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Sunday, September 27


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 72


To be taken unawares at such an awkward moment when my emotions were flying in all directions wasn't something I was happy about.
"Wow Wangu long time."
"Long time indeed Mr Chirwa." Time had not done justice to his appearance. He looked so older than the last time we had met. It was hilarious to think that I could have been stuck with this old man who had offered me a marriage proposal.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him.
"I'm the uncle to the groom."
This meant that I could have been married in the same family with Beatrice. If the groom's Casanova legacy was anything to go by, then thank God for rescuing me from this promiscuous family.
" oh... okay." I was short of words.
" forget my lack of manners. Let's go outside and I will get you thobwa (non-alcoholic traditional brew)
"Oh no..no I could have loved to but I have to go and see my cousin, she just came in."
" should I say you still don't like me?"
"Well I don't hate you but I hate myself for looking like your match. Enjoy yourself." With that I sprang off leaving him mouth agape.
There was no way I could have let those memories of that evening flood my mind. Did he just want to try his luck again?
I went outside to another hut where visitors who just came in were put before allocated to their rooms.
I saw Janet and I was happy we had met again. We oohed and aahed over each other and her kids. We bonded in the brief time I had stayed with them. Too bad I didn't bring Amanda and Laurent. She promised to visit us in Lilongwe. Chatting with her was the only time my spirit buoyed. I finally had a companion amidst all those strange people who treated me like I was leprous, with their sullen faces as if I was a distraction to their happiness. As much as I didn't like this place but I had one desire I wanted to fulfill before leaving, thus to see the other two wives. Seriously my heart went out to them.I imagined them somewhere within the compound in secluded rooms amidst all that noise, lips pouting with anger and frustration at an additional competitor. Each lost in her own thoughts on how to outwit the new bride, the moment the honeymoon phase was over. Probably they were leaving her to enjoy it while it lasts, then the curtains will be raised to signify the start of a real show.
It was too bad my Aunt didn't make it. She said she was having trouble with her legs but I knew there was more to it than met the eye.
The way I knew her, she didn't want to be part of something she never approved. She knew this was Beatrice's important day of her life, whether for the best or for the worst. I knew her absence was felt with a sting because she was one family whose approval was much sought for in the family.
I took Janet to the room where I slept because it had few people. When I helped her prepare her sleeping place, we went to the kitchen to get hot water for the kids' bath. We chatted and laughed while scrubbing them and then we gave them food to eat. It was impossible to sleep with all the loud singing of chilimika and malipenga (traditional dances) so we had trouble putting them to sleep until after midnight when the commotion died down.
We had so much to talk about, the people I used to know in Mzuzu and how business was like presently. Somehow I regretted leaving Mzuzu because I had to go back to Nkhatabay to help my mum recover from the accident. Perhaps if I had looked for my own place and continue my business, I could have been singing a different tune. Away from Peter and his heartaches.
We finally slept and looked forward to the events of the following few hours, not enthusiastically but with relief that it should be over and we should be heading back.
By 5:00 AM the place was buzzing with activities and my eyes ache like I had sand in them because I slept for a few hours than usual. 
We started getting ready for church. Janet was grateful for Extra hands with the kids and in no time we were done. I heard that some churches didn't agree to bless a marriage when a man was polygamous but I wondered with this one. I wasn't trying to judge but it simply doesn't make sense to involve God in issues that we already know He doesn't approve. 
As Beatrice walked down the aisle to the altar,she looked so beautiful I guess every bride does. I saw my mum dab her eyes with a handkerchief and she looked at me questioningly as if to say,"when is yours?" She must have really been emotional. I knew that this was some of the reasons people get married for all the wrong reason of appeasing nagging mothers who are impatient to let time be the judge between you and your husband to be. If you ask me, I would say it was good to cry now than later when problems began. I wasn't trying to be a horrible soothsayer but I felt a terrible feeling about everything hanging in the air. I won't lie, there was a moment I wondered if I would be able to walk down the aisle with a man of my dreams. That man who by looking at him reduces your legs to jelly and make your tummy an arena of butterflies games.
"Don't be stupid Wangu, God ain't asleep, in His own good time He shall give you your own Adam." I consoled myself.
When it was over, we went back home to change, eat and wait for the reception at the village square.
I called Norah to check on the kids. Laurent had a cough but it wasn't something for me to worry about. Ben came the previous day to take them to his place to spend the weekend. I was mad for not being asked about it let alone having my approval sought. As much as I was sure no harm would befall them but they had to ask for my permission first. Norah said she was scared to tell me because she didn't want to start something that wasn't there. When I was done talking to her, I called Ben but he didn't pick up my call. I was seething with anger and impatiently waited as the wedding reception proceeded slowly eventually I had to leave half way through. Whatever part was there to be played as a bride's sister was long forgotten as I boarded a bus back to Lilongwe without saying goodbye to my mum.

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