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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 62

Insert 62
There I was feeling all anxious and my whole body sweating all the fear which was making me feel sick. I didn’t know what to do because Oara was just staring at me in an unpleasant way. I felt like the world was falling down on my head. He stood there for a few minutes, he kept on looking at me as if what he was seeing was unbelievable, he then decided to stand up, he took the newspaper and there he was approaching the car with a melancholic face that just shattered my heart into pieces.
As he was approaching the car, I didn’t know what I was going to say to him because what he had seen on the newspaper was just too unbelievable. He got into the car and as he sat on the driver seat, I could feel the tension in his breathing circulation, it was as if he was inhaling more instead of exhaling, that just made me feel more anxious and scared because I too didn’t know what was making him feel like that. I looked at him and tried uttering a word but my tongue just got tied, I couldn’t utter a single word to him, I felt like it was just going to make him explode infront of me. He started the car and drove home, during the way, my brother is a talkative person but that time he was all mute. I felt so uncomfortable as he was driving with a high speed, it was as if he was getting his anger out on that accelerator pad.
As we got home everyone was waiting for us to come with good news that would make the whole family sing songs of praise to the Almighty, but they were discouraged by the look that Oara had on his face, he got into the house, passed everyone that was sitting in the kitchen and headed to the dining hall. The whole family gathered in the dining hall, I was feeling so scared, I didn’t know what to do or say to anyone. My mom asked Oarabile what was going on but he insisted on opening the newspaper which will reveal everything that made him behave in that way. As he opened the newspaper my eyes dilated in shock just so I can see what was happening, Oara then asked me to write down my Exam Number so that the whole family could see what was happening, he then searched for my exam number and the whole family wanted him to confirm what he was seeing, I saw a deep change in his behaviour as he stood up with an extreme smile of pleasure on his face, he screamed YES, my younger sister has made it, Kaboentle passed with Three Distinctions of Mathematics, Physical Science and Life Sciences.
The thing that had made me feel sad and not talk with you in the car was that I had made a mistake in your exam number, I thought you had failed, that made me feel disappointed, I wanted the whole family to see it for themselves, I didn’t want to be the one who breaks their heart. I am sorry, you have made me proud, I am proud to call you my younger sister, what you have achieved now has made me see that you are one intelligent girl, you are a strong girl who managed to make it besides everything that had happened during the year, you still managed to shine bright like a star that you are, I feel blessed to have such a hard working sister. I LOVE YOU. As he was saying all those heartwarming words, I saw my mom crying tears of joy, and suddenly my mood changed, there I was smiling and forgotten everything that had happened earlier on, I was proud of myself too. My mom could not believe that her daughter had passed so tremendously good. My face lighted with happiness that just made me feel loved and appreciated, the whole family was proud of me.
I was just proud of myself, what happened now really came up as a shock, oh Lord I send my praise to you, without you I would not have made it, you are my rock who kept me safe, my shepherd that protected me during the hard times, the Almighty that gave me strength to hold myself together and study harder.
As Chrissie said yesterday I should just trust in thee Lord. I did and he as always graced us with his anointing presence.
Although Oara nearly killed me with a panick attack!!! I managed to calm down as I was flattered with hugs and better sweet nothings. Mom made sure all the relatives know that her daughter passed with 3 distinctions. I trust Thandolwethu Motsepe to brag, thats my mom for you.
The morning was just blissful. I enjoyed being on the spotlight but I had to go to my school to fetch my results! I just splashed myself wity water so I could get clean. My over excitement had upped my confidence up to the notch.
Just put on something regular but sure made a fashion statement with my fragrance. I didnt want to tell any of my friends. I wanted to surprise everyone including the President himself. I can't wait to see shocked face.
Said my good byes and made my way to town. Traffic wasn't an obstacle at all, so 20 min was enough to get me to school.
Got there and everyone was jumping with joy, faces were beaming with happiness as I entered the premises for the last time. These gates were my protection for the last 5 years, I enjoyed myself and those memories are forever engraved in my mind.
I got to the foyer where our teachers gathered to wish us the best of luck for our future indevers. I got there and I spotted my hunky dory chit chatting with the teachers. His always been their favorite,I dont blame them he is a lovable guy. I went to fetch my statement and said my farewells when a warm embrace wrapped itself around my waist. I giggled in embarrassment.
Thabang: (Whispering in my eye) My First lady.
He turned me around so I could face him. We shared an innocent hug before he was kidnapped infront of me by his friends. Lee also came and we screamed our lungs out acting all crazy!
We were meeting Sigo in a few minutes so we all could celebrate with our better halfs. Although she isn't getting her results but her sense of humanity allowed her to share in our success. As the three fanatics of life.
Her success is ours and vise vesa!!
We all left together in Thabang's car. Thabiso also passed similarly to mine. Mr Pres got 5 distinctions and Les 3 but in different subjects to mine.
We decided to go to Wonder Park Capello! We ordered cocktails and some juice for my niece's mother. We teased Sigo while sipping our cocktails and severing the moment. Wishing it would never end.
While the music tickling our bodies to move. As I stood up to rock the floor my phone vibrated...
"Hey you
Heard you passed, Congrats.
Oh just wanted to say Rea passed as well Bachelor's or what you'll call it
Love Rabz"
I read it a couple of times before my heart beat accelerated at a constant speed. I just smiled and let the night drown in me.
As they say the night is stil young!

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