Friday, September 4

Mahlatse Ramatseba

How to live a healthy life - physical, spiritual and emotional

Three pillars of health 

First of all let’s understand what is meant by the term health or a healthy life. Health can be defined as a state of being physically, spiritually and emotionally fit to perform regularly or daily duties as well as activities with no problem and well-being of an individual. A healthy life is when this three pillars (physical, spiritual & emotional health) are met to ensure that you are able to perform your daily duties with no bad outcomes so that you live long. The main importance and focus of living a healthy life is to ensure that you live long and to live a happy life.

1.  What is physical health?

Physical health is the overall condition of being physically fit and healthy and well-being of an individual or of an organism. Physical health involve some of the following components namely:
·   Exercising and muscular strengthening:
    Like Marathon, swimming, Aerobic, lifting weights at gym or at home, stretching, push up’s, sit         backs and etc.
·   Eating a balance diet or healthy.

2. What is spiritual health?

Spiritual health definition can be broad and difficult to define due to the diverse religions we have in the world, however an individual with high levels of spiritual wellness will be maximizing physical, social, and emotional health. I suggest individuals to at least have one spiritual focus from any of the spiritual groups we have in the world because you can’t just be neutral in this real life, people should not live their lives like they are practicing for the real life to come because this is the real life so to speak.

3. What is emotional health?

Emotional health is the state of being self-happy. People who are emotionally healthy can be seen when one is able to control their emotions and how they behave. This people who are emotionally healthy are able to handle issues like problem solving of life challenges, growing best and strong relationships, able to (plan, organise, lead and control productively) and can manage stress and still not fall apart. In order to improve or build your emotional health one need to focus on developing their happiness, emotional intelligence, anger management as well as stress management.

Health advice – Health tips for a better living

·   Know your status by visiting your doctor and get tested for any illness conditions you might be           sustaining.
·   Abstain from unprotected sex.
·   Find a list of healthy food and a balance diet that you should take and you will live long.Drink at         least two liters of water a day, eat more vegetable and fruits on a daily basis, sleep enough and             when you don't sleep enough make sure you eat more.
·   Always exercise to strengthen your muscles and to make your system working 100% and also             meditate.
·   Be nice to people and they will be nice to you as a reward you earn.
·   Always be at work on time and do what you have been hired to do to eliminate unnecessary work       conflicts if you are working.
·   The more circle of friends, the more problems you will encounter.
·   Invest your time and money in attending courses like stress management, Problem solving,                 conflicts management, anger management, interpersonal skills, time management, prioritising             management, sense of humour and sense of occasion course to be a better person.
·   Stand your ground on your beliefs and stop being neutral because this is not a neutral world, is an       ongoing world.
·   Have a self-love so that you can be able to love others, how can you love others while you don’t         love yourself? Love begins at home and then to the street.
·   Don’t talk when you have got nothing to say, always think before you talk to eliminate                         unnecessary conflicts and fights with the people around you because if you always talk you don’t       have time to think and listening is one of the skills you need to a healthy being.

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