Saturday, September 26

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 46

Insert 46
I had fabulous time with sibu that day. At midnight we did the count down and the crickets were set. Atleast i made few new years resolutions myself. Which included me stopping dating for a while,
that year i was only gonna focus on my matric,
there was gonna be no vuyo nor luyolo in my life. Just me and my books.
I knew that it was gonna be hard bringing those resolutions to term but i was willing to try.
We danced the night away with sibu.
At 4:30 am i was dead tired and my feet were killing me. Thats the main reason why me and heels don't get along. So i took the heels off.
And i shook sibu who was focused on dj cleo who was perfoming on stage.
I signal him to move away from the crowd, i led the way and he followed me to where his car was parked.
Sibu; yhuu bhabha awnanhloni shame uzikhumlele nton ezi heels kengok.
People will think that ubuya ezilalini.
(yhuu dear you have no shame why did you take off you heels now,
people will think that you come from the rurals)
Me: yhuu ai shem i couldn't keep up my feet were killing me.
Its like someone had put needles under my feet.
Sibu: lol shame you really not a heel fan nhe,
but it suits you so well they make your posture so firm which in turn makes your killer body more breathe taking.
I notice every guy in there had their eyes fixed on you.
Me: if they knew that i have no interest whats so ever in a guy, they would have stop staring.
And i wonder what they really see in me because i am just a young broken girl who has had enough problems to last for a life time.
Sibu: well too bad thats not written all over your face.
I am sure they see what i see.
Me: which is?.
Sibu: a young beautiful lady who is bold and full of life.
No body can tell that you've through pain nana you are firm and you stand your ground and your intelligency is a bonus.
Thats whay i chose to have someone like you as a friend.
Me: ncoooh stop it you will make me cry.
Sibu: and i would be glad knowing that those would be tears of joy.
Anyway ndiyashiywa ngu cleo why did you call me out her.
Me: well i am tired and sleepy now so i was wondering if you can take me home or let me sleep in the car if you still wanna watch the rest of the show.
Sibu: ai even if i was still enjoying the show, which i wasn't,
i will never allow you to sleep in a car its unlady like. Khwela Masgoduke.
(get in and let us go)
I got in the car and sibu got in the driver's seat and we left the last thing i remember is that we were having a silly conversation, the next thing i knew sibu was gently shaking me.
Me: mmhm.
(i said opening my eyes apparently i felt asleep, i don't know when).
Sibu: sesi lapha bhabha.
(we are here dear)
Me: where.
Sibu: duh kokwenu.
(duh at your home)
I peeped through the window and we were really at my house. The were lots of people in the yard and some braai stand, meat and booze.
Me: thanx for taking me home.
So are you coming with me or you living.
Sibu: ai noko i may be a gentlemen but soze ndiyeke inyama ndiyibona, ( i may be a gentlemen but i will never say no to meat) so with that said i am coming with you.
Me: lol you surely do love meat.
Sibu: well eyojiwe soze ndiyiyeke.
(well i will never say no to braai meat)
We got out off the car and i went to the house. There was loud music and everybody were dancing their heart out
"new years vibes".
I got sibu some meat and he went to chill with some guys.
I went to my room atleast inside the house they were no people. my mom made sure that it was a no go area.
I took off the dress.
I went to take a shower to get rid of the tiredness i was feeling.
The time was now 5:30 and i was feeling as sleepy as shit.
so i made sure that the shower was brief and short.
After i finished i went back to my room wore a big t-shirt. I threw my self in bed and i fell asleep in an instant.
I felt someone tapping my shoulder but i ignored it i thought i was dreaming but the person continued tapping me and harder this time around,
me: yinton (i said with a sleepy but irritated voice).
The person didn't respond he continued tapping me harder and harder, "finally" i opened my eyes and there sat a man who looked a bit old, i rubbed my eyes as too see him clearly because i didn't recognise his face.
"How did he got in my room and why is it so quiet all of a sudden where did the music and people go" i thought to my self.
I sat up straight and look at this man that was sitting in my bed staring at me without saying any word.
Me: who are you and what are doing in my room.
Instead of answering me blood started coming out from his eyes and mouth then suddenly blood was every where on my bed. I screamed so loud and someone shook me. I woke up dripping wet from sweating. My heart pounding so hard, So it was a dream.

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