Thursday, September 17

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 39

Insert 39
It was monday morning and i woke up to a soft knock coming from the main door. "Who could it be this early morning" i thought to myself. I dragged myself out of bed, my head felt so heavy, i had a hangover from yesterday's drinking. I wore a rope and i went to check who was at the door.
"who is it" i said opening the door.
My jaws literally dropped. I swallowed hard i honestly didn't expect to see her here after yesterday's scandal. My eyes couldn't help but stare at the luggage that was next to her and this bald tall man she was with.
She shared a disgusting look.
I couldn't contain the sharp look i received from the bald man she was with, so i broke the silence.
Me: hey mpumi, i honestly didn't expect to see you here at this time. (my hands were sweaty)
The man: bowufuna ukumbona kuphi nah. Awuhambe uyobiza unyoko uyekele ukukhuluma umbhedo la.
(where did you want to see her. Just go and call your mother and stop talking nonsense here).
Me: owh uxolo ( my apologies)
i quickly made way for them to enter, i escorted them to the lounge, without uttering any word. I could sense the rudeness on that man's tone.
"Mama" i said knocking on her bedroom door.
She ordered me to come in.
Mom: iyaba yinton ngok ngelixesha athe.
(what is now, at this time athe) me: une ndwendwe pha e lounge (you have visitors at the lounge)
they demand to see you.
Mom: who are they.
Me: your future daughter-in-law and some random man.
Mom: ai shem they don't have timing.
(she got out of her bed, quickly went to wash her face and brushed her teeth. Then she wore her gawn, and she went to the lounge).
I just saw it best to take a bath because i was already awake.
After that bath i wore my school uniform. And i dranked some tablets for the headache, the other s were already awake.
Lord knows how badly i wanted to hear what they were talking about in that launge.
I thought maybe they were here because of what happened at the club.
But the minute i saw luyolo being surmmoned i knew that it had nothing to do with that.
We Were waiting for luyolo in the kitchen because he was our ride.
He came in looking rather pissed off.
Luyolo: guys i am sorry i can't drive you to school. You have to take a bus today.
Mandy: why, what happened. does this have anything to do with your guest.
Luyolo: you guys have to go now or else you will be late, i will tell you everything after school.
Mandy: whatever dude athe let's go.
Luyolo: wait your pocket money.
He handed each of us R20 note. I put mine on my t'shirt pocket. We ran to the bus stop because we were already late.
Few seconds after we got there.
The bus showed up. We borded.
I sat near some guy i hardly knew because the bus was almost full.
" as usual thoughts were racing through my mind, what was the reason behind mpumi and that rude man's visit. What did they say that got luyolo so worked up so early in the morning. Maybe that bald man insulted him after all he had a stinking attitude no doubt about that".
I snapped out of my thoughts because we were already at the school gate. I quickly exited the bus and i could see khitha standing with vuyo.
Why was he here. I wanted to go straight to class but i had no choice they had already spotted me.
I slowly walked to them.
Me: hey guys (faking a smile)
khitha: hey chommie how is the hangover.
Me: i am fine.
Khitha: yho headache is killing me.
Vuyo: so am i that invisible, anditholi kwa hug lhe.
(i dont even get a hug)
me: ncooh soory maan, khitha disturbed me (i gave him a tight hug)
being in his mascular arms made me feel so cool and comfortable. Its like i belonged right there.
His cologne made my knees weak, for a minute i remembered the good times we spent together even though i didn't know whether those time were real or not.
Khitha: ohk guys you can let each other go now before you sleep in each other's arms.
(khitha's voice brought me back to reality i quickly broke the hug looking embarrassed).
Vuyo: lies aside for a minute there it felt good having you in my arms again.
Me: don't flatter yourself it was just a stupid hug.
Vuyo: i guess its those stupid little things that one miss the most.
Me: ufuna nton apha( what do you want here) because the last time i remember u did not attend here.
Vuyo: i was just here to see my beautiful angel. I haven't seen you like forever. I didn't think i would survive few more days without setting my eyes on you.
Me: well now that you saw me how about you leave.
Vuyo: so you are chasing me away.
Me: no i want to have a girl talk with khitha.
Vuyo: owh ohk then it was nice seeing you. Sure khitha.
Khitha: sharp bro.
(vuyo left us)
khitha: so what do you want to talk about.
Me: nothing, i just wanted him to leave.
Khitha: yoh ai shem you are not fair.
Me: whatever, lets go the bell is about to ring.
We walked to class. With her telling me how dirty i was for chasing vuyo away.

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