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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 38

Insert 38.
After we finished eating we got inside the club and we sat on a table that was in a corner. And already khitha was menddling with some guys she met outside the club.
Sibu: guys lets go buy some booze.
Khitha: you two go along me and mandla(the guy he just met) will wait for you here.
Sibu: lets go bhabha.
We were approaching the counter when someone grabbed my shoulder roughly. I turned to see who it was and to my surprise mpumi and two tall dark girls who looked like guys were standing infront of me.
Mpumi: we ou nayi lengane ecabanga ukuthi izongidlela indoda ngibhekile.
(my friends, here's the kid who thinks she can snatch my man under my nose).
(Sibu looked at them and back at me, he was clearly confused, about what mpumi was talking about, and thats because he never met mpumi face to face before).
Sibu: bathetha naban aba.
(who are they talking to).
Me: with me i guess, SIBU MEET MPUMI.
sibu: theee mpumi.
Me: yep the one and only.
Sibu: wow finally i got to meet the hoe.
Mpumi: ubiza bani isfebe wena.
(who are you calling a hoe).
Firstly LUU slept with me ngoba engithanda ( because he loves me)
AND because this thing here failed to satisfy his needs
me: owh is that what he told you.
Mpumi: he didn't have to tell me, it was obvious. Please stay away from him, he is going to be a father now he doesn't need your sloopy self around him (she said proudly while she brushed her tummy).
Me: lol you are funny you know and i don't have energy for this. I just feel sorry for the baby, it would be terrible having you as a mother.
(she grabbed my t'shirt and i was slowly getting fueled up). I raised my hand and the other batista of a girl hold my hand.
Girl 1: ucabanga ukuthi wenzan.
(what do you think you are doing)
girl 2: myeke ow ake nje alinge amshaye uzodealer nathi.
(let her be friend, if she tries to beat her, she will deal with us).
Sibu: owh not in my watch.
Akho kwamntu ozobetha u-Athe apha ndikhona. Ndizawunihlaba ninye mna nisho ngobuso obuciniley' apha.
( there's no one who will lay a hand on athe here while i am around, i will stab you both, with your tight faces).
MPumi: ungenaphi ke wena, or nawe uyindoda yakhe.
( how is this your business, or are you also one of her boyfriends)
Sibu: uthule ke wena. Utsho nge weave emdaka ngathi yinja enomgada. Intloko iyahlanjwa girl. Nidelela gqithi maan nina. Nibusy nichayisa ngokuba ngamazulu apha ayo trophy ukuba ngumzulu sana.
I was basically in stitches with laughter. Sibu never occured as the "talking what i want type". Shame those two girls who came with mpumi just left her there with tales between their legs.
Mpumi didn't know whether to follow them or just stand and watch as sibu embarrassed her.
Sibu: rhaaa umpumi wobubhanxa, what you have in that tummy ayo promise ring or an engagement ring girl. Stop throwing yourself at men it ruins your reputation as a lady. Luyolo can still leave you with that pregnancy you are so proud of, provided that's really his baby.
Me: lets go sibu please i am sure she has had enough, look at her its like she wanna cry.
Sibu: she should have thought about your feelings first when she showed up here with her two gorilla friends.
Me: just let her be ohk.
Sibu: ndikhe ndive ukba (if i ever hear that) you tormented ATHE AGAIN, i will beat you nalo bhola yakho ndiboshwe futhi andikhathali . Are we clear.
( mpumi just nodded with her head. She looked so ashamed).
Sibu: khawuhambe futh apha utsho nge ntloko etsolo ngathi uyimember ye axe pha ku kung fu hustle.
She slowely walked away. And we burst out laughing, we went to the counter and bought the booze. We returned back to where khitha and mandla we sitted, khitha was now on mandla's lap.
Khitho: yhuu i thought you guys had gone home already. You've been gone forever.
Me: well we encoutered a slight problem.
Khitha: what kind of a problem.
Me: don't worry sibu took care of it.
Khitha: ingathi kante you decided to have sex in the toilets.
Me: loool you insane, i told you that we are not dating, sibulele is just my friend thats all.
Khitha: we will never know.
Me: ah believe whatever you want to believe, but i have already told you the truth.
Sibu gave khitha her booze and i took my six pack of smirnof storm and we started drinking. Sibu only drank 2 dumpies because he was driving.
After we had enough. Sibu drove us home, he first dropped khitha at her place. And he drove me home.
Me: thanx i needed the fresh air.
Him: that's what friends are for right.
Me: yeah,
sibu: whenever you need anything know that i am always here for you ohk.
Me: ohk thanx again.
Sibu: and please give luyolo a chance don't make any rush decision, that you will regret later.
Me: i will think about it.
We then shared a brief hug. And i exited his car. It was already dark so i ran inside the house. I went straight to the shower, i needed to wash the alcohol away.
When we

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