Wednesday, September 9

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 68

I got home and I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole thing of Reabetswe. Everything was piling up on me and I couldn’t weigh on who might be the real one for me. I mean my relationship with Reabetswe was one of the best, he had his way of making me happy, every guy has his own qualities that make a girl happy. I wont compare the kind of qualities that Reabetswe and Thabang have given me, Thabang has been one of the best guys I have ever dated, he has shown me nothing but true love and for me to leave him for my ex would break his heart to pieces.
Chrissie had prepared dinner for us and we went there to eat the nice warm food that was done, we sat at the table and said our prayer to thank the Lord for the food that we will be eating. I think this family of Oara and Chrissie is just too wonderful, it is lovely, they do everything together which makes them perfect for each other, they show each other the true love that they have for each other, the eye contact that they hold makes you feel the wave of their love, the way they laugh together makes you see how perfect they are for each other. One day I want to have such a relationship with my future husband, they inspire me not to give up on love.
We finished eating and I helped Chrissie take the dishes to the kitchen, oh well I think I love this house because we don’t wash the dishes using our hands, we just put the dishes in the latest dish washer which does everything for you. Chrissie was busy telling me about her job and how fun it is, that just made me get hungry to finish my course at UCT, I was getting jealous over how lovely her job was, as we were talking I heard Oara calling me, I went there and he was sitting in his office, I sat down and he said
Oara : Kabo, I have been thinking about something I want us to talk about, I want you to move to the University, it is going to be an effective place for you to study and you will meet people to study with.
Me : Oh, I understand hey, I have also been thinking about that because sometimes you and Chrissie will be working late and it means I will be all alone in this big house, no problem I will move there
Oara : Thank you for understanding, I want you to become a top student in your course, you can do it, you know that I believe in you, it will be hard for a few months but once you adapt to the environment you will be a very oiled machine which will work hard and succed.
Me : Thanks for the motivating words, I will make you proud brother, not after you have achieved so much in your life, its my turn to take the crown, I am in this to win.
Oara : Hahaha, we shall see about that, keep dreaming
I stood up to head to my room so that I could go prepare my clothes for tomorrow morning, its still an early morning for me, I just have to go to the student office to apply for the Res , I wonder how my roommate will be like, I better not get a lazy roommate who will be lazy to clean the room, I cant stand untidy people, but let me relax and hope for the best roommate who will be more of a friend and a hard in school. I cant wait for tomorrow as I will be fixing things for Res, I think I am going for another adventure of Res Life, I'll just see how it goes the following day. I prepared everything for tomorrow and slept like the angel I am.

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