Thursday, September 24

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 45

Insert 45
I put a pillow in my face and i screamed as loud as i could. My heart was torn into pieces. I never knew that a human being can inflict so much pain in another fellow human.
I tried not to cry but it was impossible.
I wanted something to make me numb. Maybe a medication that would make my heart painless.
Why was all this happening to me.
And when was the right time for me to find piece.
Haven't i cried enough.
And how much pain can one person consume.
That whole december i became a ghost.
I hardly talked to anyone at the house.
I pretended that life doesn't exist.
That it was just me against the world.
From that day i never talked to luyolo again.
Its like i was living in my own world.
I stopped caring.
And that felt great for a while. I didn't care whether mpumi was with luyolo or not.
I never went out i was always indoors.
My mom tried asking me what was eating me up but i never told her anything.
Sibu and khitha called everyday. But i never answered any of thier calls infact i ended up switching my phone off.
I remember on the 31st of december everyone was making plans on how they will start the new year. Everyone accept for me.
I was lying in bed when i heard a knock on my door.
Me: mom please go away, i don't want to talk and i am not going to the new years eve party.
"hayi khawvule apha bhabha or i am breaking this door, ndine swart team apha i ready to kick this door down if need be"
me: sibu please let me be.
Sibu: khawvule torho nana zam yini bawo. (please open my dear, oh god)
I tried keeping quiet but sibu wouldn't stop begging me to open the door so i ended up letting him in.
Sibu: ai wena zombie umenze nton ubhabha wam. ( ey zombie what did you do to my friend)
Me: mxm sibu stop messing around.
Sibu: i refuse to let the devil have power over you Nana. Right now you gonna get up from that bed go take a shower and wear this (he said throwing a gift bag at me and i browsed through it the was a purple dress a very beautiful one at that and a purple heel with a box wich had a matching necklace and earrings).
Sibu: please get out of that bed or i am carrying you out my self and i will even bath you myself if need be.
Me: ok, ok i am getting up ke.
Sibu: good i will be waiting for you at the lounge.
I dragged myself out of bed. I went to take a long soothing bath. I felt so refreshed. I wore the dress and the hill. Well i knew how to walk in a heel i just didn't like wearing it. A light knock came from the door. It was sibu i alerted him to come in.
I asked him to help me with the necklace and the earrings.
Sibu: woow i knew this was gonna look good on you but i didn't picture it to be this perfect.
Bhabha you look like an angel.
Its like this was just made for you.
Me: ncoooh thanx friend. Thanx for getting me this and getting me out of bed.
Sibu: anything for you nana, thats what i am here for.
Me: so whats the occasion.
Sibu: tonight i am gonna be your date i am taking you out. Away from all this drama.
To a quiet place where you will find piece and laughter.
Where you will relax. And focus on being young and enjoying your life.
Me: ncoooh where did you get the money for all this.
Sibu: as much as i would love to take the credit but i didn't do this. I just booked the venue and luyolo paid for all the expenses he said you needed time out.
Me: i should have known. So he picked this dress.
Sibu: yhuu no way, you know i am the only one who knows what looks good on you.
Me: indeed you do (i flashed a smile).
Sibu: now thats how your face should look like.
Me: mxm whatever.
Sibu: you are the strongest and most brave teenager i have ever set my eyes on , you deserve to be happy.
(i couldn't hold my tears sibu was just a perfect friend.
He knew exactly which buttons to press to melt my heart)
we shared a warm hug and i broke down.
Sibu: ssshhh sulila nana you gonna get through this trust me and i will be right beside you every step of the way. Thats what friends are for.
(he wiped my tears)
me: i love you, you know that right.
Sibu: of'coz i know, besides theres nothing not to love about me.
I am sweet, funny and one hell of a hunk.
Me: whoow hold you horses, don't get ahead of yourself.
We both laughed.
I tied my twist into a neat bun. I looked so beautiful. And i knew that tonight was gonna be a great night.
So i took my purse and phone we went to the car.
And sibu drove us to this nice restuarant.
And our table was already reserved. He pulled out a chair for me and i sat down and he also took a sit our menus were brought. And were ordered. After that resturant we went to the beach. That fresh moist breeze was what i needed. And then we went to some new years eve concert which we had VIP tickets for.
That day i had the greatest night ever with no drama.
It was just me and my best friend.

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