to get you.
Me: k sharp.
I waited for 6 minute and i saw him at the door. So i stood up and went to him. We hugged.
Luyolo: you look stunning love.
Me: lol are you trying to be funny,
luyolo: i am dead serious bonanje.
Me: stop lying theres nothing stunning about what i am wearing.
Luyolo: well you don't have to wear fancy clothes to look stunning to me dear. Even if you walk naked you will always look stunning in my eyes babes.
Me: lol , i think you are blind.
Luyolo: well if the truth makes me blind then so be it.
We kept having that silly conversation untill we got to nandos. He showed me our table. And we went to sit down and our order was brought because luyolo had already ordered before he went to fetch me.
We started eating. And i could see that something was bothering him, he didn't look happy at all. After we finished eating i broke the silence that had filled our table.
Me: so what is it that you couldn't tell me at home ( i said wiping my mouth)
luyolo: em this is bigger than you think.
I don't know how to tell you this.
Me: you are now scaring me.
Luyolo: well firstly i would like to say that, what i am about to tell you changes nothing between us ohk. I love you and i will always love you.
You are the only girl who knows how to put a smile on my face.
Me: ohk stop it, are you dying or are you officially dumping me.
Luyolo: no, its none of that.
Me: then what is it.
Luyolo: i don't know how to put this. I don't want you to be hurt.
Me: can you speak already.
Luyolo: well you remember mpumi.
Me: the girl you slept with, of'cause i remember her. How could i not. Are you guys back at it.
Luyolo: no, never.
She sent me a picture today.
Me: what picture.
Luyolo: an ultra-sound picture athe, she is pregnant and she said i am the father.
I froze right there.

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