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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 48

Insert 48
I tried to think as hard as i could.
" who could be in danger",
but my mind pointed me to one person "luyolo" i tried shifting that thought out of my mind as quickly as i possible.
I went to rinse my face and change into a simple dress and pumps.
I went outside where few people were still chilling and drinking their booze.
I joined them but i made sure that i didn't drink.
I just listen to the silly arguements that they were having , atleast it kept my mind occupied
and i wouldn't have to think about the dreams and the phone call that i had just recieved earlier.
Fast forward:
days had turned into weeks, and weeks into months.
And schools had re-opened.
i was the only one attending school now,
mandy had recieved her results and she passed with symbol D. It wasn't a great pass but everybody was happy that atleast she passed.
And she decided to take a gap year.
My mind was still distant i wasn't at ease for the fact that i was still waiting for someone close to me to get hurt or worse.
The terrible dreams or should i say nightmares were still hunting me, i was even scared of falling asleep.
I and sibu were as tight as ever.
And funny enough the was something weird and fishy going on between him and khitha.
They had started acting all lovey dovey all of a sudden. But they kept saying that nothing was going on between them.
It was now in march and schools were closed for the easter holidays.
Mpumi was suppose to be 8 months in her pregnancy.
And her belly was as big as a whale.
She looked like she was about to pop/burst at anytime.
Ebemkhulu olohlobo
(she was that big).
It was a friday morning and i was waken up by some loud screaming, i quickly grab my rope and dashed out of my room.
I ran to mpumi's room where the screaming was coming from.
And my mom was already there asking her to breathe.
While she packed her and the babie's clothes into a bag.
Me: whats wrong? why are you screaming (with a confused face).
Mpumi: yhey ungangibuzi udodi wena, iphi indoda yam.
Awuboni ukuthi ingane iyeza, mfonele ngimfuna lana eduze kwami,
(hey don't ask me rubbish, where's my man.
Don't you see that the baby is coming.
Call my man i want him by my side),
i don't want him to miss this great moment of setting his eyes on his baby for the first time
ewu!!!! We mama kubhlungu (she screamed)
mom: engathi ngawuyekela ukhwazana nendoda ufocuse kulena into kulomzuzu. ( you should put all your focus in this moment for now and stop asking about your men).
Mpumi: ai uphi uluyolo wami maan, owh, oouuuccch luuuuu.
(where my luyolo)
I just stood there confused in whether she was really in pains or she was just being dramatic.
Mom: athe please call luyolo and tell him to meet us at cosmos hospital.
Me: how is she in labour ain't she suppose to be 8 months!
Mom: i don't know, that's what i thought too, maybe she is going into an early labour.
Mpumi: ooooohhhhh, ahhhhhh phew, phew
mom: breathe sisi the ambulance is already close.
And within minutes the ambulance arrived and they help her got in.
My mom and mandy also got in.
I was left standing there. alone still confused of the scene i just witnessed.
I remembered that i had to call luyolo.
So i went back to my room to get my phone.
I dialled his number and it rang un answered, i called his work number and some lady answered and i asked to speak with luyolo emphising that it was urgent.
The lady asked me to hold for some few minutes.
Luyolo: helo.
Me: hey its athe.
Luyolo: i know, i recognise your voice, whats wrong why are you calling me at work.
Me: i tried calling your cell but you didn't answer.
Mom told me to call you and tell you that mpumi is in labour.
They just left with an ambulance.
Luyolo: what, how come?
she was eight months mos, in which hospital are they.
Me: cosmos.
Luyolo: shiittt!!! Ohk then thanx for calling me.
Me: its fine.
He hung up, i called mnwabi and told her about the news.
She was also surprised because mpumi was eight months.
I quickly cleaned the house and i made breakfast for myself after that i prepared lunch.
I wasn't even sure that my mom and mandy would be back by lunch time,
i was just taking precautions.
Incase they came back hungry since they haven't even had breakfast.
It was now in the afternoon and the was still no word from anyone.
I was now panicing.
What if something went wrong.
What if something happened to the baby.
As much as i hated mpumi but she sure doesn't deserve going through the pain of loosing a child.
I prayed to god to keep her child self.
After all a baby is a blessing no matter how he/she is conceived.
(Yhuuu yesterday i slept while writing an insert, flue is killing me and my baby)

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