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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 51

Insert 51
Like they say time waits for no men.
Wednesday came and luyolo did get a call to fetch the DNA results cause they were out.
So he came back with them after work on thursday.
He called a family meeting later that evening. So we were gathered in the lounge waiting for him. We waited for almost 30 minutes.
Untill he showed up with a grin in his face.
Mom: uvela nje sowsinekile theni uslindisa kangaka.
(you show up with a grin while we've been waiting for you)
Luyolo: xolo ma oledy (i'm sorry mom) i was discussing something no mama ka miyolo( mpumi's baby name).
Mom: sosuve sesibizwa ngo oledy nje.
I don't wanna lie i had my fingers crossed and my ass tight behind my back.
I prayed that the results would state that luyolo was not the father.
My heart was now beating fast,
i was scared.
Its like i was the one getting the resultd back.
I quickly wiped my sweating hands.
Luyolo: as you know i got a call yesterday telling me that the results were back.
Well i did fetch them today.
And it turned out i was right.
The doctor estimated wrong.
Miyolo is my biological child.
we all said at once like we were singing in a choir.
Luyolo: so i was...................
I didn't get a word he said next.
To me this seemed all wrong.
How can a qualified doctor be wrong.
God really didn't want luyolo and i to be together.
But I LOVE the guy.
Was it wrong to fall inlove.
Now i have to watch him be a perfect father to a baby whose not even his.
Yes!!! I was still convinced that luyolo was not the father.
I swallowed hard trying to get rid of the lump that was in my throat.
Then nwabi passed the dna results paper to me.
Me: what am i suppose to do with this.
Nwabi: kuthwa sizibonele sonke ukuba zithini eze results.
(they say we all must see the results ourselves)
Luyolo: ewe mpumi said i must show you so that you won't ever doubt her.
I read the paper and it was written all their stupid jagons and in between it read "lyolo is 99,9% match".
Me: is this thing ligit.
Luyolo: yeah.
Me: since when did you become lyolo.
I thought your name was luyolo.
Luyolo: its just a mispelling but i assure you this results are ligit.
Me: ohk whatever tata ka miyolo.
(miyolo's father)
Luyolo looked at me straight in the eyes.
For a moment our eyes met and i broke the eye contact.
Me: i am sure the meeting is agend now.
i would like to be excused.
Luyolo: yeah i have said my piece you all can leave accept for you mom,
i would like to have a word with you.
Concerning a way forward.
Mandy luyolo and I exited the lounge.
Mandy: ai shem ndiyayaz ukba umona yikofu kodwa i still think ayngo ka ta luyolo lamntana. Uke wambona phof abafani tuu.
(i know jealousy is a coffee but i still think that baby is not luyolo's.
Did you take a look at her, they don't look alike)
Nwabi: i thought i was the only one thinking that.
Akafani namntu apha lamntana.
And oko elila.
(she doesn't look like anyone here and she is always crying)
Uliliswa yinton xa eseduze notata wakhe
(why does she cry if she is with her dad)
Mandy: inoba uliliswa ngesi sduko abizwa ngaso angasaziyo
Nwabi: ewe a baby can sense anything i am sure she knows that this is not her home.
Mandy: athe waske wathula yinton nah girl.
Shame inoba uva kabhlungu sis.
Don't mind mpumi and her baby the truth will come out one day.
Me: its not mpumi and her baby that are hurting me.
I am hurt by the fact that luyolo entertain this shit.
Nwabi: uphambene shame uluyolo yinton ngaye wasuke wa hyper about the fact of having a baby.
This is really unlike him.
Me: yeah but he is a person and people change every minute of the day.
When we saw luyolo heading to the door we quickly went to our rooms.
I threw my self in bed.
I took a "to kill a mocking bird novel " and read it to keep my mind busy.
Yeah as time goes luyolo did go and pay damages at mpumi's home.
Even though he was more close to the baby than he was to mpumi.
I still hated that.
I hated the fact that he was a father to another woman's child.
Finally he returned back to his house at ermelo.
I was relieved.
Atleast i wont have to see his face everyday.
Mpumi was staying with him.
I heard that she will return home when her child is a year old.
To be honest i didn't care anymore.
I was just happy that they were not around my face.
To me it was minus one problem.
I had shifted all my attention to my school books.
I studied every day and night.
We had formed our study group.
It was me, khitha, sibu and some two guys ( nceba and zolani)
well khitha and sibu were still sleeping together from time to time.
And nceba wanted me.
He had asked me out quite a few times but i turned him down.
I told him that i was taking a break from guys.
Not that he was ugly or something.
Infact he was as handsome as they come.
But i just wasn't interested.
Sibu and I were still as thick as thieves.
And vuyo called everyday just to check up on me. And not forgotting to ask for a love back.
Which expired to me long time ago.

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