Monday, September 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 72

Insert 72
♡ Kaboentle ♡
The beginning of March, my birthday month. I was looking forward to coming home and celebrating not just my growth process but a lot of significant things.
My life here on Res was rather amusing and filled with adventure and exploring. Lindz is the ideal roommate for me; she understands my neat freak disorders and my not so inspiring cooking skills. I am not a chef yet I can cook basic thing please don’t bother asking me for cook sushi for me, probably you’ll get something less digestible. Apart from being cooked up in my room I’d attend my designated classes and exams were not bad. I tried my best to ace the ones I could and other I just gave best my best, Lord knows I tried.
The girls and guys would always drag me outof my room. We’d go partying and side seeing, like these people were familiar with Cape Town and I just left them whisk my mind away. I hated the date nights because I’d feel loneliness crouching in my heart. How I missed his cent that would always set me over hills, his rough yet soothing embrace. I’d rub my heart necklace and Katli would always eye when I’d do it. He always claims that he has a girlfriend but during date night he’d be a gloomy vase without flowers just like me. Funny enough they girls dated the guys, so Ashley is Thamanqua’s queen. He’d always make sure that his lovely lady had everything she needed and were cute together, doing almost everything together which reminded me most of the time of the connection I have with Thabang. Although distance has become a factor, we don’t talk as much as we used to at first, I understand that first year of medicine is demanding but I also needed him as much as his career did. Now Nokulunga and Lesley, I’d always tease them that when they’d get married and built the house together, although Lesley will be an Architect by the time but Nokz will take over as teachers always too.
Although my blood was cold, missing the dusty breeze of Pretoria and all the sun rays I’d feel on my skin. I was surrounded by people with their partners with love continuously filling the space, always in my face made me realise what I was missing.
So this other particular day after my classes Kat decided to walk me to my Res house and I didn’t hesitate. He pulled out his charms and I giggled all the way to my Res house like a fool lost in love. He always made me feel exceptional every time I was having a day from hell, however is ironic because I have known him for just a month but already he has made an impact in my life…
He knew what buttons to press in order to get me into a hyper mood where I’d loosen up and let my vibe run freely in my body. The walk was good, made me feel better as I laid my dirty laundry over him. I told him how for the past two weeks I had been neglecting my happy ever after. He made excuses to justify my actions, trying to console me that I wouldn’t feel as bad as I am feeling.
We stood on the veranda a few meters away from the door as my smile brighten because of the good company I had around me. As they say surround yourself with good energy and you too will feel good.
All of a sudden we hear a loud aggressive voice crowding our conversation.
“Katlego Mothibe” a female voice intrudes
Kat’s facial expression immediately changes to sour wiping the grip clean off his face.
I try to look who could it be?
Maybe his mother, like who else would dare call you so aggressively with one’s full name without any faults?
I look but the sun blocks my vision and I fail to see the figure.
“Katlego I am talking to you, Is this the skank you replacing me with?” as the voice becomes more louder.
Kat's eyes travel all over the place but never meeting mine, like his looking for an escape route. Like biting his low lip while murmuring a swear word to himself...

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