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Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 70

Insert 70
“God is the best listener you don’t need to shout, nor cry out loud. Because he hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart” –Unknown
We as human spend most of our lives with great hope that everything happening to us, is in God’s plan. We cry every time we are confronted by a very strong storm and ask countless times “Why me?”
Kaboentle is in Cape Town and has settled in peacefully without any hassles. The ambitious fire her still burns endlessly, her mother’s prayers have kept her on the right path so long. Finding the suitable roommate and making friends was never her strongest strengths but this reveals that a young adorable child that was born 18 years ago has turned into a remarkable young women. The principles her parents have instilled in her are still shining, as she keeps polishing them and make them proud when she returns with her reward. Oara thought her moving in with them will make up for the unforeseen time but his chosen path in has swamped him in. He was hardly home, either juggling at the hospital or doing his lifelong duty at his private surgery. Although he hasn’t spent much time with ever since she arrived, he is still the best big brother ever even with his over protective nature. Chrissie has been a God sent by always being around Kaboentle and making her feel at home. At least they both were there when she moved into Res.
Thabang has also settled in Pretoria and as accepted what fate has served him. Long distance relationships are always stereotyped as hell at its best but only God knows. If two are meant to be together then distance aint an obstacle. Love is not about how many years we’ve been together but how we stuck through them together never losing hope.
February is slowing coming to an end as everyone prepares the birth of the newly God given gift. The Motsepe uncles had already visited the Masemola household bearing nothing but peace and gratitude as they ask forgiveness of the virtue they had taken out of an innocent blooming young flower. Mrs M hasn’t come around yet, we’ve all prayed and hoped by the last 2 months she’d see reason and set herself free from being held hostage by her anger. But she refuses to swallow her pride and just forgive her only child she has bared for the world. Children will always do things that will set you off but you gave birth to them if you turn your back on them, who will look after them?
Her normal routine was to come back from work, prepare dinner and everyone would eat and she’d go to her room to have dinner. She couldn’t even face her own flesh and blood, the tiny mouth that sucked her dry and the wailing that would wake her up from her sleep. It tore Sigo up but she learnt to deal with the fact that her mother was never going to speak with her. It saddens the heart that the one person you thought would really lend an ear, lends nothing but silence. Mr M and Tirelo were always on their toes trying to keep both women happy under the circumstances. 
The hardest part for Sigo was all her pillars of strength were in other cities and just a phone call away. But she needed more than that, a warm embrace, and sense of affection and most all a sincere heart of a mother. It was hard juggling the studying and bearing all the hardships of her cravings plus the unbearable heat, dealing with swollen feet and dreadful mood swings but what surprised her and swept her off her swollen, bloated feet was the love Rori showered her with. The endless support and always being no matter what, she never thought he’d leave the game for her like this was the guy who would score every day of the week. But it pleased her at least she wasn’t alone in this after all.
On the 28th of February she asked her brother to bring her some envelopes and Tirelo was alarmed at her request. Kaboentle used to write when she felt that the world was on her shoulders and the weight was just above her I guess Sigo thought it would do her good as Dr. Mabuse also mentioned it. Tirelo did as she was told although he was angry at first when he learned the father of her sister’s baby was Rori. They were practically the same age and him boiling wouldn’t make it go away, he learned to live with the facts act hand. Lee and Kaboentle made sure t call her as often to fill the void they knew she had. Pregnancy without moral support is a nightmare you can’t erase but God is there listening to your silent prayers.
As they say the pen is mightier than the sword. She whisked away with her pen as she laid her pure thoughts down on paper.
What could her trail of thoughts include?

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