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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 37

Insert 37
A week later.
Mpumis family had come to report her pregnancy the previous day. Her bun was already showing a lot, which was a bit weird considering the fact that she was suppose to be three months in her pregnancy.
We were sitting at the lounge watching tv and my mom broke the cold silence that filled the room.
Mom: inoba imith' amatwins lantombazana (that girl must be carrying twins).
Her belly is quite big for a person who is three months in her pregnancy.
Mandy: yeah its either that or she is lying.
Luyolo: lying how.
Mandy: as in she is not three months.
Luyolo: but that would be impossible because i only slept with her in july and now its october and thats three months.
Nwabi: hayyi mntaka tata engath kant ubanjiswe ilahle sozuve. ( it seems like the baby is not yours)
( both mandy and nwabi laughed)
mom: hayyi nina san' uhleka omnye umntana (hey you two don't laugh at your brother).
What if she is really three months, maybe her baby is big.
Mandy: or you really desparate to be a granny mama.
Nwabi: i can already picture luyolo fathering usana olumnyama( a pitch black newborn) with big mouth like mpumi.
(they laugh again).
Mandy: i am sure ta yolo would be the one doing the baby sitting since it looks like his wife is a party person.
Mom: and ubukeka ephakamile nyan yaz lamntana. (that girl really looks like she is too full of herself)
Luyolo: i would never raise a baby that is not mine. The minute that baby is born the first thing i will do is to demand a DNA test. And if its really my baby i will just pay the damages and take my baby.
Mom: and what about the baby's mother.
Luyolo: well i don't love her and i will never take her as a wife.
Me: why did you get her pregnant in the first place if you really don't love her.
Luyolo: it was a stupid mistake of which i had no idea of how it happened.
Nwabi: yhuu andayihleka ke lhe. You don't know how you got your girlfriend pregnant.
Luyolo: what i mean is that i was always careful with her, i always used protection.
Mom: the lord works in mysterious ways.
We all burst out laughing.
To be honest i was overwhelmed by the topic. But i had no choice. I couldn't beat myself over this. The deed had already been done. The was no need crying over a spilt milk. The was an innocent soul involved so i just had to accept that me and luyolo were never meant to be.
Maybe the was a guy out there who was meant to be mine and mine alone.
My family were busy making fun of luyolo when my phone disturbed me.
I excused myself. I went outside to answer it.
ME: hi i wasn't expecting your call since you said you would be spending your weekend with your girlfriend.
Sibu: ahhh i wouldn't be calling if she was by my side.
Me: whats wrong you sound troubled and down.
Sibu: my girlfriend cancelled last night, she said that something came up so she coudn't be able to come.
Me: i am sorry to hear that. Maybe it was something important.
Sibu: more important than me, the person she loves.
Me: maybe it was a family issue.
Sibu: i never felt worthless like i felt last night, i had prepared a romentic dinner the were roses, candles and wine girl, i even cooked. I waited on that table like a fool until the candles burned out. The food became cold her phone was off. Then at midnight she calls me and told me that she couldn't come and how sorry she was.
Me: ncoooh sorry friend i am sure
she has a good explaination.
Sibu: no explaination can be enough for what she did. Anyway how is your baby mama drama, how did yesterday go.
Me: well they did come and luyolo didn't admit or refuse the pregnancy, he said that he would see when the baby arrives.
Yoh you should have seen mpumi's face. She yelled at luyolo and told him how untrustworthy and ungrateful he is infront of the elders just because luyolo didn't admit to the pregnancy.
Sibu: ngu mpumi otheni nah lho makayofa for all i care. Luyolo did the right thing. He has the right to know if the baby is his first.
the is nothing wrong with that.
Anyway how are you holding up in all this.
Me: i am fine. I have already accepted that there is no future between me and yolo. I just have to let him go for the baby's sake. I would not take a father from his child.
Sibu: well that's if and a big IF, LUYOLO is the father. Don't make a rush decision dear wait first untill you are sure that luyolo is responsible.
Me: what if i wait and he is responsible.
Sibu: and what if he is not. I don't trust this zulu girl.
Me: well time will tell.
Sibu: anyway lets go out tomorrow get away from all this. Just get some fresh air.
Me: i could definantly use fresh air.
Where are we going.
Sibu: i will tell you tomorrow morning just be ready.
Me: ohk then.
Sibu: bye ke bhabha.
Me: bye.
Sibu: love you su stressa maan.
Me: love you more and i will try not to.
I then cut the call. Sibu was just what i called a friend in need.

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