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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 47

Insert 47
I searched for the blood in the bed. In my mind i thought the was no way a mere dream can seem so real.
"whats wrong with you, i heard your screams from my room" my mom interupted my thoughts.
She was standing near my bed with a concerned look on her face. She may be the one who woke me up from this nightmare i was having.
Me: (i swallowed saliva and gathered my strenght to talk) its nothing mom.
Mom: what i saw when i got here didn't seem like nothing.
You were drizzling wet from your sweat.
And you looked terrified.
The fear i saw on your face didn't look like nothing.
Me: i just had a pretty scarry and weird dream dream, well more like a nightmare thats all.
Mom: what was the dream all about.
me: a man i hardly knew came into my room and sat in my bed, when i asked him what he wanted blood came from his eyes and mouth then there was blood everywhere. It felt so real mama.
Mom: how did the man look.
Me: he was a bit tall with a fair complexion and brown eyes his mouth was surrounded by beard, a sharp nose and an almost square shaped mouth.
With protruding jaws.
Mom: owh thixo (owh god)
my mom left my room and i was surprised, did i say something wrong or anything.
A few minutes later my mom came back caring an envelop.
She took out something which seemed like a picture and she handed it to me and it was indeed a picture.
Mom: is that the man you saw.
I took a closer look at the picture.
Me: yes he looks like the man on my dream but the difference is that the man on my dream was a lot thinner and a bit older.
Why do they look alike?
Who is this man mom!
(i asked with a curious look on my face)
mom: well baby that right there is your father 20 years ago, before you were even born.
The man that is staying with luyolo's mom now.
( my mom answered with a disappointed voice).
Me: how is this possible, what does he want from my dreams.
Can't he just leave me in piece.
First it was a phone call now this.
Mom: whoow how do you mean by first it was a call.
Shit!!! I now remembered that i never told my mom about the call i reiceved 2 months back from an unknown man.
Mom: athe what call???
Me: well two months ago a man called me and told me that someone close to me was in danger, i believe its the same men who called me before the accident.
Mom: i wonder what is that man and his devil of a wife are up to now.
Me: mama ndiyoyika mna (mom i am scared).
Maybe something is wrong with him maybe he is sick or in danger.
Mom: or maybe he is planning on how to ruine our life again with his witch (by the tone of my mom's voice i could tell that he was pissed off. And i could feel the amount of hatred she had for the man whose supposedly was my father).
She left my room in a hurry leaving that picture.
I took another look at it and i saw that a part of me did look like him.
But i looked more like my mother.
Even my physic was the ressemblance of her.
I tossed the pic away and get off my bed,
i went to take a peek at the window and the sun had come out but people were still outside drinking. But i couldn't see my beestie around maybe he left.
Just then my phone rang it was a private number.
Me: hello
Me: i can hear you breathing, please answer me or i will cut this call.
Caller: ndim ntombam (its me my daughter)
me: wena kwakhona? Ufuna nto kanye kanye kum.
(you again? What exactly do you want from me).
Caller: i know i am the last person you would want to have anything to do with.
But i want you to know that i regret not being present on your life,
i regret that you had to grow up without me in your life.
But i never stopped caring nor have i ever stop loving you. Me: hheyi mlungisi ndini or whatever you call your self khawuhlale'ndabeni.
(hey mlungisi or whatever you call yourself, will you cut to the chase).
Caller: i just called to let you know that someone around you is in danger.
Me: (i chuckle) wouldn't you know since you and your wife has decided to play god with my life.
Caller: i had nothing to do with anything that is happening to you
its all NOMONDE's doing.
Me: who is nomonde.
Caller: my wife.
Me: owh wow what do you know, the devil also has a name.
Caller: i tried to get her to stop what she is doing but everytime i say something i end up being punished.
Like being denied food for the whole week.
Being beaten.
And look after her animals that she uses to do her evil deeds.
Me: whoaw TMI (too much info) i surely don't want to know what you and your wife do.
Caller: please lumka ntombam.
(becareful my daughter).
Me: what if its you whose in danger since you are busy calling me and i pretty sure that your wife doesn't condone this calls.
Have you ever thought about that.
Caller: i know nomonde she will never hurt me because that wont make you suffer,
whenever she does something she makes sure that it will have painful effect on you.
Me: ah whatever man, bye.
I cut the call and paced around the room i was stress as shit.
Who was in danger.

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