Monday, September 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 73

Insert 73
" Ohw ohw here cums a bitch wth tantrums wthout evn an explaination" -Nandie Sikiti
I was familiar with all the cursing and confrontations. But there was not light shred to me to what this could be about. Gladly the street was lonely; no desiring eyes to see such embarrassment laid before me. Kat was quiet like someone had blocked his vocal chords, but I could read it all on his face that this was just not personal, matters of the heart.
The sound of the aggressive voice got louder and louder as the female figure reached us. There it was the shock of my life. I couldn’t believe it, I was dumb struck and I stood there like a beautiful vase of flowers.
“Lindz???” as my jaw dropped.
The dark chocolate was furious, ready to send me to the ground. I couldn’t believe it, so this is the girlfriend Kat hid away from us.
“Don’t Lindz me; you know you’ve been devouring yourself to my man. You are a traitor, sleeping with me in the same room then you…” she bloated it out
Kat’s face fell as he digested the information Lindz just confessed.
“Lindz this is just a misunderstanding, Kat is just my friend and I didn’t know that you are his girl-“
I was disturbed by a firm embraced that tilted my face to my face and for the next one it failed as Kat acted as my shield blocking Lindz from slapping the lights out of me again. I couldn’t just stand there and let her invade my inner space for something I didn’t do. I walked into the res house and I could still here her curse my name and shout her lungs out. Ironically it reminded about my mom’s tendencies. Xhosa women, beautiful but verbally and physically dangerous.
Got into the room, I was mad and completely furious with myself that I packed my things into a small overnight bag and texted Chrissie to come pick me up!
I understand that she is mad but she had no sense of entitlement for me. In about 20min texted me back alerting me that she had packed outside. Took my overnight back accompanied by my laptop bag and went out. As I passed the lounge area, there they were sitting there together and fixing their problem, I wasn’t mad at that but how it affected me.
Walked out and Chrissie helped me with my bags as we headed for the road back home.
The place was well in good shape like I left it and I felt a sense of relief when I walked in and inhaled the fresh warm air of being in a home. Went to put my bags in my room and took a quick refreshing shower. After the day I had, I sure needed one.
Something unusual happened which caught me by surprise. My brother came home early just in time before dinner, I was impressed. Although the suspicious look on his face mixed with confused puzzled me a bit.
“Nana and then now???” with curiosity as Chrissie elbowed him
I guess I needed to answer him.
“I just missed a home cooked meal and some familiar faces” I lied through my teeth
We ate dinner in peace while being amused by my brother's mysterious stories from work. How his co-workers loose their minds, the receptionist crushing on him couldn't but laugh. Chrissie was drowning in a pool of her tears of laughter.
I had even forgotten about the incident until my phone beeped indicating a call.
I wasn't in the mood for Kat's apologies, needed to restore the little dignity that Lindz didn't slap away. I turned the phone and giggled to whatever that had been said.
After dinner, decided to do the decisions as I let them call it a night.
Headed to bed...

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