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Wednesday, September 30


Diary of a restless soul Insert 52


Insert 52
It was now in july.
School were not opened yet.
And i had passed my mid year with flying colours.
We were cooking a storm.
It was a big day.
Apperantly some people were coming for nwabisa's hand in marriage.
And she was two months preganant.
Her belly was still as flat.
You could not tell that she was preggies.
Well they were uncles i did not know.
Apparently they were my mother's brother who lived in the rurals.
Nwabi's father's brothers were also here.
I was surprise that my mom had a family because she hardly mention them.
Well even luyolo was here.
But he had left mpumi and the baby in ermelo.
Thank god i wasn't in the mood for any drama.
"i could tell by the smell that princess is cooking" luyolo said with a big smile on his face.
Mandy: does that mean that we are invissible.
That you only see your princess cooking not us.
Luyolo: ah you guys know that you can't cook as good as her.
Even now that i nolonger stay here the are days where i still miss her cooking.
Me: thanx for the compliments.
That was all i could say.
I looked at him and all i could do was envy him.
He continued rambling about my cooking.
My phone rang i quickly wiped my hands.
I answered before the caller could hang up.
Me: ey don't tell me you are no longer coming.
Vuyo: don't worry am at the mall.
What can i get for you.
Me: anything that will make up for the lost time.
Its been ages since i've seen you.
Vuyo: ohk then let me quickly buy something then i will be there in a second.
Me: k sharp.
I dropped the call while still smiling.
I quickly wiped my smile after how sharply luyolo was staring at me.
Mandy: and then why are you quiet all of a sudden ta yolo.
Luyolo: ah its nothing mntase. I was just thinking about old times.
And how time flies.
Mandy: owh wheres your legitimate daughter and her mother.
Luyolo: i left them, miyolo won't cope in a crowd.
Mandy: is she still crying alot even now.
Luyolo: she is worse we hardly sleep at night.
Mandy: you should ask her mother to introduce her to her ancestors and call her by her surname, not yours but her real surname.
Luyolo: whose surname must she use if not mine.
Mandy: ask her mother.
The kitchen was slowly becoming awkward and mandy didn't seem to give a damn.
She was on and on about how luyolo was raising another man's child.
I was not even interested in their conversation.
And thanx god sibu came in with khitha.
Me: oowh my second two most favourite people in the world.
(i gave them both hugs).
Sibu: second favourite, so there is a first one who is not me,
oooh who could that be.
Me: duuuh my mom of'cause.
Sibu: mxm thats better.
I thought it was a guy.
Me: lol never you know how me and guys are.
oil and water we don't mix.
Accept for you bhabha.
Sibu: i know looool.
Zimkhitha: so where is the bride to be.
Me: in her room taking a bath.
Khitha: i can't wait for her wedding day.
I heard she's gonna be married to a swati guy.
I wonder if they are romantic.
Sibu: no dear don't get any ideas.
Infact remove that thought from your mind.
Zimkhitha: what thought.
Sibu: i know you.
Anyway eita ta yolo maaan long time.
Luyolo: eita mjita
(they shook hands and shoulder bumped).
And luyolo took out a castle light in the fridge one for himself and one for sibu.
Everybody had something to talk about.
It was just laughter everywhere.
Zimkhitha helped us with the cooking.
We were almost finished.
Only the rice and meat was left.
I had finished doing the salads and the pudding.
I was busy chopping an onion when someone closed my eyes with his hands.
The strong cologne smelt familiar.
I quickly turned and gave him a tight hug.
"finally you are here" i said.
Vuyo: told you i was close.
Hi guys.
" hey vuyo" everybody chantered.
Mandy jumped out of her sit and gave vuyo one warmest hug.
Mandy: hey mntase i haven't seen you in like forever.
Vuyo: well i am here now.
Mandy: then we should have special occasions everyday if that will bring you here.
Vuyo: yeah we should.
He gave me a plastic which was full of goodies.
He also gave mandy her plastic.
Vuyo: so where is the bride to be.
"i am here" nwabi answered.
"woooow" we all said.
She looked respectable.
She was so beautiful.
Wearing a blue long traditional but stylish dress and her dreadlocks were styled in a bun wich made the scarf in her head beautiful.
Vuyo walked to her and hugged her.
Vuyo: woooow you are breath taking.
We all agreed with him.
He gave nwabi a box which contain a neckpiece with a watch.
nwabi: dankie mntase its so beautiful.
Well everything was just great. It was so perfect.
Our intended guests arrived.
We were still in the kitchen. But luyolo, sibu and vuyo had left the kitchen.
They were outside.
Everything seemed to be going well untill we had some noises.
It sounded like a woman shouting.
And throwing insults.
We all ran outside.
"nomonde please leave my house" my mom said.
Yes!!!! Nomonde was here.
The devil herself was at my home.

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