Tuesday, September 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

The Journey Of Life. A cycle Insert 75

Insert 75
[The Journey Of Life Through The Eyes Of Lesego "Sigo" Matlala]
" Having another guy lifting up your spirits when your down, will prove to be so fatal to your forever after" -Catherine Mofokeng
Yes it can prove to be fatal let cross our fingers and hope for the best
After the facinating yet emotional call from my God given sibling. They say best friends are siblings that gave us spirituall which relates us not blood.
The tantilang news that Entle just showered me with completely freshed my sobby mood!
Although it takes me Nelson Mandela's long walk to freedom to pick up my cushy butt from the bed but eventually I stand up on my swollen, heavy bloated feet and make my way to the bathroom to soak my aching body into a well deserved hot bath...
The magazines are selling pregant dreams, all the sensations and gracious moments they talk about but i haven't experienced them except for the miracle of a kicking baby and getting fat from all the nasty craving i get! I end up eating things i wouldnt if i were in my suitable mind. I've eaten peanut butter sandwich with polony in it, crazy right?
There's never a dull moment with a hot bath with some massaging foam bath and crystal salts. I got out of the bath and toweled myself up, made my way to my room as I picked up a comfortable outfit yet presentable. Daddy and Tire are treating me to some 5 star wonders of the world!
Decided to go sit at the loung until they get home. Mom arrived first and i was kind of used to the awkwardness been us and the bitter sweet silence. But today I felt rather ashamed of this silence as I greeted her
"Ma" I gracefully said.
She looked me and just nodded, but i could see her pale face wanted to reveal more than a nod but she walked away. A few minutes later the roaring lions of the house arrived rather hyped up. They were laughing and giggling as they came into the lounge.
"Nana" Dad said im between their laughs and Tire was landed his big body on the couch as he lifted my feet off without any alert.
They asked was my day and the usual 30 questions that never end. Mom came into the lounge as well and greeted the others and the awkwardness grew legs.
"What do you want me to cook today" refering to the others.
Tire cleared his throat and said that his going to change, leaving Dad to answer to the head mistess.
Dad: Aowa Moratiwa re sa tswa ka tjeno ro ja dijo tsa kwantle. ( No my love we going out for dinner today)
Mom: Oh (Surprised) Alright Papa enjoy do bring me some take away.
Dad: Aren't you coming with us? (Concerned)
Mom fiddled with her fingers and made up an excuse so she couldn't deal with the preying eyes of embarassment from everyone at the resturant and with that she left the lounge with a sense of guilt crouching on her shoulders.
I sat up straight and frowned at bit as my heart shattered into pieces.
"She'll come around relax" Dad consoled me.
Before I could answer him the happy champ came back looking rather charming and refreshed.
Dad and I shared looks and broke into stitches of laugher.
I guess the whole bottle of perfume fell on him which irritated my nostrils.
I took my phone and we left the house for Wonder Park Mall. On the way I blushed as I recieved a great message
"Hey Pumpkin
I was just wishing the two most important people in my life a good night, know that i care although I might be distant." From Rorisang
I giggled to myself. Dad just suspiciously looked at me.
I replied...
"We going out for dinner!"
less than 2 minutes
"Yho foodie lovers!
But enjoy.
See you guys tommorow after I fetch Entleza"
He isn't perfect but who wants Mr Know It All?
I just appreciate the fact that he is there, making a difference in my life.
Entle is coming home tommorrow whoop whoop!
We got to Spur and they gave us a table at the corner with a comfortable couch. HEAVEN!
Ordered large ribs and a stake but some chip and asked if they could be crispy. I did the same for mom which we took as takeaway. We ate our meal and i enjoyed the bonding time although we aren't a complete family.
We went home late and when we got in. Mom was sitting in the dark.
I gave her the takeaway and she thanked me without looking at me. As i was walking away
I said "Ma" she looked it me and smiled faintly.
I blindly lied and said nothing as I went to bed...

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