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Wednesday, September 16


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 70


Episode 70
"Who do you turn to when disaster strike? whose name do you call upon when calamity hits your life so suddenly like a storm? The bible from Genesis to revelation does not talk about somebody who succeeded after he called upon the names of different gods. If you trust in The Most High God with your troubles, there will never be any point of enough is enough, don't give God limitations, He is the one who created you and therefore,knows how to comfort you best. Even Job had enough troubles of a life time but never did he curse God for him to die even when he was hopeless. Naomi lost her husband and two sons but never did she for once think of taking her own life to forget everything. Eventually when we wait upon The Lord, He will always be faithful to restore all the years that the canker worms devoured." There could have never been a more befitting sermon delivered by The Pastor at Joy's funeral.
It was painful to see the premature death of a woman who, God willing could have lived long enough to see her children grow up. All through out the sermon, I felt like I was part of a nightmare that refused to end. Looking into the faces of Joy's children made me cry the more as I wondered what would become of them. Mike was playing the bereaved husband, wearing a sombre face before the people who never knew what a real snake he was. Once or twice, our eyes locked but he ended up looking away guiltily. I saw his lawyer too perhaps coming to see the end of his unfinished business. He had been like an angel of doom, mercilessly bringing bad news from the deepest pits of hell. I saw him leaving the tent to answer his phone. I followed him.
I stood behind him while he finished talking then lightly tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around visibly alarmed at my sight.
" oh...its you" he said forcing an awkward smile on his face.
" why did you come here?" 
" I'm sorry about your friend..." he began.
" cut the crap you don't know half of what am feeling."
" Trust me I didn't know something like this could happen. Its very unfortunate."
"You people have no shame, God will punish you a hundred fold. Why did you have to do all that? What did you achieve anyway? " I could feel my anger rising.
" you have no right to talk to me like that.I was only doing what my client told me to."
" will you sue me? You know what,I don't care anymore. Whatever you will do just go ahead and do it"
"I'm sorry.excuse me."
He left me standing there and I watched him going to join Mike on the next seat.
I saw him whisper something in his ears and he looked back to where I was standing and I felt fresh tears stinging my eyes. My friend killed herself for such a useless man who was afraid to admit his mistakes and sort out his problems. He had ran into the confusion of a young girl's life hoping for change from whatever problems he was facing in his marriage. Joy had never told me of the fights or arguments surrounding their marriage and I had all along believed them to be an ideal couple until the Marble saga. People out there suffer in silence, they keep problems under wraps until they are broken and wasted. I believed that divorce wasn't the main cause of her suicide, there was more than the eye could see and a part of me wanted to find out yet the other part was too afraid to stumble upon skeletons in the cupboard. But the easiest way to find out quickly was getting closer to Peter which was something I couldn't do even in the craziest state of mind. 
The journey to the cemetery began. She was to be buried at St Peter's Cemetery in Area 3 amidst her relatives protests. They wanted her buried at her home village in Ntcheu but Mike said otherwise. I don't know if he wasn't so ashamed to act as if he was the caring husband before the elders. Joy's mother was not in a state to hear news that led to her daughter's death, I decided to keep my trap shut.
As the coffin was lowered down the grave, the sense of loss was acute. Life feels like we will live forever when we are breathing and moving about yet in a twinkle of an eye it all goes away and comes to an end. For the departed person her part is done and gone on this earth, it remains for us the living to mend our ways and our relationship with God so that when our turn comes to meet Him, we should be ready. It doesn't make sense to go to church for the sake of people to sing on your funeral yet you lived this life in vain. What will it benefit man to acquire wealth, respect and status on this earth yet end up in hell. For the love of God let's realise the reason He put us on earth and strive to live to His expectations. Should we say Christ paid that price on the cross for us to throw it to the wind and gutters? Absolutely not, His love was shown so we shouldnt perish but have an everlasting life, I thought as I moved away from the cemetery..

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