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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 63

Insert 63
The Motsepe household wasn't as gloomy and beaming with joy as usual. Their happiness was stolen because one of their precious gem would soon be leaving home.
It is never easy to have your children leave and go start their own life else where. When they were young mischievous and little raskles you'd wish upon the day they'd leave home and you'd find inner peace. Inner peace where the house wouldn't be filled with wailing and complaining voives, uncontrollable screams and constant nagging. Thandolwethu and John Motsepe wished they could turn the hands of time and repeat the birth of their only daughter.
Doctors had swean that Thandolwethu would never have another child after two boys. But God had another trick up his sleeves, he blessed the family in the most unseen circumstances of all. God blessed them with a baby girl when doctors declared that Thandolwethu was barren and cannot conceive anymore. John was thrilled beyond measure at the knowledge that he'd have another child more special a girl. It is every man's dream to be a father to a girl child more especially. Someone fragile looking up to you for protection, chasing the boys similar to away because you want no heart of hers to be shattered.
John has always been the best father yet more subtle and cool than Thandolwethu. Through the rage and anger they've raised 3 incredible human being, miraculously they've even gained to amazing family members.
Days leading to the unfaithful day, everyone has been sweating and feeling rather dreadful as they tried to create last memories with Kaboentle, while her friends stole her to a shopping spree for the baby. She was beaming with joy about the whole experience, the memorable moment for her that she'd treasure was feeling the baby kick while they were browsing through the baby clothing aisle. Lesego made sure she grabbed Kaboentle's hand at every constant movement in her abdominal part. Knowing the chubby yet sweet Kaboentle she broke in stitches of tears of joy at such a sight. They took her to movies and tried to capture each moment with her before she'd leave for Cape Town.
While her Prince charming swept her off her feet at every chance he got. Thabang wasn't perfect at all but his the guy every father wished for their little girl. Thabang has been searching for an item that he'd give Kaboentle as a token of their love. He has been struggling to find anything that would be the symbol of their love. Something she'd hug in lonely night, look at in times of happiness. Something worth keeping on her that would make her feel his presence even though his miles and miles away from her.
Even though he tried so hard to hide it but it tore him apart knowing that he wouldn't see her 4 eyes everyday, he wouldn't comfort in her warm cushy warms.
Everyone was devastated that their reason for living and their brightest star in the sky wouldn't be so bright on their side.
But in life we must humble ourselves to situations we cannot change. Soon she'd be back home bearing the reward for her sacrifice.
In life we must leave the comfort of our own homes to go look for something better worth having. An ambitious and goal driven girl like Kaboentle is truly an inspiration to the ladies out there. It doesn't matter where you come from, it may be dark or bright but what matters most is where you are going.
They say that when you educate a girl child, you educate the whole world.
As Kaboentle takes upon the new journey of her life away from life as you know it to the windy, cloudy atmosphere of the mother city. Surrounded by her peers and her mediate family, Chrissie and brother.
What has the beautiful table mountain has in store for her???
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