Monday, September 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 74

Insert 74
" Glad you didnt fight back but she sure owes you an apology" -Mpume Sithole
I had already made up my mind. I wasn't going back to Res.
Spent the whole week before my birthday going to School, writing my test and attending class. I'd always sit in front so I could speed out like a bullet when time was up. I really didn't want to bump into Kat or Lindz, wasn't in the mood for any confrontions and silly conversations. The fellas would call and check up on, I hadn't been going to date nights or Thursday bowling.
I was looking forward to going home, celebrating another year that God would be adding to my years. As it is added my responsibilities, priorities would also be growing as well as the sense of exploring and finding myself.
Sitting alone at the Campus Cafeteria wasn't a scare at all, I was used to it.
I had spoken with Thabang 4 days ago and he sounded uneasy, I comforted myself that Medical school is keeping him on his toes. Been brushing this necklace for days now or rather do it every chance I get.
He is my serenity and understands me in every way.
I sat in the rare shade and sipped my cream soda as I trailed the foot steps of my thoughts. I missed everyone, not just my forever and after but the whole support package. As I placed my cup down and my mind trailed off on its own, stared into space but mentally I was unavailable.
"You shouldn't be crying, I'm sure heaven is falling apart" a rather familiar voice said in the far end.
But I couldn't see that person in my thought until a warm embrace shook me gently and I returned safely back to reality, to find the most brightest smile that flashed a gold tooth. I hadn't realised that I was so deep in touch with my thoughts that I was crying.
I beamed with Joy "Reabetswe!!!"
I literary snapped out of my sobbing mood and jumped in to hig him. I jumped not because I missed which I did but because I was lonely and I need it. Without hesitation he cupped my tiny body into his warm chest and desperately the void in me was filled instantly. We hugged for a long time that I had closed my eyes and enjoyed the desire of this warm hug.
As I pulled out he tightened his grip. But I got the strength to pull out as Thabang's face flashed before my eyes...
I quickly pulled away and wiped the tiny bits of my tears that hadn't dried out. Trying to ease the awkwardness I murmured.
Me: What brings you here? (Taking a seat, as I indicated he does the same)
He glanced at the for some few minutes which send a cold chill down my spin!
Rea: Oh, I know you going back home tommorow thought I'd bring you something that I want you to give to mom and Rabz...
Me: Thats sweet of you (Giggled) I'll sure do. (As I took the paper bag from him)
They sure let you out as you please in Jail nhe (I teased)
Rea: (he laughed) Well I am a special case, just kidding its a long story. I dont want to bore that beautiful face yours with the details. Shall we? (Indicating we leave)
I lead the way as he walked me to the Taxi rank. While making me laugh historically and changing my mood completely. He dropped me off and we said our Good byes.
I got home and the place was empty as they come and I took a deep breath that helped me digest everything.
When to my room, sat on the bad and Skyped Sigo.
There she appeared, waving her hand accompanied by the cute smile...
Me: (giggling) Hi Hippo Friend.
She frowned a bit.
Sigo: Thank you Motsepe Four fathers you far away, I'll forget that you are (rubbing her tummy) the Rakgadi.
Me: (laughing) Wow, I am sorry Friend. Hiw are my two favorite people doing?
Sigo: We are doing fabulous while indulging this dairy milk. I miss you. (As tears roll down) Things aren't the same without you...
Me: Well wipe those tears before I cry with you. I am coming home tommorow. And I'll make the last days of the pregie vibed worth living!
Sigo: (laughing while wiping the tears) Stupid Hormones. I can't wait! Nana I got to go, got a date with Tire and Dad.
She cuts the call and the void opens again.
As I start to pack my things!

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