Wednesday, September 30

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 49

Insert 49
In the evening my mom and mandy came back,
nwabi was already back from work.
So i was watching tv with her, when my mom and mandy entered the lounge.
Mom: yho i am so tired (she threw herself on the couch).
Nwabi: so how did it go has she given birth yet.
Mandy: ewe ubelekile.
(yes she gave birth)
Nwabi: come on guys i need details.
Mom: yhuu ai nwabisa xaba awusakhoni nolinda.
(no nwabisa seems like you can't wait)
Nwabi: ewe yhu i can't contain my curiosity.
Mom: mxm you crazy, she just gave birth like any pregnant women would do there's nothing to tell.
Nwabi: yeah like any 9 months pregnant women would do not an eight months one.
Mandy bursted out laughing we all looked at her.
She was in stiches with laughter.
Nwabi: ischazolo ngesanton ke ngok.
(why are you laughing now)
Mom: kudala ke eyihleka indaba yokuba that doctor who attended to mpumi said she was 10 months pregnant. So usis wakho ebe late ngenyanga enye.
(she was one month late)
Nwabi: hhayini nina ngoba uluyolo ebethe ulele naye ngo july ke, if ebene 10 months ngokabani ke ngok lomntwana.
(no guys luyolo said he slept with her in july, so if she was ten months whose baby is it)
Mom: ai ungandibuzi mna andazi kwanto.
Yena mhle shame lamntana.
(ai don't ask me, i dont know anything.
But her baby is cute, its a girl)
Me: so what did luyolo said after hearing that her girlfriend was 10 months into her pregnancy.
Mom: well thats what i cant explain. YES HE HAS DEMANDED for a DNA. But the minute she saw that baby he became so soft in an instant. Yhuuu ebengafuninto ngaye.
(he didn't want anything with her).
Mandy: ai naam iske yandidida ke leyo, coz uluyolo bekufanel'ukba equmbile,
(ai thats what also confuses me because luyolo is suppose to be upset).
but no he was over the moon with joy.
Mom: ndiyasola mna inoba umkelwe zingqondo.
(i think he has lost his mind)
(i blurted out, with so much anger in my tone)
i stormed out of the sitting room and went straight into my room.
I slamed the door behind me and i took my phone under the pillow i called luyolo and he answered in a second ring.
Luyolo: hey princess.
Me: uphi luyolo.
(where are you luyolo).
Luyolo: i am at the hospital, they are keeping mpumi for the night.
They say they need to watch her and the baby's recovery.
Me: kengok wena wenza nton apho.
(so what are you doing there)
are you a medical doctor.
Mxm infact don't answer that.
Luyolo: i need to be close to the baby.
Me: are you that stupid that you don't see that, the baby is not yous.
Luyolo: what if she is mine, she looks like me athe.
Me: that baby will only be yours if you slept with mpumi before the accident.
Luyolo: i didn't know mpumi before then, i only met her in july.
But what if the doctor estimated wrong.
Me: mxm estimated wrongo wobubhanxa utyisiwe wena maan.
(estimatede wrong my foot, you are under a spell)
(i shouted).
Kengok (so now) did you do the DNA TEST.
luyolo: ewe(yes) the results will be out on wednesday.
Me: mxm they better be.
You busy want to play daddy, to other people's kids.
Uba u desperate for umntana izapha kum simenze ngok.
(ndizive senditshilo, bendibila ngumsindo).
(if you are desperate for a baby, come here and let us do one now)
(i blurted out, i was boiling with anger)
I still love you dammit (i mirmick).
Luyolo: no don't say that, you know that you are not ready for a kid, and i promised that i will wait for you. Lets wait for the dna first and if the baby is really not mine we will take it from there.
I cut the call my ears were burning from anger.
I was angry because now i knew that luyolo was not responsible for the pregnancy.
But something blinded him not to see that.
I thought we will finally have mpumi removed from our lives.
But it was not over yet.
The DNA RESULTS we gonna be out soon and surely they were gonna shed some light onto luyolo's eyes.
I sat on the bed.
I stood up again i felt like i was slowly loosing my mind.
I bang my hand on the headbord.
The pain i felt from doing that made my anger subside so i continued banging it untill i heard my mom calling and asking where the noise was coming from.
I didn't answer her.
I stopped hitting the headboard and my hand was painful.
I took a look at it and it was slowly swelling.
"Shit!!!!" (i said)
i quickly went to the kitchen.
And thanx god the was no one there.
I opened the freezer and took out some ice.
I gently rubbed my hand, which seems to be getting bigger by the second.
I went back to my room took my phone and called the one person who knew how to calm me down in times like this.
He picked up from the first ring.
Sibu: hey bhabha.
Me: i think the devil is playing chess with my life.
Sibu: hau nana how do you mean.
(i told him all the events that took place today,
from the morning to the phone call i made to luyolo.
i didn't even leave a single detail).

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