Thursday, September 24

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 44

Insert 44
Later sibu drove me home.
Khitha said we should leave without her because she already had a ride.
After sibu dropped me.
I went to take a bath and wore a long black dress and slippers.
I went to the sitting room where my mom was.
Me: yhuu baphi abantu balomzi. (where are the others)
Mom: nwabi no mandy bathe baya epartini. Uluyolo nompumi bona soloko bevalelene pha kula room ka mpumi.
(nwabi and mandy attended a party. Luyolo and mpumi are in mpumi's room)
Me: ebephethwe yinton umpumi.
(what was wrong with mpumi).
Mom: khange agule umpumi besihleli naye apha ( mpumi was never sick we were with her here)
and then she went out to make a call.
Shortly after that i saw luyolo coming in. And they went to her room oko bevalelene pha till now.
Wena ubuve ngabani ukuba umpumi uyagula.
(and they since been there till now, and who told you that mpumi is sick).
Me: luyolo.
Mom: ah he was just fooling around with you.
Me: inoba.
I went to prepare food for my mom.
Because no one cooked.
After cooking i dished up for her and took it to the lounge.
Mom: ai nono you didn't have to bother yourself. I was gonna cook for myself.
Me: cook for yourself while i am around sozee mama.(never mom)
Mom: you such a darling you know that.
Me: yeah i know.
Mom: uyakuthanda umamakho nhe. (your mom loves you)
Me: i love you too mom. Now eat before this food gets cold.

Few minutes later mpumi came in with the biggest grin ever in her face.
Mpumi: owh mom you already eating, i was about to prepare food for you.
Mom: i always tell you to stay way from the pots sisi, you are not suppose to cook we haven't paid your bride price yet and you are heavilly pregnant, you dont have to overwork yourself.
Mpumi: andi mind nje ukphekela mah.
(i don't mind cooking for you)
Mom: and i mind, we have to follow the right procedure, just because your family brought you here that doesn't mean that you are a proper daughter-in-law. Without anything being paid.
you are just a girl who claims that my son impregnanted her thats all.
Mpumi: owh (i could see the embarrassment written all over her face)
mom: i am not saying that in a bad way,
my daughter but i am a elder.
I cannot allow rules to be broken.
Besides i have three grown girls who can cook for me.
And athe knows her way to the kitchen very well.
Mpumi: ohk mah.
I left them there. With their boring conversation.
I went to the shop to buy airtime for myself.
And some guy approached me. He was wearing a jean and a t-shirt with flops.
Guy: hi my sister.
With that said,
Already he had ruined the chances of scoring points with me.
The thing is a guy who calls every girl he meets "my sister" is a total turn off for me.
I don't know why but i just hate guys who addresses girls like that.
Guy: ey sistery can i have a word with you.
Me: ufuna nton, what do you want (i said with a very cheecky voice).
Guy: i just wanna say you are charming.
Me: like really out of all the words you can use you decided to go for charming.
Excuse me i have to go i am in a hurry.
Guy: atleast give me your number phone.
Me: ai i can't, you are too ancient for my liking.
Guy: how do you mean.
Me: i mean the "number phone" part.
I haven't heard anyone saying that in years.
Guy: sorry maan sisteri, my name is johannes and yours.
Just after he said that
I walked away.
It wasn't only his lingo that was out of place. His name too.
"what a waste of looks" i thought to my self.
That guy was way too hot too be so ancient. And he looked so young to be that old. If you know what i mean.
I looked back and he was still standing right where i left him.
What a shame.
I felt bad for living him ther but i couldn't bear hearing that shit.
I walked as fast as i could incase he decides to follow me. I didn't want him to see where i stay.
I didn't need guys like him to follow me around.
I got into the house and went straight to my room.
And to my surprise luyolo was sitting on my bed.
Me: and then who died and made you the owner of this room.
Luyolo: something happened.
Me: something like what, owh you mean the fact that mpumi lied about being sick.
Luyolo: no the fact that i woke up in her bed naked and i have no idea how my clothes came off.
Me: lol is that suppose to be a joke.
Luyolo: no i am dead serious.
Me: how is that possible.
Luyolo: i don't know but the last thing i remember was drinking water with my glass when i got here and then i went to check on her in her room, i don't remember what happened next.
Me: owh is that all.
Luyolo: thats all i remember.
Me: please leave my room. (i said with a calm voice)
I need to take a nap.
Luyolo: wow its that all you can say.
Me: i need to process the fact that you slept with that girl kwakhon (again)
luyolo: i am sor....
"save it" i enterupted him.
He slowly got up from my bed looking drained and defeated.
He exited my room and i slam the door.
I threw my self in bed.

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